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XSplit Gamecaster 2.9 (2.9.1701.1609) Release Notes

2.9.1701.1609 - Release notes:

Please refer to the FAQ for general questions on usage:

Supported operating systems

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

For hardware and software requirements, see further details here:

Internet connection

Requires Internet connectivity with HTTP / HTTPS port 80/443 open and RTMP port 1935 open

For live streaming on lowest settings, a minimum upload speed of 500 kbps is required

Known limitations:

For a list of bugs being worked on see Known Issues section. For other general known limitations see list below.

Features and improvements

(2.8.1607.2031 -> 2.9.1701.1609)

- CPPCORE-824 - Support DX12 capture and overlay - starting with Windows 10 anniversary update

- XGC-3996/XGC-3930 - Support Facebook Live streaming and chat

- XGC-3128 - Support streaming

- XGC-3975/XGC-3933 - Support application login using account and posting to

- XGC-3978 - Add option for Tridef Smartblur

- *XGC-4141 - Add button to open camera “Video Input” settings and remove background option for Personify ChromaCam

- XGC-4135 - Don't stop/hide camera preview video when application window loses focus

- XGC-4121 - Rephrase email field hint and confirmation screen message on registration form

- XGC-4117 - Allow XGC to remember service login info when changing between services

- XGC-4068/XGC-4067/XGC-4003 - Twitch/YouTube/Hitbox Chat - add chat icon and option to show/hide icon

- XGC-4047 - Allow to set Privacy field for YouTube live default stream

- XGC-4035 - Only show the need to install MS C++ 2010 redist as prerequisite for machine with AMD GPU

- XGC-4033 - Provision for installing missing prerequisite (MS C++ 2010 redist) if VCE not working

- XGC-4029 - Use box with text when dragging multiple files in list and thumbs view

- XGC-4026 - Stop NDI stream on application close and show prompt before closing if NDI active

- XGC-4022 - Add in BRB graphics and Start tab social links

- XGC-3981 - Align Tobii settings according to Tobii specifications - add Shape/Trail/Filtering options

- XGC-3980/XGC-3964 - Improve 'Repair File' and 'Convert video to MP4' confirmation dialog text

- XGC-3869 - Make a better notification when user press close X in right upper corner of XGC - add option to “Close” or “Minimize to Tray”

- XVE-339 - Set 'Open' native windows to resizable windows


(2.9.1611.1721 -> 2.9.1701.1609)

- XGC-4261/XGC-4253/XGC-4247/XGC-4245 - Security fixes

- XGC-4256 - Possible exception and crash when getting Twitch followers

- XGC-4234 - "Error Encountered" growl may appear when saving Broadcast Title for Twitch

- XGC-4156 - Inaccurate error message when YouTube Live authentication fails

(2.9.1611.1715 -> 2.9.1611.1721)

- XGC-4224 - Allow to continue with XSplit after showing warning for Nvidia Share/Shadowplay

- XVE-352 - Application may freeze when ALT key is pressed repeatedly

- XVE-351 - Cannot start "Express Video Editor" due to missing requirements for Windows 10 "N" Version 1607

(2.8.1607.2031 -> 2.9.1611.1715)

- XGC-4126 - Application crashes when resuming/unpausing recording - if game title has double quotes

- XGC-4125 - Application may be too slow to startup when internet connectivity is not available or blocked

- XGC-4098 - Switching between LoL lobby and game makes Twitch follower widget disappear

- XGC-4046 - Possibly wrong keyboard output when machine/process keyboard layout is not set to US keyboard; also add option to disable overlay IME

- XGC-4032 - Chatbox reconnects when re-opened; results to timeout and blocked port error

- XGC-4194 - Possible NullReference exception and crash when opening Recordings tab

- XGC-4191 - No sound output for Elgato Game Capture HD

- XGC-4172 - Default Hitbox profile image is not displayed on the overlay chat

- XGC-4170 - Tobii Eye Tracker slider values can be set to zero

- XGC-4169 - Subscriber/Follower Notification does not update accordingly when switching streaming service

- XGC-4168 - Windows Firewall profile lacks permission; NDI Stream Output doesn't always push through

- XGC-4164 - Any error for sharing an image to Twitter is fixed to the error for 3MB attachment size limitation

- XGC-4161/XGC-4057 - Overlay cursor coordinates may be inaccurate on some UWP applications when running on high DPI settings or game is in full screen mode

- XGC-4159 - Popup windows that spawn from OAuth windows are not scaled correctly on higher DPI settings (Dailymotion Facebook login)

- XGC-4140 - Cam preview feed is disabled after opening the Keyboard Language Options dialog

- XGC-4138 - Dropdown menus on the External Settings may be unresponsive after closing an embedded modal dialog

- XGC-4124 - Application may force itself to foreground

- XGC-4123 - Previous "share status" is displayed on the share dialog

- XGC-4120 - Sharing blank message to Social Networks via overlay Share Dialog is allowed

- XGC-4116 - TriDef and Intel RealSense camera options on the overlay disappear when user moves cursor while hovering on a tooltip

- XGC-4108 - TriDef SmartCam Edge Smoothing value changes from 0 to 1 when set manually

- XGC-4101 - Application program files folder may remain after uninstall on certain OS language

- XGC-4094 - Failure to install on some systems due to firewall errors (add FWX=0 startup parameter)

- XGC-4091 - Mismatched chat icons and profile image displayed on chat in stream/recording and in overlay

- XGC-4088 - Missing registered trademark ® sign for the TriDef Smartcam branding on the overlay

- XGC-4085 - Messages on the Hitbox Chat may display duplicates

- XGC-4075 - GameSource update may prompt to close browser process

- XGC-4065 - Missing text on the camera background option when TriDef is not installed

