General Body Meeting


1:00PM, ARCH Building Room 108

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Executive Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. President Gutmann
  2. Provost Price
  3. Upcoming: VPUL Val Cade
  1. Commencement Speaker Selection Update
  2. UA Dinner with President Gutmann
  3. Past University Council
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Next UA Steering
  1. UA Report
  1. Update on action facing Immigration/Muslim Ban
  2. UA Resolution passed on January 29
  3. Project Timelines & Progress
  4. Education: Budget Season
  5. February Social Events
  6. Member of the Week
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report
  1. Penn Labs Communication & Meeting
  2. Penn Labs Fall Review
  1. Student Life
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Printing in Williams
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Club Recruitment Guidelines
  1. Social Justice
  1. Project Updates
  1. Increasing Awareness of UA Legal Services
  2. Bon Appetit Staff Features in the Dining Halls
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. Unexpected Nursing Fees
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  2. External Seats
  3. Communications

Executive Reports

President’s Report

  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. President Gutmann
  1. On Wednesday, 2/1, Cabinet met with President Gutmann. We updated her on our work related to tuition and course costs, supporting MERT, student group membership and recruitment reform, creating a CIS 001 class and other interdisciplinary courses, our leave of absence web resource project, and more. President Gutmann LOVED the work the UA is doing with SAC to try to move student groups away from hypercompetitive recruitment. She’s very supportive of all of this work.
  1. Provost Price and Vice Provost Winkelstein
  1. On Friday, 2/3 Cabinet met with Provost Price and Vice Provost for Education Beth Winkelstein. We discussed the UA and Active Minds project creating a centralized webpage with leave of absence resources and policies, our work on course and tuition costs, changing pass/fail policies, student group membership and recruitment reform, supporting MERT, and supporting veterans on campus. It was a nice (last!) meeting with the Provost.
  1. Upcoming: Val Cade
  1. Cabinet is meeting with Vice Provost for University Life Val Cade this Monday, 2/6.
  1. Commencement Speaker Selection Update
  1. The Office of the University Secretary announced the selection of this year’s Commencement Speaker on Tuesday, 1/31. Student members of the Speaker Advisory Group (SAG) were notified of the selection on Monday, 1/30. Students played no role in selecting Senator Booker. SAG, whose members include the UA President, members of the senior Class Board, and representatives from UMC, has not met this academic year. CB17 President Darren Tomasso and I reached out to the Secretary’s Office over winter break to ask if and when the Speaker Advisory Group would meet. Since commencement speakers are selected on a very advanced timeline, the current SAG will meet once this spring to help give student feedback on choices for the Class of 2018 commencement speaker. I am meeting with Secretary Kruhly on Monday, 2/6, and will let her know that students would appreciate having more input throughout the selection process.
  1. UA Dinner with President Gutmann
  1. President Gutmann is hosting the annual UA dinner on Wednesday, 2/8, at 5:30pm at Distrito. See you there!!
  1. Past University Council
  1. University Council met this past week. The main discussion was a panel on academic and personal integrity. The speakers were Beth Winkelstein, PVP Director Jess Mertz, Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs Karu Kozuma, and College junior and University Honor Council Chair Christopher D’Urso. President Gutmann and Provost Price gave statements on Trump’s immigration ban and the university’s response to support members of the Penn community that are affected by the ban. Undergraduate student groups made statements related to the immigration ban, the choice of commencement speaker, the Trump administration’s denial of climate science, the ASAM minor program, and the Provost and President’s task force on campus culture and student health.  

Vice-President’s Report

  1. Next UA Steering
  1. This coming Tuesday, there will be UA Steering at 7:30pm in JMHH F55. There will be no administrator at this meeting. Rather, it will be used as a brainstorming session to discuss many important and number of relevant campus issues. We will break out into smaller groups and switch topics throughout the hour.

