The Club will reopen on Monday 20th September at 9:30 using the session times below. To book a roll-up for this first week just ring the club on Tuesday or Thursday mornings from 9:30 until 12:00.  


We will continue to open on Tuesday & Thursday mornings at 9:30 for galas until the start of the season when the full sessions will come into place.


On the Friday 24th September at 19:00 we will be holding a Welcome Evening where you can come up and meet your bowling friends and also pay your membership fee.  Please feel free to bring your friends and family with you so that they can see our facilities.


The AGM will take place on Thursday 25th November at 19:00.  All members are welcome to attend.



The club finances remain stable (thanks largely to the Government Support which we received last year). In light of this the Management Team have decided that the membership fee should remain at £65.00 and the Rink Fees remain at £3.50 per person per session.  


As previously communicated all current members (i.e. those that paid full membership in the last year) will be entitled to 10 Vouchers each with a value of £3.50 per voucher which can be used to pay rink fees. You will receive these vouchers as soon as the new season's membership has been paid. This scheme is a token of our appreciation for your loyalty during the difficult Covid Times.



The session times each day for the new season will be as follows:-


Monday - Friday 09.30 - 11.30

Saturday and Sunday




Through out the previous season, because the changing rooms were out of use, we relaxed our dress code policy to ‘Smart Casual’ and bowling shoes.  At the last AGM we were asked to review our dress code policy which we have now done with the following impact.



As in previous years the club will be operating a number of intra-club Leagues as follows:-

The draws for these leagues are now complete (please see a member of staff or your League Organiser for your team sheets), however, if you'd like to play in a league then there is a sheet on the notice board inside the front door where you can put your name down so that the Team Captain's can identify any additional available players.


Please note the Thursday evening League is currently not running due to lack of team entries.  If you'd like to enter a team in this League then please let a member of staff know.  If we have enough teams then we will run this league later in the season.



A full programme of inter-club friendly matches has been organised through-out the coming season. More information on these games will be available for the start of the season.



As in previous years we will continue to operate Galas on Tuesday & Thursday mornings on a first-come, first-served basis.  To take part in these galas please give your name to a member of staff.


Wednesday evening will continue to operate, numbers permitting, as a Turn-Up & Play event starting at 18:30.  Any person who wishes to take part (even non-members) can come along so please feel free to bring your friends and family. You will be assigned into teams by the staff and you can then enjoy a game of bowls. Members will be charged the normal rink fee, non-members will pay £7.00.


Rinks are not bookable during the Turn Up & Play timeslot.



In previous years Coaching has been undertaken by Ron Walton & Barry Connolly.  Both these stalwarts have told us that they will not be providing coaching this coming season.  The Club would very much like to thank them for all their efforts over the last number of years.


During the past year a number of our members have qualified as Level 1 (Beginner) Coaches with Coach Bowls and would be happy to undertake coaching for any new members.  Please let the staff know if you would like to book some time for your friends and family to try our very inclusive sport and our newly qualified coaches will be more than happy to oblige.


They will also be available on Wednesday evenings to provide you with any assistance.


One of our new Coaches is currently taking their Level 2 (Advanced) Coaching qualification. I'm sure they'll be looking for volunteers to experiment on so if you're interested in improving your game then please let a member of staff know.



Over the summer months we have kept many of the Covid precautions in place for members entering the gala's etc, however, the Team have decided that, in line with Government guidelines, it is now time to start moving back towards a more 'normal' operating process. In the light of this we have agreed the following:-