Comic Book Podcast, Episode #41

You have Great Rage in your Heart

This is the Premier Google Hangouts Edition of the Alt3red Egos Comic Book Podcast. You can now see the raw feeds every other Wednesday on the Alt3red Egos Youtube Channel. Be on the lookout next week for our new format and new feeds in the future!
We are channeling Noob and talking about stuff that bother us today.
X started a new job that he likes, but the traffic is horrendous.
Too Many Avengers Books! Who else besides Avengers and X-Men gets a book in Marvel nowadays?
Avengers Arena Shotcast! flashback.
House of Cards Comic ... where is it?
In the new fantastic four movie, Michael B. Jordan is going to play Johnny Storm. What is up with that?
X has a problem with Nicholas Cage … but what else is new.
X had just as big a problem with D.B. Sweeney playing Terry Fitzgerald.
Michael Morones tried to hang himself as a result of being bullied in school for liking "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."
Batkid's parents trying to grab a little too much spotlight.
Who cares if Ellen Degeneres wants to order pizza at the oscars.
Andrew Garfield is a standup guy for taking Batkid to Disney after he was not able to be at the oscars for a segment with the two of them.

Alt3red Egos Theme – “Understood By Your Dad” by Brad Sucks.