UA Report

  1. Update on action facing Immigration/Muslim Ban
  1. The UA collaborated with the Muslim Students Association and the Assembly of International Students on a joint-statement that Kat sent in an all-school on Tuesday. The statement is the following:

A Message to the Penn Community from the Undergraduate Assembly, the Assembly of International Students and the Muslim Students Association

The Undergraduate Assembly, the Assembly of International Students, and the Muslim Students Association strongly condemn President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration passed on Friday, January 27th. The Executive Order blocks citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S. for 90 days (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen). This group includes Penn international students who are nationals of these countries here on F-1 visas. In practice, this has affected anyone traveling from Muslim-majority nations. Additionally, the Executive Order directed diplomatic posts around the world to stop issuing visas for citizens of these seven countries, which affects incoming Penn students in the Class of 2021 and current students with expiring visas.

We recognize the breadth of issues faced by these students, including an inability to travel and see family, difficulties with finances and housing, issues with study abroad, and restrictions from participating in international Penn programs.

Our community will remain united in supporting affected Penn students, faculty, and staff and in advocating for freedom and civil liberties. International students and Muslim students provide important contributions to our community’s diversity, one of Penn’s greatest qualities. Penn is and will continue to be a safe place for all regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, ability, or nationality. The Undergraduate Assembly, the Assembly of International Students, and the Muslim Students Association will continue to advocate for the safety, security and civil rights of affected students.

This is beyond partisan politics. These are our classmates, teachers, and friends that cannot visit home or return to Penn if they travel abroad. Should you wish to help, you can sign this Penn community statement, contact your government representatives, and reach out to your Muslim friends and international friends to offer your support.

Our organizations are currently working with the Offices of International Student and Scholar Services and the Vice Provost for University Life to ensure that those affected are given proper support. We will be keeping up with the situation and working with the administration to ensure the safety and well-being of all Penn students. Please feel free to reach out to,, or if you have any suggestions or need support.

Additional resources:

Global Support Services: 215-898-1640

International Student and Scholar Services: 215-898-4661

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): 215-898-7021 (nights and weekends, ask for CAPS counselor on call)

University Chaplain/SPARC: 215-898-8456

Muslim Chaplain:

In support,

Undergraduate Assembly

Assembly of International Students

Muslim Students Association

  1. Comments and next steps: I am very impressed by the efforts students, faculty and the administration have put forth this week to ensure that all students feel safe not only on campus but in this country. As I mentioned last week, the ban has affected a number of international Penn students and their families. First, Dr. Gutmann, Provost Price, Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs Hikaru Kozuma (VPUL) and ISSS Director Rodolfo Altamirano have been responsive in different capacities by either producing statements supporting the Muslim community, attending Friday prayers, urging for the rescindment of the Order and ensuring legal counseling is available to all international students. The administrators have met with Nayab Khan, MSA Vice President, Zuhaib Badami, MSA President and Dhruv Agarwal, AIS President and the UA leadership to discuss next steps and have pledged to create plans for financial, housing and internship needs for affected students. I would like to thank everyone who was supportive this week, and especially Nayab, Zuhaib and Dhruv for taking the lead on protecting both the Muslim community and the International Student community (jointly and not respectively). The UA will be working with AIS and MSA to set up a town hall-style meeting.
  1. UA Resolution passed on January 29
  1. The NEC voted against the amendment to the FPC that would have prevented students who have resigned or been removed from the UA to run in the next election cycle. The amendment was written based on the resolution that our body passed on January 29.
  1. Project Timelines & Progress
  1. This week, Cabinet discussed what every member is working on, and provided feedback to committee directors on progress. There are great projects that are being worked on, and I’m excited to see their updates and completion reports soon. If you don’t have a project currently, please talk to your committee director, Exec and other UA members to get a head start on a new project this week. For members who have been working on a long-term project, I asked Directors to advise for other short-term projects. I want to make sure that everyone has completed 1-2 projects at least by the end of the session.
  2. After today, we have 3 more budget GBMs and then only 2 more GBMs after Spring Break. The year will end before we know it!
  1. Education: Budget Season
  1. The next three weeks are going to be budget meetings. If you’re new on the UA (like me), please spend some time reviewing the bylaws that govern Budget meetings.
  2. At the first meeting, the Budget Committee and the CEO will present their budget to the UA in detail. This is the chance to ask questions about different line-items to both the presenters and the Budget Committee. At the second meeting, the UA will entertain amendments to the annual budget. We will discuss changes related to a specific constituent first and then discuss the general budget. At the third meeting, we will have the final vote on the budget. The budget must pass by a simple majority of members present.  
  1. February Social Events
  1. Sunday 5th: UA pre-GBM Brunch at 12pm @ ARCH
  2. Wednesday 8th:  Dinner with Dr. Gutmann for voting members
  3. Thursday 9th: PSG BYOs (PSG-wide love!). More details by E-mail.
  4. Wednesday 8th: State Of The School (SOTS) following the Presidential Dinner!
  5. Friday 10th: Working with Elena on Ice-Skating Event (if not, will organize a hangout)
  6. Monday 13th - Friday 17th: UA Lunches and Dinners for Valentine’s (you MUST fill out the form).
  7. Friday 17th: UA Special Visit to the Barnes Foundation at 2pm. Transportation and snacks will be covered; tour is free. We are getting our own personalized tour so please make it! The Barnes Foundation is an American educational art and horticultural institution.
  8. Let us know if you have more ideas for the last two weeks before Break!
  1. Member of the Week: It is…

