Video questions:                         Name:                                  Core; ____________

Answer questions on a separate piece of paper for collecting as a grade.

  1.  The Doctors

        Define epidemic

        Define Pandemic

2)  How Ebola spreads

        What does ebola cause and describe?

        What was the death rate?

        How can we stop the spread of Ebola?

        /why did we find Ebola in Uganda and not the US?

        How does Ebola spread?

        How did people protect themselves?

3)  Ted talk - How Pandemics spread

        How does diseases spread?

        What can it take to spread the disease?

What has changed over time?

Common cause of a virus?

What did they find out about in 2011?

what was the greatest Pandemic killer?

What happens to the flu strain avery 20 - 40 years?

A new animal virus came from what country?

Name of the new virus and how did it spread?

What is pandemic associated with?

How do we deal with pandemics currently?

4)  Influenza Pandemic 1918

        Where did it strike in the United States?

        How many people were killed worldwide?

        How did it spread?

        Why was Ft. Devins in Massachusetts important?

        Why did the nurses get sick?

5)  1918 Pandemic survivor

        Watch video and then write what you think life would have been like for you living back then.

6)  H1N1 flu virus

        Why is the CDC important?

        What is the deadliest pathogen?

        How does a disease spread?

        What is worrisome about the flu virus?

        How did the CDC get an sample of the 1918 flu genetic code?

        What does it attack in the lungs and where.  Why was this important?

        What other flu acts the same way?

        Why is this important?

        How does a virus get into a cell and out of a cell?  Describe the process

        Why is this research important to humans worldwide?