Michael Vittiglio




Throughout my 9 years as a developer and combined 7 years in various support roles I’ve encountered a variety of technologies in various settings. My pursuit of a better understanding of technology and the desire to develop solutions through it has been a rewarding one with greater vistas always emerging.


  • Primary languages: C/C++, C# (.NET), Java, Python, Groovy
  • Platforms/SDKs: Linux, OSX, Windows, Android, Unity, UE4
  • Support technologies: MongoDB, SaltStack, Docker, K8S
  • Broad technical exposure with 9 years programming and 6 years support experience.
  • Experienced in Agile/XP development methodologies.
  • Very comfortable with Git, Github and other DVCS workflows.


Support Engineer, Sysdig

Remote/WFH — July 2017 - present

In the bleeding edge of DevOps and container/microservices monitoring Sysdig stands alone. This being said, the product and its niche is a fast paced, bleeding edge where support is often building the plane as it takes off (while helping customers get their luggage into the overhead compartment). This role has provided me the opportunity to dig into deployments and learn about the nuanced world of containerized infrastructure and it is a welcome one.


  • Supporting clients across numerous implementations and various technology stacks.
  • Documenting best practices for both client and internal facing resources.

Software Developer, WB Games

Troy, NY — March 2015 - June 2017

Development of new features as well as hardening/QA/load-testing of existing features provided by RESTful web service backend (Python) as well as support for native clients (C++/Java). Troubleshooting and monitoring of performance across multiple Linux system hosted on a variety of providers including Digital Ocean and EC2.


  • Design, development, and support of new features in Hydra Studio.
  • Maintenance for numerous services supporting Hydra Studio.
  • Primary support for load tests for numerous projects including DOOM.

Software Developer, OptionSoft Technologies, Inc.

Clifton Park, NY — October 2014 - March 2015

Support for existing car dealership CRM/DMS software as well as ongoing development and enhancements for new features and products. Work is primarily focused on native .NET applications written in C#/VB. Support for MS SQL via standard queries and Entity Framework.


  • Primary developer behind “Flex Rate” product written primarily in C# using .NET 4.
  • Developed web services to act as an online portal to SQL data to Flex Rate application (WSDL) leveraging the Entity framework.
  • Created free Gitlab installation via VirtualBox to spearhead efforts to transition from SVN.

Software Developer, International Electronic Machines, Inc.

Troy, NY — April 2014 - October 2014

Provided IT level consulting and documentation on existing systems. Also included R&D on existing machine vision systems via C++, C#, and VB.


  • Overhauled build system and version control workflow.
  • Installed/supported Redmine work tracker and knowledge base via VM's running Linux.
  • Integration into machine vision products using Matlab and GigE cameras via C#/.NET.

Mobile Developer, Amplify Education

New York City, NY — August 2012 - April 2014

Unity software developer with an emphasis on developing new educational games/simulations targeting iOS and Android in an Agile heavy environment.


  • Developed & documented best practices in Unity and Git.
  • Developed/architected initial simulations which helped lead to company adoption of Unity as the primary interactive software platform.
  • First software released by Amplify via the App Store.
  • Supported 3rd party applications with integration into company products for iOS.

 Lead Software Developer, Voyant Vision

Troy, NY — January 2011-July 2012

From “Junior Developer” to  “General Manager”. My responsibilities included development + architecture of machine vision solutions running on both Windows and Linux, coordinating with clients, and resource allocation.


  • Architected service based solution to update existing under vehicle inspection system to be scalable via modular components and TCP/IP based messaging system.
  • Designed messaging protocol as well as server/client components in both Java and C++.
  • Created Android based snowmobile map app for client which included real-time GPS location, points of interest, and automated updates via web services.

QA Tester, Kaos Studios

New York City, NY — June 2010-December 2010

Oversaw single-player/multiplayer testing and benchmarking for all platforms.


  • Wrote benchmarking procedures for PS3 troubleshooting.

Lab Instructor, Full Sail University

Winter Park, FL — September 2008-May 2010

Supported students in a lab environment where they were expected to demonstrate knowledge gained from the previous lesson. This was where the real questions emerged and were answered.


  • Wrote sample apps to illustrate design principles.
  • Substitute Instructor for AI classes.


Full Sail University

Bachelors of Game Design and Development— 2006-2008


Over a span of 2 years experienced a curriculum spanning both the creative as well as the technical aspects of video game development. Under the instruction of both industry professionals and talented teachers, each student is given the opportunity to create 3 games, 2 of which are team efforts.


Game Development + Design

The bleeding edge of computer technology thrives in the gaming community. Just as alluring as the games they create, trying to keep up with the world of game development not only gives me the thrill of discovery but also insights into what causes the animal that is humanity to work the way that it does.


I feel that educating our young people in the development of these interactive experiences is akin to creating a triathlon of academia where the resulting projects can be experienced both as a technical expression and an artistic/personal one. Where subjects such as math and physics can seem mundane or impractical in their traditional setting (waiting for a chance to express the knowledge in the real world “someday”), these subjects are immediately useful in the development world. Furthermore, we’ve never found a time and place where this technology is more accessible across the board than here and now.

The Arts (Music, Film, Literature, etc)

While the technical aspects of our society are the bed upon which the arts lie, it is the arts that tell the story of humanity and the individuals who pursue these modes of expression. It is imperative that we as a society remember to not only acknowledge the arts but to appreciate it sincerely.

Dungeons & Dragons

Human Wizard - School of Divination