Secretary’s Report

  1. Penn Labs Fall Review
  1. Penn Labs has achieved a lot of progress in the fall. Their projects are highlighted in the Penn Labs Fall Review which is attached to the agenda packet. Some of the things that were worked on is Penn Course Review, Penn Mobile, Office Hour Queues, Penn Ride, Pennvolvement, and marketing all of these resources.
  1. Penn Labs Communication & Meeting
  1. Penn Labs has had a lot of turnover in management and that led to some confusion in terms communication. I met with co-directors of Penn Labs Adam Domingoes and Tiffany Chang informally last Monday to discuss communication for the rest of the year. They will send me a report/recap of their meeting and I will present it every GBM. On Friday, February 3rd I met with with the board including Penn Labs, Katie Bonner, the Executive Director of Student Affairs and Rob Nelson, the Executive Director for Education and Academic Planning. We discussed the next steps of the projects that are in progress the main ones being automating comments for Penn Course Review and Penn Ride.

Student Life

Completion Reports

Student Printing Station in Williams Hall

Authored by Maria Curry

After working with SAS Director for Instructional Technology John MacDermott and IT Director of VPUL who manages the Silfen Study Center in Williams Hall, a student printing station in Williams Hall will be installed within the next month.

Discussion Papers

Club Recruitment Reform

Authored by: Jay Shah and Brian Goldstein

Mental Health is a multi-faceted issue and one aspect that needs a closer look at Penn is the club recruitment process. After getting feedback from students who have gone through the process and having gone through the process ourselves, we realize that there are certain aspects of club recruitment that need to be reviewed and possibly changed. During their first weeks at Penn, new students should focus on healthy transitions instead of stressing over club applications, auditions, and interviews. Many students end up applying to numerous clubs, with varying degrees of interest and fit, because there isn't enough time to explore all the clubs in full detail and because of low acceptance rates. Student groups

Last time we discussed this project we finalized the survey that we want to send to club leaders. Jay will present the survey briefly at UA Steering this week and then will send out the survey to Steering members. In the meantime, Brian and Jay have drafted up tentative guidelines for organizations to follow. These guidelines would be implemented through the Student Activities Council. These guidelines are not meant to restrict the autonomy of organizations but rather to protect the health of the student body. If organizations do not abide by these guidelines, they would not be eligible to have a table at the SAC activities fair. The tentative guidelines are listed at the bottom of this document.

In terms of support, Jay met with Jeremy Cohen, who was Chair of SAC at the time, three times last semester. After informally bringing it up to Ed Jing, the new chair of SAC, Jay, Michelle, Michael, and Ed met on February 3rd. Ed supports the initiative and will be bringing it up to the rest of the SAC board at their next meeting so that they can review the guidelines. From the administrative side, Jay has brought the project up with VPUL Val Cade, Vice Provost for University Life, Executive Vice President Craig Carnaroli, and the Office of the President. They all emphasized the importance for such a project and support the initiative.

