November  2018    Outlaws.jpg

01. Divan                Wrx Wide

02. Daan                 Wrx Narrow

03. Jason               Wrx Hawk

04. Adolf                Wrx Bug

05. Jordyn             Wrx Hatch

06. Mariesa            STI  Wide

07. Jack                  STI  Blob

08. Jack Jr              Wrx Bug                                                 

09. Adriaan             Wrx GT

10. Pedro                STI  Wide

11. Cedric               Wrx Blob

12. Leno                 STi Hawk

13. Hannes             Forester

14. Adolf Jr             Wrx

15. Arly                   Wrx GT

16. Logan               RS   Wagon

17. Toni                  Wrx  Wagon

18. Maruis              Forester         

19. Riaan                Wrx Blob

20. Harold              STi Blob

21. Ruan                Wrx Hatch

22. Neels                Wrx Blob

23. Jaydee             Wrx wide

24. Chester            Wrx Hawk

25. Trislan              Wrx Hawk

26. Anesh              STi Hawk

27. Dewald             Wrx GT

28. Tommy             STI  Hatch                             

29. Jarrod              Wrx Hatch

30. Paul                 Wagon

31. Martin              Wrx Blob           

32. James              Wrx Blob





*Walter      Blob

*Jacques   Hatch

*Mike         Blob

*Mario       STi wide

*Michael    Bug

*Adolf        Hatch

-- Jack 082 920 7295.        

Rules ! ! !

-- Racing at Rock raceway sprints track

   every month end meet for Outlaws list.

-- Challenge on every wednesday meet

   to be valid if both. #cars present and

   agrees to race.

-- Open draw from #4 to #30 cars

   PRESENT at trackside as where u can

   race for spot on Outlaws List.
-- The top 3 to be challenged if car #1-3

   agrees to race for the position.
  Car #4 and #5 qualifies automatically to

   challenge #1 to #3.

-- Listed cars to be called-out must race

   or forfeit 1x position as result on race day

   for non active and cars under construction

   to be listed below ranked cars to re-challenge

   for positions when back in action.

-- Listed cars not present at main month-end

   Rock events will forfeit 2x positions in lowering.

-- Result of the callout/challenge race to reach

   Outlaws Admin within 24hrs including video

   proof if Admin not present.

-- All videos to be taken inshot of robot or

   offsetter for analyzing purposes by Admin if

   review needed.

-- Race result will be accepted once the

    winning #car made legal start on green light

    or at offsetter arms reaching lower than waist


-- No false start or rolling start to be accepted

   and takes on immediate disqualification result

   regarding challenge/callout race.

-- All ScoobyNation Outlaws races to be in

   friendly and fun spirit and to abide by all of

   Rock raceway track rules.