Men's Championship- W. Claridge

Ladies Championship - A. Maloney

Kay Kennard Winner- C.Weare

Sid Hitchman Winner - W.Port

Men's Pairs - P.Hooper & W.Brundle

Men's Trips - D.Gibbons G.Newton & A.Sparkes

Ladies Pairs- P.Bryon & J.Petty

Ladies Trips - G.Burns A.Cowdrill & T.Turner-Smith

Mixed Pairs - J.Cook & D.Gibbons

Mark Creedon Cup.- G.Burns & S.Mitchell

PRICING AND INCENTIVE SCHEME - Please see the Documents section for the Pricing and Incentive Scheme document discussed at the Members Meeting on 4th April.

SUMMER GALA TIMES- Our Summer Galas will begin on Tuesday 17th April. Please note that Tuesday Galas will start promptly at 10.30am.

Thursday Galas at 9.30am.