We have set out the following guidelines for SAC to review:

  1. All organizations that currently receive funding of any amount from SAC must abide by the following guidelines. Organizations requesting a table at the SAC activities fair must also abide by these guidelines. Failure to adhere to the guidelines may result in sanctions affecting but not limited to a spot at the fall activities fair.
  2. Organizations shall send personalized rejection emails to applicants who were unsuccessful in the application process. These emails should address the applicant by name and should be considerate. A friendly suggestion is to include alternative organizations that the applicant can look into.
  3. Organizations can have interviews if they wish to do so. However, they cannot hold more than 2 rounds of interviews, so an applicant cannot be interviewed more than twice by a club per application cycle.
  4. Applicants shall not be required to submit resumes as part of the application process.
  5. Leaders of organizations shall ensure that the interview process is transparent, including the nature of the questions. For example, it would be good to inform applicants beforehand that they might receive questions that will require critical thinking or might make them feel uncomfortable. Leaders need not give away the exact specifications if it would defeat the purpose of the interview.
  6. SAC prohibits the asking of questions that are sexist, sexual, homophobic, misogynistic, and other questions of similar nature.
  7. Organizations shall not require applicants to attend an information session if they are unable to do so in order to be eligible for the club. Leaders of organizations must provide an alternative way for prospective applicants to receive all the necessary application-related material. One method is through email.


  1. Are there any guidelines that should be added/removed?
  2. Are there any guidelines that need to be expanded?
  3. How do we monitor if organizations are following these guidelines?

Social Justice

Project Updates

Increasing Awareness of UA Legal Services

Authored by Natasha Menon

The UA provides free and confidential legal services, but many Penn students are unaware that such a service exists. To reach out a wider audience, I have reached out to the Penn Violence Prevention office, the Women's Center, the cultural houses, and specifically the Penn First space within the Greenfield Intercultural Center. The Communications Team is working on an infographic that we can hang in each of these spaces.

Bon Appetit Staff Features in the Dining Halls

Authored by Natasha Menon

In an effort to have students know the Bon Appetit employees better and learn more about the faces they see every day in the dining halls, I have reached out to Stephen Scardina, the Resident District Manager of Bon Appetit, to ask if there can be features posted around the dining halls that spotlight a different employee every week.

Academic Initiatives

Project Updates

Unexpected Nursing Fees

Authored by: Ian Jeong

I followed up with Julie Sochalski, the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs of the School of Nursing about unexpected nursing fees. The outcomes of the meeting are as follow:

1) Fines for being late to or missing clinical or late can now be bursar. Previously, students got an incomplete in the clinical course until they submitted a check for the fine(s). Now, students do not have to worry about getting an incomplete in a course for not being able to pay in time.

2) Julie is bringing up how Penn Nursing is calculating clinical/lab fines with the senior leadership at Penn Nursing to make sure that the fines accurately reflect the cost of Penn Nursing coordinating additional clinical/lab times.

3) Julie is following up with SFS and course directors to see how transportation costs related to clinical can be included in the financial aid for students who receive financial aid from Penn.

Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

External Seats


Roll Call

  1. Open Forum
  1. Commencement Speaker Selection - Joe (Riad’s roommate)
  1. Unaffiliated from any group organization, but speaking as a concerned student. Volunteered with commencements in the past. Concern with Cory Booker with the rationale -- political in nature. Cory Booker is early in his political career, concerned that Booker does not have more experience in his career. Expectations were higher for the speaker, not concerned from a political ideology perspective. Seeking change moving forward to have someone who is more experienced and less motivated politically to be the commencement speaker, especially since the statement made by the university giving the rationale was largely political in nature.
  1. Kat - Meeting with University Secretary tomorrow (2/6) to bring up the concerns that have been raised and how student concerns weren’t included as much in the selection process.
  1. PSG Week - Aren
  1. This week is PSG Week, featuring events from all 6 branches. Highly encourage students to come to learn what the other branches are doing.
  1. Sal Caupto - Elena
  1. Mr. Caputo would like to present the new backpack check policy to the UA, wants to get our approval before the system is input. This won’t be at a GBM, but some other time TBD with attendance not required. The policy is officially written, but wants to give the UA some warning.
  1. Natasha - Would it be better if he came to a committee meeting instead?
  1. This was offered, but Kyle didn’t seem to want it.
  1. Michelle - If he is looking for feedback, maybe present this as a discussion paper or update at a GBM.
  1. This was also brought up, but didn’t want to take up too much GBM time.
  2. Riad - the difference is that the body would be able to control how much time it takes to talk about this.
  1. UA Reform - Kaylee
  1. I met with Nile to discuss the reasoning behind the UA reform movement and what it was about. It seemed as though it was Cabinet versus body, so I wanted to continue the discussion from last week.
  1. Kat - We are trying it out today with this GBM structure, but two directors aren’t here. There are merits and also challenges to the proposal, but we will try it and see how it goes.
  1. Brian - Is it necessary to even have an amendment if there is an executive power to set the agenda?
  1. Kat - We don’t need to pass a bylaw amendment to make this change, just get the President on board, so we are looking to change it. Riad has a feedback form that he checks if people have feedback.
  1. Eric - I think in general, in my experience Cabinet has more experience in what they want it to look like and they have different goals in mind. When you become more “apart of a system” you have different goals in mind and can work within that system.
  2. Kaylee - Can we talk more about what the goals are within Cabinet and the UA as to what these projects are to do? Members might want to see if a project is making an impact, whereas Cabinet members seem to want projects done and complete.
  1. Kat - Impact and completion are closely tied. The UA has a lot of trouble historically because as soon as people leave, their projects get dropped. Timeline is important like impact because the chance of your project being finished if you don’t come back is much lower.
  1. Executive Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. President Gutmann
  1. Talked a bit about the response to the immigration ban from the White House.
  2. Kevin - What did they say about the student club membership thing?
  1. President Gutmann thought it was a great way for students to hold themselves accountable for a better culture here at Penn. Very in favor of this project.
  1. Provost Price
  2. Upcoming: VPUL Val Cade
  1. Cabinet is meeting with VPUL Val Cade tomorrow at 5:30pm. This is different from other admin meetings because Val is more concerned with what the UA is doing, as she is the Dean of Students, effectively. Val Cade is also one of the chairs of the Provost Task force on sexual assault and wants input from students as to the direction of that.
  1. Commencement Speaker Selection Update
  1. Students did not play any role in this selection at all. There is a Speaker Advisory Council consisting of Kat, Darren Tomasso (president of CB ‘17), and members of UMC, which has not met this year. They are slated to meet once this Spring to talk about 2018. Students have a higher expectation as to their input in the selection process. We found out Monday night and it was announced Tuesday morning.
  1. Cal - Is it like this every year?
  1. Kat - I don’t know, but I believe so. We sent out a survey asking for input to the Senior class, but that was the extent of student input.
  1. Kaylee - How do other schools run this process?
  1. Kat - I don’t know about that.
  1. Elena - Is this decision final?
  1. Kat - Yes for 2017, but the goal is to change the process to allow for more student participation.
  2. Tepper - Sometimes speakers are revoked, but Penn won’t do that for Open Expression reasons.
  3. Riad - CRs were commented on the fact that it is always someone like this, i.e. liberal, not Cory Booker being controversial himself.
  1. UA Dinner with President Gutmann
  2. Past University Council
  1. Student groups made statements on a variety of topics including the Commencement speaker, and the immigration ban.
  1. Cal - I’m worried about UC over the next few years, and am in support of open expression, but there are a lot of instances with the Trump administration that are detrimental to student life on campus. Many of my Muslim friends are extremely stressed out, and don’t know who to talk to, so I think the UA should be finding more ways to connect people with resources.
