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iPad FAQs

Topic - iPad use in elementary classrooms

I have concerns about the amount of screen time my student will have in school.

Kids aren’t using technology tools all day, especially at younger grades. They are still reading books and writing with paper. There are still opportunities for choice.

We follow the guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics on screen time, which advocates for a balanced approach. We support the active use of technology and rely on our teachers to make informed decisions based on the educational needs of their students.

I don’t want the iPad to come home with my child.

iPads distributed for use in grades K-3 will remain at school.

I’d like to learn more about the way in which technology is being used in my child’s classroom.

Each elementary building will host a parent information night where parents can learn more about the use of technology in their child's classroom. Information will be shared regarding the resources and tools that students use on a daily basis.

I’d like to know how you will keep my child safe and protect them from inappropriate content.

All internet traffic is filtered to prevent student access to inappropriate content at home and at school. We regularly monitor student searches and report any questionable activity to administration. The Apple app store has been removed from all student devices. Students only have access to apps selected by their teachers. Teachers can monitor student screens during class and can control what they have access to.

Why can’t Noblesville Schools stick to the basics and use traditional instructional methods?

Our focus is on blending the best traditional instructional methods with the best of digital approaches. We value student and teacher choice in aligning instructional methods with the needs of the student.

Topic- iPad Costs and Protection Plan
Where is the funding coming from for the iPads?

IPads will be paid for over the course of four years.  The payment will come from a combination of funds from the Technology Department budget and fees paid through textbook rental.

Are there any other costs associated with the iPad?

Parents of students in grades 6-12 that are assigned a take-home iPad will pay a non-refundable $40 fee each semester through the textbook rental system. Parents of 4th and 5th grade students using repurposed iPads, will pay a non-refundable $20 fee each semester for ongoing maintenance of existing technology. Additionally, parents of students in grade 4 and 9 will pay a $5 consumable fee for their iPad charging cable.


What happens if an iPad is lost, stolen or damaged? 

Should an iPad be damaged, lost, or stolen the student or parent/guardian should immediately notify the school administration.  If an iPad is stolen the student/guardian should file a police report as soon as possible. If the iPad is lost, stolen, or totally damaged as a result of irresponsible behavior, the parent may be responsible for the full replacement cost.

NS will provide insurance on all district-owned iPads. The premium is tied to an individual device and covers electrical surges, drops or falls, liquid spills, and damage to parts.

The deductible applies to each incident (i.e. 1st damage, 2nd damage) AND incident type (i.e. cracked glass, broken LCD, bent frame, etc.). If the iPad is lost, stolen, or totally damaged, the parent may be responsible for the replacement cost.


Topic- Textbooks
Is NS going to replace textbooks with digital content?

We are currently in a period of transition from sole dependency on textbooks to a digital environment that allows access to a much greater range of educational materials and experiences. Certain printed textbooks will still be available during this transition period. Over time, we will be adopting digital textbooks and resources to use on the iPad across all content areas.  Certain courses, such as Advanced Placement and dual-credit courses, are overseen by entities other than NS and may continue to require print texts.


Will all books be available on the iPad?

All major textbook publishers are transitioning to digital textbooks.


What different types of textbooks exist for the iPad?

There are e-textbooks (textbooks converted to be read digitally) and iBooks (textbooks that have interactive videos, content and widgets).

Topic- iPad Roll-Out
When will students be issued an iPad?

On Tuesday July 25th, NHS students will receive their schedule, student ID, textbooks and iPad according to the following schedule:

The school will be closed from 11a.m. until 12:20 p.m. for the volunteers to eat lunch.

Sophomores (Class of 2020)

Juniors (Class of 2019)

Seniors (Class of 2018)

8am A-Churchill

8:20am A-Cook

8:40am A-Cayton

9am Clark-Glover

9:20am Cooley-Gregory

9:40am Cecere-Goodwin

10am Goff-Krent

10:20am Gremel-Kubel

10:40am Gordon-Klootwyk

12:20pm Kussow-Parra

12:40pm Kuiper-Odle

1:00pm Knoll-O'Marrah

1:20pm Parton-Stansfield

1:40pm O’Reilly-Sims

2:00pm O'Reilly-Shepard

2:20pm Stapert-Z

2:40pm Ogle-Smiley

3:00pm Shierant-Z

Please come at the designated time.  Students who come at the incorrect time will be delayed in picking up their iPad, books, etc.  The entire process shouldn’t last more than an hour.

