Macedon Public Library Board of Trustees

Minutes of the June 27, 2016 Meeting

Community Room in Macedon Public Library

Macedon New York



Present: Warren Jeffries, Nick Deming, Carol Deys, Mert Bartels, Sandy Pagano, Steve Hanrahan, Nancy Simpson, Stacey Wicksall, Gary Crane, Helen Darrow, and June Hamell.

Absent: Kim Leonard


ANNOUNCEMENTS:  W. Jeffries announced that he has received a resignation letter from Kim Leonard effective August 31, 2016 unless a replacement is found before that time.  Nick Deming announced his resignation effective July 1, 2016.  He is currently working with representatives of Pioneer Library System to ensure a smooth transition.


AGENDA APPROVAL: RESOLVED, that the agenda for the June 27, 2016, meeting is approved with an addition of an IT report on motion by W. Jeffries and second by N. Simpson.  Motion carried.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  RESOLVED, that the minutes of the May 18, 2016 meeting are approved on motion by N. Simpson and second by S. Hanrahan. Motion carried.


FINANCIAL REPORT:  Reports were emailed to board members prior to the meeting.  RESOLVED, H. Darrow moved to accept the financial report and C. Deys seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


APPROVAL OF EXPENDITURES: Three trustees verified claims 79-104 of Abstract 6-2016. RESOLVED, that payment be made of claims 79-104 inclusive in the amount of $8,635.71, on motion made by S. Hanrahan and second by C. Deys.  Motion carried.


DIRECTOR’S REPORT (WITH STAFF UPDATES): The Director reported that the library has received a bequest from the estate of Ernest Vandermolen.  She also reported that Senator Nozzolio has given us Bullet Aid again this year.  She shared the great comments we received in the RRLC Love Your Library Campaign in her report.


IT UPDATES:  N. Deming indicated that everything has been handed off to the Director and PLS.  A dedicated stand-alone desktop has been installed in the workroom with the Quickbooks data file loaded on it.


BULLIS ROOM REPORT: Pre-read – No comments


FRIENDS/CRUMPL REPORT:  Pre-read – No comments


TOWN LIAISON: S. Pagano reported that Trane is almost finished with the HVAC/lighting upgrade.  When there are heating/cooling problems, contact her and she will have the necessary adjustments made.  2017 Budget is coming up.  The schedule is tentatively:  proposed budget on worksheets out in early August and due early Sept.; Town budget workshops in the beginning of October; adopting of proposed budgets in November.


OLD BUSINESS:  G. Crane shared and explained the Macedon Library Board Budget Summary sheets.    


NEW BUSINESS:  W. Jeffries will look into changing the bylaws to possibly include a representative from bordering communities.

The 2017 Budget Committee was named:  G. Crane, W. Jeffries, S. Wicksall, and N. Simpson.   They will meet after the June 2016 books have been closed.

The Personnel and Audit Committee was named: W. Jeffries, G. Crane, H. Darrow, and M. Bartels.

 H. Darrow is going to the July 12, 2016, Trustee Workshop at Pioneer Library System Headquarters.



RESOLVED, that the meeting adjourn at 8:05 p.m., on motion by S. Hanrahan and second by N. Simpson.  Motion carried.  The next meeting will be July 25, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. in the Aldrich Room at the Macedon Town Hall.



June Hamell