To ensure the safety and well-being of all our students, Wilkes County Schools requires all prospective volunteers to complete an online application through a website called Volunteer Tracker.                                         
Instructions for Completing the Volunteer Tracker Application

Create an account on Volunteer Tracker using a valid email.

Select the activities that you are interested in performing. Your selection determines whether you are a level 1 or level 2 volunteer.  All level 2 volunteers must complete a background check.  

The status of your volunteer application is emailed directly to you using the email address you provide.  Each application will be valid for 3 years.  As an approved volunteer, you can also document your hours using your Volunteer Tracker account.

To begin your application, click on the following link.

For More Information

For more details about the Volunteer program, scroll down until you see the handbook posted down below the following diagram.  As you move your mouse over the right corner of the handbook’s page, you will see two gray boxes. Click on the dark gray box, as shown in the diagram below.