Students who kept their iPads for the summer must attend this day as well.

Freshman iPad Deployment 

Freshman Orientation--July 24, 2017

Freshman will participate either in the morning session (last name A-L; 9-11:45am), or afternoon session (last name M-Z and students new to Noblesville Schools; 1-3:45pm).  Students will receive their iPad, get their books, locker assignment, building tour, and participate in a classroom session about success in high school led by teachers and student leaders.

Parents may accompany their child during the orientation but attendance is not required. If parents do not attend, they do need to make sure they send their student with the acceptable use agreement signed.  

**ALL Students new to Noblesville Schools (i.e. did not attend East or West Middle School) will need to attend the afternoon session.

NEMS iPad distribution

All students will receive their iPads during the first days of the 2017-18 school year.


NWMS iPad distribution

All students will receive their iPads during the first days of the 2017-18 school year.

Elementary  iPad distribution

Will occur in the first weeks of school as directed by your child’s classroom teacher.


Can children use their own personal iPad?

Yes - If students bring in a personally owned iPad they must agree to the following conditions:

Visit the NS mobile device options page to register a student-owned iPad for use during the school year.

May students take the iPad home?

Yes, students should take their iPads home, not only for schoolwork but also to charge their iPad.

Have we studied other school systems that have implemented a technology-enhanced environment? Have we asked the hard questions such as," What would you do differently? “

Yes, we have visited several school districts that are currently participating in a technology initiative. The devices of these initiatives ranged from iPads, iPods, MacBook Airs, MacBooks, Lenovo Tablets, and Windows laptops. We have also had several phone conversations with technology directors across the country on the trials and tribulations of their technology initiatives.


What if a student cannot attend the iPad distribution event?

We prefer that all students attend the iPad distribution, but we understand that students have certain obligations and may not be able to attend. A makeup distribution date is currently scheduled for Friday, August 1st. Students that are unable to attend the makeup date will get the information during the first days of the new school year.

Will students keep the iPads during school breaks?

Students will be able to keep the iPad throughout the entire school year. Devices will be collected at the end of the school year.

Where can I learn more about the iPad?

You can learn about the iPad directly from Apple:  visit  You can also periodically check the technology page on the district website for updated tutorials.


My student is a senior. Can s/he purchase the device at the end of the school year?

No. The devices are leased and will not belong to us for three years.

What happens when new iPad models come onto the market?

The current cycle for the iPads is four years.  Before the end of our four-year cycle, we will look at all new options available at that time.


Topic- Digital Citizenship
What is the digital citizenship course that my child will be working on?

Digital citizenship lessons will be incorporated throughout the  school year. Topics will include iPad basics and internet safety.  Any questions on completion of this requirement may be directed to our Technology Integration Specialist or may be answered by visiting


Topic- iPad in the Classroom (Management/Accountability)
Does my student have to use an iPad?

Educational resources and content will be delivered via the iPad. This makes the iPad a necessity for every student’s education.  The iPad program also brings individual learning to students and provides the ability to “connect” with their peers, their teachers, and the world.

I am undecided about whether I want my student to bring the device home each day.  What are the benefits of bringing the device home?

The iPad is a personal device and allows students to store notes, handouts, books, instructional videos, and a large variety of other applications that are designed to help students with mastery of course content and skills. The use of the device outside of school gives students access to all of their materials all the time.


If a parent does choose to not have their child take the iPad home, students will be required to check the iPad in and out daily at a school designated location (for security of the device and so the battery can be charged).


Do we have to have internet access at home?

No.  Students will be able complete homework assignments at home and turn in their work when they return to school the next day.  However, while not required, internet access at home will assist students in conducting research and collaborating with teachers and classmates outside of the classroom.


Is NS providing an internet carrier for home use?

No, but in certain attendance areas Comcast Essentials is available to NS free or reduced lunch students for $9.95 a month. You may also reference our free WiFi map to find a location near you where you can access the internet.


If I already have an internet provider at home, will my student be able to use our service with the school’s device?