  1. Tepper - Open expression is important, but there is a line between what constitutes hate speech and what doesn’t. What I saw going around Facebook was from the UC document. Maybe we should set on ground rules for UC. Certain things should be private and public, and maybe we should get the NEC involved to figure out how better to understand each other at UC.
  1. Tunmise - I think what Cal and Eric are saying is slightly different. UC is a public forum to express issues. I’m going to push back on what you said about things being public, for example minutes are taken and the meeting is public. I don’t know where sensitive information is going to come from seeing as though it is public. We can talk about public policy and administration without making people feel as if they are not welcome. The statement was very much about attacking certain groups of people -- which is a separate issue that we can handle. I really respect what Cal is saying where we can express things openly but also respectfully.
  2. Julianne - The UC statement from College Republicans was not approved by the board, so going forward, we are going to have much stricter oversight of what was said.
  3. Tepper - There were varying parts of that statement that were against specific people and also against policy. Some statements were very hurtful to students. It might be better to come together to figure out how various statements will be presented.
  4. Riad - Student clubs can make a better effort at opening communications between each other, which might come better between them and not necessarily the UA.
  5. Tunmise - For example, part of the statement talked about ideological diversity in Commencement speakers, which is definitely a good point to bring up. We can have ideological differences without making people feel as if they aren’t wanted there. The position of the Vice-President is to facilitate this discussion more, so I don’t know what the discussion would be, but the VP has more power to make that discussion happen. We talk about how to present things before the meeting, so there is a way for the UA to be more involved.
  6. Riad - It was the CR Rep’s first time, so that might get better over time.
  7. Dante - What was the statement exactly?
  8. Kat - Context to UC, 16 Undergraduate Seats. Meetings are very procedural and bureaucratic. Students meet before to figure how to share input on a policy. Pre-meeting is coordinated by the VP and NEC Nominations Chairs. UA didn’t make a statement against the ban because we had already sent out an email. The College Republicans supported the concept behind the ban and said it should be expanded. The minutes for UC, when they are approved, are not a transcript. The CR statement was circulated online, and so a discussion needs to be had as to how to go about making sure statements are published. We have to constructively make sure that people are feeling supported as the UA. Sola and I would be happy to hear any ideas that you have, and UC might be changed because more students are impacted by policy at a national level.
  9. Natasha - Can CRs put out a statement instead in response?
  1. Julianne - We put a statement out stating that we weren’t supporting the ban, and the representative went a little bit beyond that, which we weren’t happy about.
  1. Kat - The students on UC need to make sure that they are representing their groups and not themselves.
  2. Cal - Isn’t the UC rep supposed to be the same rep throughout the year?
  1. Kat - Yes, but in practice this doesn’t work. The NEC has their discretion.
  2. Cal - Maybe be careful with who your representatives are considering how people are representing themselves instead of their groups.
  1. Elena - The student posted the statement himself online and was proud of it, but it is helpful to know that this might not be what the College Republicans as a whole stand for.
  2. Eric - NEC is now doing their application process for UC for next year, so if anyone is concerned, please apply. Everyone should think about how their words make an impact.
  3. Tunmise - I think the person versus group representative dichotomy can be hard to manage. There’s a reason why you apply as a group, and there is a question on the application that asked why you can represent that group. The application has changed because now it is more of a group mentality. At the end of the day, you are there for your group -- it says so in your placard. Before I made any statement, it went through the board and constituents. Make sure anything said at UC is cleared with your board.
  4. Riad - Kat and I will make sure to relay this discussion to the NEC.
  5. Sam - Anyone talking about flex seats need to make sure that there is more clarity in who holds UC positions.
  6. Aren - I think in any leadership position, your own biases come out more. I don’t know if that is representative of the majority of the student body. There should be some sort of due process in place. You can’t just tell someone to make sure to speak on behalf of their constituents. However, you can make sure that statements go through group boards so that statements are confirmed to be supported by groups instead of individuals.
  7. Julianne - I’m going to bring this all to our CR board meeting tomorrow and figure out how to improve this process.
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. Next UA Steering
  1. Kat - This meeting will be about improving communication within steering.
  1. UA Report
  1. Update on action facing Immigration/Muslim Ban
