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CAS Special Interest Groups: “WE DO STUFF!”

CAS has a few broadly-defined "special interest groups" that I know of, some with their own in-game chat channels and mailing lists. Here's a very quick, rough idea of what they are and what they do. Note that none of these are corporations (overt recruiting pitches are in fact frowned upon), and are not intended to replace the main CAS chat in any way. All of them also have members outside of CAS, but maintain a CAS-focused outlook.

To join a chat channel, hit the “+” button in the topmost part of a chat window.  This brings up a list of default channels, as well as a search box to look for a specific chat.  Type the name of the chat you are looking to join in the search box and hit enter.  Once you’ve joined a chat, it will open automatically whenever you start Eve unless you close it specifically.

To join a mailing list, open your Evemail (envelope icon on the neocom).  At the lower-left corner of the window is an “Add Mailing List” button. Hit that button and type in the name of the mailing list you wish to join.

INFO SPAM mailing list

Mailing List:  “INFO SPAM”

A mailing list updated as needed which contains the information listed below as well as other pertinent information for CAS pilots looking to keep updated with “what’s going on in CAS and beyond”.  As the information changes, you will receive a mail with the updates.  


CCG is a special-interest group focused on PvP combat in Eve. It is the home of both CAS Combat Day and the gateway to CAS's nullsec base in Syndicate.

Mailing list : "CAS Combat Day"

Contacts: Corbe LaSalle & Kirche Auscent


CAS Mining Alliance = CASMA

Home of our miners, CASMA is a group focused on mining, industry, planetary interaction and provide you with a max fleet boosting up up 23 Hours / 7 days a week / all year round.

Mailing List : "CASMA"

Contacts: Eliz Marbly & Ivory ImpNova Allier


CAS Incursion = CASIE

A special-interest group focused on bringing the incursion experience to newer players.

Mailing List : "CAS-Incursion" & "CASIE Fitting"

Contacts: Henry Plantgenet



A special-interest group focused on PvE fleet ops, missions and exploration.

Mailing List : “CPVEF”

Contacts: Ja'e Ambraelle & Rakin o'Dubois


The CAShole = CASH

CASH is CAS's hot spot for all the Wormhole related activites, such as PvE, PvP, Mining and PI.

Mailing List : “The CASHole”

Contacts: Hans Miller & Annie Moennan


NULLSEC BASE:  If you are interested in trying out life in nullsec, CAS has some members who spend some to all of their time living in Syndicate. They would be more than happy to help you out with any questions and some of the logistics involved in living in 0.0 space.  Ask about this in CCG chat.

One of the best things about CAS is that if you’re interested in trying something out, most likely you have others in corp that might be interested too.  Give it a try, maintain due diligence, and fly fun.


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