House calls - 30 euros for the first hour for local calls further away mileage added

Telephone consultations - 20 euros per hour

Per Hour (where applicable) all quoted in Euros                                                


*  Our security & integrity checks cover: exterior- checks shutters, doors, locks, windows, gutters and downpipes, outhouses, garden furniture and empty mailbox.  Interior: - check for leaks and anything untoward.  Reading of water and electricity meters if accessible.


cents/km                                                                        00,35

Driving hourly rate                                                                16,00


Telephone calls :

Postage        Cost + 10%

Laundry Rates :

Using our machine + Electric & products

Other Services                                                        Euros per hour

(Plus mileage rate as above)

Out of hours service

Outside of normal office hours (18.00 to 9.00) and Sundays                30,00

Baby Sitting/Child care

Up to 2 children                                                                9,00 / hour

3 children                                                                        10,00 / hour

Holiday Home Marketing and Rental Service

(price per hour where applicable)

Adding to websites/pages/photos (cost of advert) + 10%        

Photo taking/write up                                                         20,00


Commission on rentals                                                        15%

(weekly rental)

Airport PickUp/Drop Off                                                                                                

One off fee                                                                         100,00

   Plus mileage as above

Unsociable hours (leaving before 0600/pick up after 9pm)                150,00

Plus mileage as above

Viewings on Houses for Sale

Leave your keys with us for safekeeping and when the Agents have potential clients and are not available to show your house, we can do it                        20,00

(Plus mileage to and from home as above)

James & Karen Sweeting, Lezignac, Chemin de Foyt, 82140 France

Siret No. 513 668 277 00017