  1. Nile - For this statements, can the UA issue statement without consulting the body?
  1. Riad - Technically speaking, Kat can speak on behalf of the UA, but practically, some people from Cabinet are involved. After we finished writing it (Kat, Krone, and myself) we sent it to Cabinet and then sent it out.
  2. Kat - At the end of the day, the statement can be attributed to me. It really was an effort on behalf of the UA. For practical reasons, as a proxy, we send it to Exec, and then Cabinet to give input informally. There is a discrepancy between what everyone might think and what needs to be said. Only two emails have been “statements” in All School Emails, so at least some people get eyes on emails.
  1. Aren - One thing that I think we should do in the future is making sure that we are representing all of our constituents, some of whom might be more conservative and would not be opposed to the ban. I would be in support of this statement, but I only hold one view, and I know a minority of students might feel silenced. Whether an opinion is popular or not, the voice still needs to be at the table. Similarly to the way the statements made by the UC CRs representative was attributed moreso to the CRs as a whole, this statement is on the UA, not just Kat.
  1. Riad - You seem to be emphasizing how this can be political, but we made an effort to make the statement about how the ban impacts Penn students. It becomes a student body problem when it involves our students. The second paragraph is focusing on what actions we can take to help impacted individuals. The fourth paragraph states that this is beyond partisan politics, but what I care more about is making everyone on this campus feel respected and safe. As the UA, we do protect minorities, and so it is our duty to help students who are international. It’s something less political and more about the community here at Penn.
  1. Kat - As the UA president, I was elected to represent student, and what that looks like is up to my discretion. When there is no resolution, it falls on the President, and to a different extent cabinet to have discretion to make a statement for the body.
  2. Eric - While it is deal to get everyone’s input, it isn’t super practical to have 35 people write one email.
  3. Tunmise - I really want to thank Riad for all of the work that he put into this statement and for the dedication and the amount of time you put into this. It really shows, and this statement is something that this body should be proud of. I can’t stress how logistically impossible it is to coordinate things like this. I’m happy that even though I didn’t have a hand in it personally, this statement is really great.
  4. Aren - Just to clarify, I didn’t mean anything to be a personal attack, and I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. I’m going off of Nile’s point, in that I think there are people in this room that would have liked to have a seat at the discussion table. What I’m saying is not to talk to CRs or conservatives in general, but to be more aware of how the statement was drafted and how these things were done. It would be nice if people who were on UA can be more apart of the process.
  1. Kat - The President speaks on behalf of students. The Speaker speaks on behalf of the UA.
  1. Cal - Statements come up very quickly and require quick reaction. Thinking about the GroupMe incident, Tunmise and I were included quickly, and we needed to make sure that we got the word out correctly.
  1. UA Resolution passed on January 29
  1. Michelle - Regardless of whether or not you voted for it, it was the voice of the UA and we should make sure that the NEC did a better job supporting it.
  2. Tunmise - Wasn’t this written with their advice and consent? Why did they show up and seem to support it and then not pass it?
  3. Dante - The whole body wasn’t in support of it despite the few members that were in support of it.
  4. Sam - Even though I abstained from this voice, the three top people from the NEC were there, and so I implore the NEC to come talk to us. We should have the ability to know why they didn’t pass it, so they need to be able to explain why they didn’t.
  1. Riad - David will accept concerns, just email him. We can continue the conversation.
  1. Kat - I raised the idea with Kasey and David, and then met with Allie who is the Elections chair, who reassured me that it was fine.
  2. Brian - Since they are changing the FPC, is there any input that we can have to make sure that they help improve them based on our advice?
  1. Project Timelines & Progress
  1. Kaylee - I think that Cabinet is focused on impact and completion, but I want to encourage the discussion to move toward impact instead of completion.
  2. Cal - Do we have our first committee meetings before/after summer break?
  1. Riad - after.
  1. Cal - Maybe if we have transition meetings with old and new members after we leave, it would help to continue to move projects on so that they don’t go undone.
  1. Kat - We can definitely improve on continuity. Jay is in charge in putting together an annual report. It is more on the committee directors to figure out what things were accomplished in the year. Status updates would be very helpful to move that process forward.
  1. Education: Budget Season
  1. Michelle - By now we are familiar with the rules of meetings, so be aware of rule changes and read over the bylaws to figure out when it is appropriate to ask questions and raise concerns.
  2. Jason - Who else goes to budget meetings? Like can we get other clubs to come to voice their concerns about funding.