- XGC-4062 - Uploading a video to YouTube while offline shows argument error in message

- XGC-4061 - Unable to authorize to the same streaming service without manually deauthorizing

- XGC-4058 - Overlay may not render completely in some UWP applications (i.e. Cooking Fever)

- XGC-4057 - Incorrect overlay cursor coordinates when UWP application is running on fullscreen mode

- XGC-4055 - Uploading a video to YouTube may not proceed and only gets stuck at 100%

- XGC-4036 - Unable to rename files on the VOD Manager using the F2 key

- XGC-4034 - Previous recordings selected still appear on the drag handle

- XGC-4031 - Intel QuickSync encoder is never used when recording in automatic mode

- XGC-4028 - "View details" link on the Share Status window is displayed even if post is not yet published

- XGC-4025 - Incorrect drag handle height when filename is too long

- XGC-4023 - Drag handle can be triggered while renaming FLV files

- XGC-4021 - Update Information window is scrollable even if content does not exceed display area

- XGC-4010 - Twitch Chat : Emoticons are displayed as plain text

- XGC-4007 - Screenshot limit dialog for Twitter is not properly themed

- XGC-3959 - Overlay keyboard language fails to update when set to Automatic and IME is changed while recording/streaming

- CPPCORE-1105 - Overlay shows up as plain white on some UWP apps

- CPPCORE-1104 - Overlay mouse coordinates may be wrong when game is running on windowed mode - Killer Instinct

- XVE-338 - Playback starts if set position after playback ends on certain split conditions

* Pending verification

Known Issues

Please reference Known Limitations section above for critical or major issues that are currently out of our hands and/or directly related to 3rd party hardware, software or drivers.




- XGC-XXXX - Incompatibility with Nvidia Shadowplay on some machines using drivers 37x.xx which may cause various issues such as but not limited to long XSplit startup time, occasional freezes or XGC and games during startup. We are investigating the issue.

- XGC-XXXX - Recording in 2.5 or 4K (3840x2160) may show micro stuttering

- XGC-XXXX - Quicksync encoding for long recordings/streams (4+ hours) can fail or restart on some Ivy bridge and Haswell systems (In version 2.7 , a working fix for Windows 8 and above has been applied, so this issue is now limited only to Windows 7)  

- XGC-4197 - Disconnecting a mapped drive from the "Recordings" dialog doesn't revert to the Windows default folder for "Videos", but shows an exception error instead

- XGC-3979 - Mouse/keyboard inputs are detected by the game while capturing UWP applications even if overlay is active


- XGC-4195 - Microphone and System Sound is disabled when NewTek NDI Output is enabled

- XGC-4193 - System Warning on missing Media Feature Pack appears even when the patch is already installed for N editions of Windows 10 Version 1607

- XGC-4154 - Game overlay is constantly flickering during capture on exclusive fullscreen mode for Rise of the Tomb Raider using DX12 and Nvidia SLI

- XGC-4048(WF) - Unable to stream to a new event on YouTube Live while embed is allowed

        - This is for accounts which has “Embed Live Streams” (see account features) disabled, if this is the case don’t check “Allow Embed” option. YouTube API does not provide info about this user feature so this must be done manually.

- XGC-4071 - Facebook Live: Custom audience for the privacy on the overlay does not expand

- XGC-4011 - Twitch Chat : Moderators are displayed as normal viewers

- XGC-3957 - Overlay cursor does not update correctly when capturing some UWP application/game (Minecraft Windows 10 Beta , Hill Climb Racing)

- XGC-3854 - Noise suppression doesn't always work in "suppressing background noise", and can also result in sounding robotic

- XGC-3763 - Mismatch between Tobii Eye Tracker cursor and camera preview (camera may need to have “flip” option)

- XGC-3762 - Cursor movements are still captured by the game when overlay is active - Overwatch

- XGC-3625 - Application executes before the Intel RSSDK installation finishes on update

- XGC-3582 - Overlay is not centered in game - Spooky's House of Jump Scares (Steam)

- XGC-3578 - May not be able restore application after minimizing while in Tablet mode

- XGC-3533 - Unable to properly interact with overlay controls and elements when game is running on Admin Mode

- XGC-3349(WF) - Unable to use Yuan PD5A0 (camera is not available) on Windows 10 (Issue already reported to Yuan)

- XGC-3079 - Unable to properly control overlay cursor behavior in game - SkyForge

- XGC-2942(RJ) - In-Game keys still work when overlay is active - Terraria

- XGC-2769(RJ) - Overlay (without capture) can make some games stutter on SLI

- XGC-2561(WF) - Unable to control overlay when activated in game (MCEdit) because game doesn’t render/update its user interface

- XGC-2419(WF) - Animated GIF in overlay is not in sync with what is visible in streaming/recording

- CPPCORE-1184 - Game FPS drops by more than 50% when DX 12 game is added as source - Forza

- CPPCORE-1150 - Capturing with "Rise of the Tomb Raider" on DX12 results in DXGI error (AMD Crossfire issue - reported to AMD)

- CPPCORE-1098 - Intel Quick Sync bandwidth usage goes beyond set bitrate

- CPPCORE-968(WF) - Unable to use application when exe path contains semicolon

- XVE-342 - Short video could freeze Express Video Editor on add

- XVE-340 - Exported video files only show up as audio track on Sony Vegas 12 and 13

- XVE-331 - Video editor can appear truncated in the upper left corner if VOD manager is closed before it opens

- XVE-330 - Express Video editor skips frames and may play incorrect frame timeline when adding multiple videos one after another finishes playing


- XGC-4160 - Sending a direct or private message to twitter from our share dialogs shows an incorrect link




(WF) - Won’t Fix

(RJ) - Rejected

If you are looking for the release notes of the previous version, please look here.  

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