Community Garden


Acres or Containers: Gardens are for Everyone!

It doesn’t matter whether your plot of soil is  a pot or a farm.  Sue from Peepers Herb Farm is passionate in her belief that a garden can be a part of your life.  Visit her in the Community Garden and learn best practices from compost to seeds to plants to preserving what you’ve grown!



Seed Sharing Station

Take, Leave, Whatevas...

Seed-sharing is an ancient practice throughout the world. It is currently under threat by big industrial seed corporations. They want to patent seeds and prevent us from sharing them so we will always be forced to buy from them. Seed sharing is crucial to our freedom, autonomy from capitalism and crucial for our collective survival.

For more info: Nomoola


Help the environment by composting with worms! Learn how red worms can turn your kitchen scraps into rich fertilizer for your garden plants. You can contribute by recycling kitchen waste (banana peels, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc.). It's surprisingly easy and low maintenance; great for both classroom and home use.

Rain Barrels

Upcycle Center



Should you really throw that away? One person’s trash can be another persons watering can, shopping bag, bowl, jewelry, gift box, bird feeder and more. You’ll be amazed at what you will learn in our Upcycling Center!

Consumerism by-products such as packaging materials, plastics bags, boxes, clothing, jars and plastic bottles make excellent supplies for creative minds. Diverting “useless” materials from landfills by upcycling them for a higher purpose, like junk mail bowls and wine cork trivets, is fun and good for the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. Come and scope out our upcycled projects in the Upcycle Craft Center for ideas and inspiration on how you can reuse your own refuse!

Join in the fun!  Sit down and with the help of our Upcyclers try your hand at turning supplies rescued from the trash into something useful you can take home!