Why I Teach

by Jacquelynn Fabiszak

Last week was a good week. It boosted my mentality about teaching as I was handed letter after letter. Letters that students had written just for me. They expressed how much they loved my class and how much they loved me as a teacher.

Comments were stated like, "I love coming to your class everyday," and "I understand what you teach me when in other classes I can get confused."

"This is it," I thought, "this is what I do it for." To be loved and adored? No, but to create a place where learning can happen because a student feels welcomed, respected, special and loved.

There are so many quotes that back up that thought, "You first have to teach a child they are loved before they will learn," or "A student won't remember what you taught them, but how you made them feel." Those quotes that sound so generic and "fluffy" are the truth.

I love these students, they love me back and in return we learn things together. They inspire me, make me chuckle, show me kindness and most importantly remind me why it's all worth it!