Science project

For Skye and Mine science project of November we are making a homemade water filter. We decided to make this because we were looking something that wasn’t too hard but wasn’t too easy. We were also looking for something that possessed a lot of the properties of fluids that we have talked about and learned in class.

        The properties our project uses are pressure, flow and viscosity and density.

 Our project uses pressure because when the water is going through the water bottle and if you blow on the top, the pressure of the wind that you blew on it should cause the water to flow faster through the bottle. Even though the water is flowing faster and that should make better results. It doesn’t. It actually creates worse results because the carbon doesn’t have enough time to grab all the particles of the other substance that is mixed with the water.

 The next property of fluid that our water filter uses is flow. Our water filter uses flow when the water is flowing through it. This shows flow because since the water is flowing straight down it will flow faster than if the filter is on it’s side. It also uses flow because the dirty is a little bit thicker than clean water so by the time the water flows all the way through the filter it will flow faster. That is how our water filter uses flow.

The last property of fluid our water filter uses is viscosity. Our water filter uses viscosity when the dirty water flows through our water filter and the carbon strips the dirt from the water. This affects viscosity because the dirty water is more viscous, which means that it is thicker substance than just plain regular water. Density is practically the same thing, the dirty water is more thick. So when the dirty water goes in, the carbon strips the dirt from the water and the water becomes more thin and it flows faster.

If you want to build it look below.

The first step of our project was to collect all the objects we needed.

The objects we needed to make this are:

IMG_0383.JPGIMG_0382.JPGIMG_0384 (1).JPGIMG_0385.JPGIMG_0386.JPG

How we put our filter together is firstly cutting the end of your water bottle off. (Don’t throw it out, you will be using it later.) Then you will need to cut the mesh you have to fit inside of your cap. Don’t worry if it overlaps on the sides. The lip of the bottle will go over top of this and it will secure the rest.

The next step is to take the mesh out and drill 4-5 holes in the cap. Then once you are done those 2 steps, put them together and screw them onto the bottle. After that what you will want to do is rinse the carbon. The way you do that is by taking a strainer and  putting a coffee filter down so that none of the carbon escapes through the hole and run it under water until the water comes out clean. After you rinse the carbon you will want to pour it all into the bottle. Then you will take the bottom of the bottle and drill about 5 holes. One in the middle and one on every bump. Then you will wrap it up in a coffee filter and insert it into the bottle. After it is in spread the coffee out and start pouring the dirty water in. Make sure you have a glass underneath the bottle to catch the dirty water. If the water comes out clear. If it isn’t then put it through again!