Morgl the Oracle


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


A Hearthstone original, Morgl is an alternative to Thrall for shaman decks. Member of the Earthen Ring and so powerful even the mighty warchief bends a knee, this masterful murloc holds sway over the very elements themselves. Though wise and a fount of knowledge, few, if any, can truly understand his cryptic utterances.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “Overload”

The World Shaman Thrall describes Morgl as a shaman "whose abilities surpass all others", suggesting he is truly powerful… but this power comes with a price in the nexus.

In the game Morgl’s mana is managed with Mana Crystals, just like in Hearthstone. With each hero level that Morgl gains he will gain more Mana Crystals and allow him to cast more of his abilities. Each man crystal has its own cooldown and once used Morgl will need to wait till the cooldown is complete until he can use the crystal again. If Morgl chooses he can “Overload” any of his basic abilities and have them become “enhanced”- but to do this he must pay an “Overload” price. “Overloaded” abilities will cost the same amount of mana, but will have 2x the cooldown for the Morgl player. This will make Morgl a support player that has the potential for massive burst healing/support, but will need to manage his Mana Crystals to gain maximum efficiency.

Mount-  Floating Shaman Stingray

Q- “Healing Wave”

Classic Shaman Hearthstone spell here... but in the nexus this would have a bit of a twist. This will be Morgl’s main support ability and have a huge healing output. When selected Morgl will send forth a friendly murloc that will ride on the back of the selected friendly hero. This Murloc will be pulsing with a Healing wave that will heal the targeted hero and other heroes in a small area around them. If this spell is cast when overloaded the Murloc will also grant a movement speed buff to the hero that they are on the back of. This would be illustrated by the murloc carrying a trumpet and playing a “Charge” tune.

W- “Stormcrack”

Morgal summons a black cloud on the battlefield at a select location. All enemies that come near the cloud will be continuously struck with lighting. The cloud will only last for select amount of time and will remain stationary… UNLESS the player chooses to “overload” this ability. If they do the cloud will follow the first enemy that comes in range until the clouds timer is complete.

E- “Tidal Surge”

Using this ability, when activated, will send a wave in a select direction and push all enemies away from the Morgl Player. If this ability is “Overloaded” when cast it will push the enemies a little further and the crashing of the wave will stun them at the end of the range of the cast.

Heroic 1- “Devolve”

When the Morgl activates this ability a massive energy explosion is called down from the sky. All enemy heroes that are in the area of effect for this explosion are “devolved” and their hero level is lowered by one for a short period of time. Talent choices will be lost if the enemy hero’s level is “devolved” to a level lower than the level that the talent was chosen at. For example, if the enemy team is at level 10 and they are hit with this ability they will be Devolved to level 9 and lose their heroic abilities for the short duration of this ability.

Heroic 2- “Reincarnate”

Morgl selects a friendly hero and they will instantly be killed. The killed hero does not reward experience to the enemy team, but after 3 second is resurrected in the location of the Morgl players choosing and will receive full health.

Specialty Skin: 

FisherMAN: Full on fishing outfit… but he has a WoW token, or a Hearthstone Card Pack, or a Heroes of the Storm Loot Chest for bait, and an outfit that shows that he is turning the tables on fishermen… and the hunted have become the hunters.


Morgl summons a wave that moves in a circle and does a backstroke while spitting water in the air.

Kristen’s Choices

Mrrgl grrrgl!




        Assassin - Burst


Totemic Call

Morgl calls down a random totem blessed by the elements that provides a buff for his team. One heals, one increases basic attack damage, one increases ability damage, and one provides armor.



Due to Blizzard’s freedom to create lots of skins, there would be a variety of elementals available to ride.


Lightning Bolt

Using his illustrious staff, Morgl shoots forth one of the greatest elements to be mastered by a shaman - lightning. This ability gives Morgl 3 charges that can be shot off in quick succession or used to slowly but surely poke out an area.


Rockbiter Weapons

What is a shaman without his named weapon? And what good is a shaman’s team without such protection? When cast, all nearby allies’ weapons are granted extra attack in that when they hit an enemy, power explodes outward, doing area damage.


Lava Burst

Summoning and churning the lava below the Nexus, Morgl calls it forth, exploding the ground underneath the feet of his enemies. They receive immediate burst damage and ongoing damage should they choose to remain standing in the puddle of lava now at their feet.


Words of Wisdom

Crying aloud words passed down to him from generation to generation, Morgl fills the hearts of his compatriots with strength and the souls of his enemies with fear. This is a global buff for his team and debuff for his enemies. As Morgl chants the words, everyone across the board can hear them until the end of the speech.


Thing From Below

When elements are used heavily, all creatures attuned to them take notice, not the least of which is the Thing From Below. This eldritch monstrosity explodes from the ground and begins rampaging through enemy ranks, targeting two at a time with its tentacles and holding them in place. Its other tentacles create a an area of swinging damage that knocks foes away that try to come to the aid of their trapped brethren. This ability’s cooldown is decreased based on the number of times Morgl has cycled through his basic abilities successfully.


        Elemental Skins

Morgl dons the power of the elements, becoming them in true.

        Captain Planet

Made of all the elements, your powers combined bring about the first murloc with a mullet.

        Yoda Puppet


        Rock Dance

Older than many, Morgl doesn’t have the moves he once did. That’s why he uses his staff to command the rocks under his feet to get them jumping.