  1. Michelle - We allocate money to the other PSG branches, MERT, and Penn Labs, so other groups should go to SAC if they want more.
  2. Nile - Other students groups should definitely go to SAC.
  1. February Social Events
  2. Member of the Week
  1. Natasha!
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  2. Secretary’s Report
  1. Penn Labs Communication & Meeting
  1. Eric - The Penn Course Review project -- I think it is important to realize that it is changing in the next few years, so just to be aware of that.
  1. Penn Labs Fall Review
  1. Student Life
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Printing in Williams
  1. Krone - Where will it be?
  1. Outside of the Silfen Study Center.
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. Club Recruitment Guidelines
  1. Eric - The first thing is about not submitting a resume. Is it possible to be more clear as to what constitutes a resume? With number 6, consider expanding the list of what kind of questions you can’t ask.
  2. Kevin - How does this apply to music groups? Does an interview translate to an audition? Also with PAC groups, how is this enforced?
  1. It seems as if that the interview guideline is the only one that can’t translate to all clubs.
  2. Michelle - We will reach out to PAC via SAC before we adopt these guidelines.
  1. Natasha - Maybe add a component about GO Penn. Also, add a timeline to ensure that people reply quickly. More accountability from the clubs instead of SAC to report how they are complying with guidelines.
  1. Kat - The way that they are thinking of implementing is that SAC Exec liaisons will evaluate how their specific groups are doing with recruitment.
  1. Riad - There is very little oversight as to who gets a table at the fair, but whoever is responsible for who is going to manage that. The current system also leaves room for random clubs to sign up for tables.
  2. Samara - A lot of freshman are really happy to see that the recruitment process is hopefully changing. Definitely publicize this because people will happy about it.
  1. Brian - We decided to drop the timeline guideline because it seemed to be intrusive to clubs as they go through recruitment.
  1. Ian - For monitoring, if we can require student groups to let the applicants know that this is the protocol and if they don’t find that it is followed to notify SAC.
  1. Michelle - The reason we are using the activities fair is that all groups do it.
  2. Brian - One of the major reasons we are doing this is to base it off of what Wharton Council did, which seems successful.
  1. Aimee - I’ve thought about how this can be more applied to freshman is that if clubs offer board position to freshmen, groups should consider what experiences that students have had coming into Penn. The best way to find out about these things is from frustrated students who didn’t get into clubs.
  2. Cal - It would be cool to have a report to have students let us or SAC know what things were like. We should also open it to people who want to get involved with clubs later in their career.
  1. Riad - ask clubs to send applicants a feedback form that would go to their SAC liaison as well.
  1. Kat - Clubs should have to report to their SAC liaison how many applied and how many they push on to later rounds of recruitment.
  2. Sam - Nearly all clubs are still going to make a resume optional, so clubs will only consider those who submit a resume. I’m worried about the monitoring process, like monitoring number 6 is going to be really tough. Will it be approved by SAC Exec or the general body.
  1. Michelle - Just Exec because it has to deal with the activities fair.
  2. Brian - We understand the resume concern. What the Wharton Council has done is that applicants shall not be required to submit resumes, but a list of activities is acceptable.
  1. Nile - Do these guidelines apply to all parts of organizations or just getting in?
  1. Brian - Mostly just for getting in.
  1. Jason - Publicize that the club has to be complicit with the guidelines. Maybe have clubs add a disclaimer to their applications.
  2. Elena - Something that I appreciate about the UA is that there is an Associate Member option.
  1. Michelle - We talked about how clubs should have different levels of membership, but a lot of clubs have very limited resources. The way we tried to address this issue is by asking clubs to give students alternative ways to get involved.
  1. Julianne - The difference between this and the Wharton Council bylaws is that clubs need to outline their recruitment processes, so maybe add that.
  2. Natasha - Outline the time commitment of the club ahead of time. It is hard to quit after you’ve been accepted.
  1. Social Justice
  1. Project Updates
  1. Increasing Awareness of UA Legal Services
  2. Bon Appetit Staff Features in the Dining Halls
  3. Other Updates
  1. Even at Penn ran into a lot of legal issues, and the “I am Penn” spin focuses more on art and sharing stories of intersectional identities.
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. Unexpected Nursing Fees
  1. Eric - I see how the first point is very helpful, but instead of waiting, they’re just charging you right away, right?
  1. Ian - It is mutually beneficial because students who can’t give the money immediately, they will be able to defer the charge instead of getting an “incomplete” in PennInTouch.
  1. Kaylee - A friend of mine got a clinical fee, and the terms of her clinical got changed, so if there is a possibility of how to discuss consistency among leaders of clinicals manage processes? She was charged because she was unprepared.
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  2. External Seats
  3. Communications