View Dropbox Feedback

  1. If you have a dropbox with unread feedback a notification will appear in the Updates section. You may access and review the feedback by selecting the link.

Update alerts 1-2.PNG

  1. You may also go directly to the dropbox by selecting the dropbox link in the navigation bar.

Dropbox lin 2-3.PNG

  1. Unread feedback is indicated by a comment balloon with a star like figure on the top left corner.

Starlike 3-4.PNG

  1. Feedback that you have already viewed will display a comment balloon without the star like figure in the corner.

No star 4-5.PNG

  1. All feedback will be listed in the feedback column to the right of the corresponding assignment.

Feedback 5-6.PNG

  1. Select the comment balloon next to the corresponding assignment to view the feedback left for that assignment.