Yes. We will assist students in setting up their devices to switch from the school’s internet access to the internet provider at home.


How do we access our personal internet via the iPad at home?

Verify that Wi-Fi is enabled and that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Tap settings > Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is off, turn it on by tapping the on/off icon.  Available Wi-Fi networks appear under “Choose a network.”  Your network should appear.  You will need to enter the network password or WEP key for your router.


Will my child use the iPad in every course?

The iPad will be the student’s tool to use at school. We expect that how it is used will vary based on subject area. Each of our teachers is setting up an online classroom on Canvas, a course management system, that will allow them to post class notes, assignments, etc. The expectation is that the iPad will be utilized in all subjects and courses.


What if a student forgets to bring the iPad to school?

If students fail to bring their device to school, they are responsible for completing course work as though they had their device with them.

What if I run out of space on my iPad?

Since we are allowing students to install apps and other content, school-related apps and content take priority over student content. A student iPad may be erased and restored with only school- related content if necessary.


I am concerned that my iPad battery will not last for the entire school day. What should I do?

One of the main reasons we chose the iPad is that unlike laptop batteries, when fully charged, the iPad can run for up to 10 hours. As stated in the NS Technology Handbook, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure the device is fully charged before school each day. Normally it takes two to three hours for the device to go from 0% to 100% charged.  The approximate cost of electrical bills to charge an iPad over the course of a school year is $1.45.

What about the use of Flash on the iPad?

Students may use Puffin Academy to access sites that utilize Flash. Puffin is a filtered browser, making NS compliant with CIPA, the federal Child Internet Protection Act.


Topic- Device Management
How will you manage the devices?

We will utilize a mobile device management suite called Filewave. It allows us to register each student’s device to our server, where we can control the settings of the device, apply rules, remotely lock/wipe and send out over the air software updates. We are setting age restrictions on the types of apps and music that can be placed on the device.


Will my child’s internet traffic be filtered?

All student internet traffic is logged and filtered through our local internet filter.

How can I help keep my student safe on the internet while not at school?

Parents can learn more regarding staying safe online on the district technology Initiative website.


Is there a remote “find” or "kill" device on the iPad if it is lost or stolen?

iPads can be located within the school via the wireless network. Remote “wipe” or “kill” can be achieved in certain circumstances, and NS is currently evaluating options for a more complete solution of remotely wiping or finding lost or stolen iPads.

My child participates in an after-school club, activity, or sport.  Who is responsible for the safekeeping of the iPad?

We highly recommend that students leave their iPads in their locked school-assigned lockers when participating in home or away after-school events.

Will NS have its own tech support facility on site?

Noblesville Schools will have a student support team to assist with iPad integration.  In addition, NS technology staff will support issues related to iPads.


Topic- iTunes Store
Is a personal iTunes account required?

In order to download certain apps and all iBooks, it is mandatory to have an iTunes account. The iTunes account also allows students to take ownership in the use of the iPad by downloading apps, music, etc., that are of interest to them (within NS guidelines).  

How do I sign up for an iTunes account, and what if I already have an iTunes account?

Students that are 13 or older on 7/1/17 should follow this procedure:

Create a new Apple ID – If students currently do NOT have an individual Apple ID, follow the instructions on this document for creating a free AppleID.  Students must make sure they remember their Apple ID passwords, and bring this information to their scheduled iPad session.

Parents of students under the age of 13 will be issued their AppleID at deployment.


Is a credit card required to download and install software?

No credit card is required; students will set up a free Apple ID, which gives them the ability to download apps. The school can purchase apps for students using a voucher system. If they so choose, students or parents can buy iTunes gift cards and load money on a student’s account without a credit card.


Can I load apps on my child’s device?

Yes:  We are allowing parents to purchase apps for their child above and beyond what is offered by the school. You can do this by loading their iTunes account with a gift card.


Can a student install other apps or music?

Yes:  Students are permitted to use the device for personal use within NS guidelines.  Refer to the NS Student Technology Handbook for more information.


Are discounts available on app purchases?

The school will purchase a core set of apps and selected apps for various departments/classes in bulk and distribute those apps to students.  Throughout the year additional apps will be loaded on their iPads.

If you have additional questions, please email the NHS Helpdesk at: