Call for proposals to host the fifth AWM Research Symposium in spring 2019

In 2012, drawing upon the success of the 40 Years and Counting Conference at Brown University, in September 2011, AWM launched a new series of Biennial Research Symposia.  The 2013 AWM Research Symposium was hosted by the Mathematics Department at Santa Clara University with support from the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), the 2015 AWM Research Symposium was hosted by the Mathematics Department at University of Maryland, College Park and the 2017 AWM Research Symposium was hosted by the Mathematics Department at UCLA and the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM).  

The AWM Research Symposium is a weekend event, usually all-day Saturday and until lunch on Sunday.   In 2017 there was a pre-symposium event for students on Friday evening.  The program includes 3 to 4 plenary speakers, special sessions (we had as many as 19 in 2017), poster sessions for recent PhDs and graduate students, a jobs panel, and a networking reception and banquet on Saturday evening.

AWM is seeking proposals from mathematics departments, institutes or other appropriate venues that are willing to host the 2019 AWM Research Symposium free of charge.   We expect we may have to pay for audio visual equipment, IT support etc. and possibly some local staff support but hope to have the use of the facilities at no cost.  The AWM Symposium organizing committee will be in charge of planning all of the events, selecting speakers and session organizers and handling reimbursements for travel.  

The proposal should contain the following information.

  1. Name of a local organizer – a mathematician with ties to the institution that will host the symposium.   This person will become a member of the symposium organizing committee.
  2. The location and proposed dates – ideally the symposium will be held in April 2019.
  3. A written endorsement from the person who has the authority to provide the space and resources needed for the symposium.
  4. A description of the space available – we need one large lecture room, 13 to 15 class rooms for special sessions and other gatherings, space for registration, coffee breaks, poster session, and exhibits (including 5 o 6 exhibit tables).
  5. A description of the banquet facilities available including capacity and cost.
  6. A list of which of the following will be provided by local staff (working with the AWM office and the organizing committee).

Factors that will be important when deciding on the site for the 2019 symposium include, geographical location (the last symposium was on the west coast so that will probably not be the place for the next one), easily accessible in terms of air travel, and urban location with potential for many local participants.

Please send your proposal to the AWM Executive Director, Magnhild Lien at by July 31, 2017.    If you are interested, but want to discuss it further before writing up a proposal, please feel free to email me and we can talk.