Perspectives on Diversity


The Diversity requirement at PLU for students that transfer 60 or more semester hours consists of 4 hours of coursework. These hours must be completed at PLU. Four hours are required from either Alternative Perspectives or from Cross-Cultural Perspectives.


Alternative Perspectives – A


Cross-Cultural Perspectives – C

(Any one of the following completes the requirement)




Using a course to simultaneously meet a GenEd Element and either Cross-Cultural Perspectives or Alternative Perspectives is known as double-dipping.


For example, “RELI 237: Judaism – C, RG” could be used to satisfy both the Cross-Cultural and Religion Global Traditions requirements, and “ENGL 341: Feminist Approaches to Literature – A, LT” could be used to satisfy both the Alternative Perspectives and Literature requirements


Double-dipping must be between Diversity and a GenEd Element. A course cannot be double-dipped to meet two GenEd Elements or with the College of Arts & Sciences.


A course used to meet a GenEd Element and a major/minor requirement is not considered a double-dip. In most cases, there is no limit on GenEd courses also used to meet major/minor requirements.