“ROCK  YOUR  MICpresents the  #BeAHeroTour


Rock Your Mic’s lead spokesperson is Tyree D. Sterling of Hagerstown, MD (located about 1.5 hours to the West of Washington, DC) has been a Certified Life Skills Facilitator since 2002. Each year he speaks to over 30,000 students at leadership conferences, youth groups, schools, etc... His main assembly called the #BeAHeroTour has been a great success to each school that hosts it.

The #BeAHeroTour is a 45 minute action packed bullying prevention assembly that uses the vehicles of 100% positive music and humor, multimedia, dance, crowd interaction and education to deliver messages of important life-skills.

This assembly educates students that they have the power to save a life. This is done by empowering students to be modern-day superheroes to those in need around them, as these students may often be overlooked.

By the time students leave this assembly, they will have experienced.

  • How to defuse a “bully bomb” if they are the one who is being bullied.
  • What to do as a bystander who sees bullying take place.
  • The difference between tattling and reporting.
  • How to address the responsible authority to block and curb the cycle of bullying.
  • A powerful "connection moment" where these modern day superheroes will rise out of their seats and start to 'make it right' with students they may have offended; or the underdog(s) whom they may have often turned a blind eye to when bullying was taking place.

The #BeAHeroTour proves to be a constant win-win for the school official who brings this to their location.

  • Expectations are raised because on the day of the assembly students are encouraged to wear a superhero shirt or their school colors.
  • EVERYONE (students and school officials) in attendance are engaged by the entertainment and empowered by the educational value.
  • During the assembly we provide time to discuss your school’s core values or school wide focus.
  • Bottom line is students WON’T BE BORED while being educated and even your colleagues WILL LAUGH and have a blast.
  • See www.RockYourMic.com/endorsements.html for written and video endorsements by students and school officials.


Our hope is that the videos that are provided at www.RockYourMic.com will help you make an informed decision on whether or not this type of program will be a good fit for your school at this time. Feel free to view our assembly in it’s entireity: http://rockyourmic.com/demo-video.html

If for some reason it doesn't work out this year, I hope to still be of service to you in the future with any type of networking that you may need. Here is a link with some FREE resources that I have found to be profitable throughout the years. Visit www.RockYourMic.com/resources.html for the information. ENJOY!!!

Phone: 301.991.8205

Email: Tyree@RockYourMic.com

YouTube: www.Youtube.com/RockYourMic 

Website with promo and endorsement videos: www.RockYourMic.com
Seasonal updates and alerts when we’re in your area: www.RockYourMic.com/email-page.html