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Geologic History of New York State

Use pages 8 and 9 to learn about the geologic history of New York State

  1. How old is the Earth? _______________________

  1. How long is the Precambrian Eon? ____________________

  1. How long is the Phanerozoic Eon? ____________________

  1. When did the last mass extinction occur? (how many years ago): ______________


Geologic Period

This time period included the existence of the placoderm fish and the formation of the Catskill delta. What period is this?


This time period lasted about 4050 million years. What eon is this?


This time period included the formation of the Queenston delta and Earth’s first coral reefs. What period is this?


This time period included the existence of the earliest trilobites, specifically the Elliptocephala. What period is this?


This time period’s beginning was marked by its great diversity of life-forms with shelly parts, and its end marked by the mass extinction of many land and marine organisms (including the trilobites). What era was this?


This time period included not only an abundance of eurypterids, but the deposition of salt and gypsum in evaporite basins as well. What period is this?


This time period included the earliest grasses and the existence of the mastodont, beluga whale, and the condor. What era is this?


This time period included the widespread deposition over most of New York along the edge of the Iapetus Ocean and the advance and retreat of the last continental ice. What eon is this?


This time period included a diversity of bony fishes and lasted 80.5 million years. What period is this?


This time period included the existence the earliest mammals and dinosaurs, like the Coelophysis. What period is this?


Time Distribution of Fossils



This bird lived among humans


This plant was alive during the Devonian and is a crinoid


This dinosaur lived with earliest mammals and during the Pangea break up


This fish hung out with the earliest amphibians during the late Devonian period


This nautiloid lived in the paleozoic era with with a lot of eurypterids


These vascular plants Lived in the Acadian Orogeny but sadly lost many of its marine organism friends

Nales Tree and Aneurophyton

These mammals lived in the cenozoic era

Mastodont and Beluga Whale

This gastropod lived before platyceras


Which species have been around the longest? Why do you think they have been so successful compared to others?

An orogeny is a mountain building event, what were the different mountain building events that shaped New York and why are they important?

Compare the Precambrian eon to the Phanerozoic and formulate a reason for why the reference tables show much more information for the phanerozoic