MOC General Meeting

October 30, 2013


Trip Reports


Someone hitchhiked from St. Jerome to Prevost in order to get to the house! Perhaps an option for the future due to the dearth of cars in the club….? Having made it there safely, she had a blast at the Halloween party despite the snow and sleet!


Also at the house this weekend, Sarah and her trusty team of helpers did some work on the bridges around the house.


Horseback exec Kaelan went riding north of Montreal with some other MOC members and herded cattle all day. Not sure how the cows felt about this, but the horses had fun!


Trip Announcements


There are still spots available for the overnight horseback trip! You need to be an advanced rider to participate – this means you know how to trot and canter.  The trip cost is $180, $80 deposit and the trip is taking place this weekend (November 2nd-3rd).  If you are interested in learning the basics of horseback riding, a beginner trip is taking place on November 9th-10th. Contact


MOC member Hauke is going hiking on Sunday in the eastern townships, leaving early in the morning and back by 6 or 7. He doesn’t know where he is going yet, but probably Mont Orford. Cost will be gas money. The trip is nearly/may be already full!


The Orienteering Score-O is happening this Sunday on Mont-Royal. It is only $7 for students to register, but you must register in advance as there will be a mass start. Probably about 150 people there!!! The MOC usually dominates this competition, so you guys better be there! There will be 40 controls and you have to find as many as possible in a set amount of time. More information is available from the Ramblers Orienteering Club.


Wilderness First Aid will be happening the weekend of November 16th-17th. There are only 2 spots left, but if there is more interest another course can be arranged. It is an outdoor first aid course with CPR training as well. Deposit $150 and $250 total cost. Go save people!


Sarah will be going out to the house this weekend to do more trail work! If you would like to come and have a car, email her and more people can go this weekend!


ANNOUNCING! The Winter Adventure Grant. This an MOC subsidy to do a cool trip and get $200 of it paid for! Steps and/or Rules:

1.     Write us a trip proposal and send it to by the deadline, November 18, 2013.

2.     You cannot be a current exec to apply for the adventure grant. You also cannot be an executive in the winter semester of this year.

3.     The bulk of your trip must include non-motorized transportation.

4.     You need to come back and give us a presentation on your awesome trip the following semester.


In the past, people have canoed the Saguenay, skied in James Bay, built ice houses and experienced rum freezing right next to where they slept.


Have no fear! Apply!