Saturday Alternative School 2015-2016


Student Name:  

Date to serve:  

Time:       7:30-11:30 AM

Location:  Bryant Middle School Cafeteria  (across from the Bryant Hornet Football Stadium)


  1. Guardian must sign their student in and leave an emergency contact number.  
  2. Upon signing in, the student’s bag/backpack will be checked.  At least two books (at the appropriate grade level) are required.  These may be textbooks, novels, biographies, etc.  Magazines and/or newspapers are not considered to be books.  Students who fail to bring the required # of books will not be permitted to stay.  Their school administrator will be notified via e-mail and a subsequent consequence will follow.  Students must bring their own supplies as the school will not provide paper, pencil, calculators, etc.  Electronic readers are permitted as long as the student does not deviate from the text.  Students needing to complete an assignment on-line by using a computer/chromebook must have PRIOR approval from your building administrator or teacher.  This must be communicated to the administrator in advance, who will in turn notify the SAS Proctors.  Accessing games/social media/etc with a tablet or computer is prohibited and will result in an automatic dismissal from SAS.
  3. Students may not color, draw, or create a project (art) unless a rubric from the teacher explaining the assignment is shown to the SAS proctor.  
  4. Students must adhere to the dress code as outlined in the handbook.  (No pajamas allowed.)
  5. Students will be instructed to follow all directions given by the proctor(s).
  6. The cafeteria doors will open at 7:00 with the session beginning promptly at 7:30. Students who arrive late will not be admitted.  For those students who are denied admission, the administrator who issued the assignment will be notified.  He/She will determine if an out-of-school suspension is warranted or an alternate SAS session be re- assigned.
  7. Productive and meaningful activities are expected throughout each session.  Resting one’s head on the table or sleeping is not acceptable.  Students will be sent home if they do not follow the proctor’s instructions.
  8. Students who are disruptive will not receive credit for the session and will be suspended the following instructional day. The grade level administrator will be notified for further/additional disciplinary action.  The guardian will be notified and asked to come pick up their child.  In severe cases when the guardian cannot be reached, the police may be contacted.  Students who are disruptive will forfeit any future SAS assignments for the year.
  9. Students are expected to attend SAS on the date(s) assigned.  Failure to attend may result in an out-of-school suspension.  If a child is ill and cannot attend SAS, the parent must contact the grade level administrator the next day school is in session.  
  10. It is recommended that your child bring a light jacket.  (The cafeteria temperature tends to be rather cool.)  A 15 minute break will be given midway through the session. Students are permitted to bring a snack from home which can be consumed at break-time.  
  11.  Cell phones are to be turned off during the entire SAS session.  Students with phones must power them off and place them on the tabletop so they are visible at all times.  If a student fails to comply with the cellphone guidelines and they are found using their phone at any point in the SAS Session, they will not receive credit for the day and their guardian will be contacted to come pick him/her up.  The student’s administrator will be notified and an alternate consequence will be given.  This could include an of out-of-school suspension.
  12. In the event of inclement weather, SAS may be cancelled.  We will make a decision the Friday before the scheduled session.  If school is closed the Friday before a scheduled SAS due to inclement weather, SAS will be cancelled and rescheduled the following week..
  13. Students who are not picked up in a timely manner will forfeit future SAS assignments.  In the event that a student is not picked up and the guardian cannot be reached by phone, the Bryant Police Department will be notified.

Assigning Administrator: ______Brian Nivens__________________ Phone Number:____316-0937_____________

Assistant Principal