MVGS Chemistry Primer

(Both campuses)

Incoming sophomores are strongly encouraged to participate in the MVGS Chemistry Primer  with Mr. Laoradakis.  For those who cannot attend the in-person sessions, there is a virtual option for completing the material.


Mr. Laourdakis will be hosting a chemistry primer for incoming sophomores at each of the campuses. This will consist of three sessions.  The series will focus on topics in a general chemistry high school course to enable the students to get a jump start on their AP/dual enrolled materials. Topics will include units, conversions/dimensional analysis, bonding, periodic properties, trends, and basic laboratory equipment, safety, and techniques. This is a three part series. Please email ( if you have any questions.

Warrenton Campus

August 1,2,3 from 12pm-3pm

Middletown Campus

August 7,8,9 from 9am-12pm


These topics will be covered in the person to person session. If you cannot attend it is strongly encouraged to watch, take thorough notes, and try the practice problems presented. This option will not allow students to be preexposed to lab equipment and safety training until the year begins.

Atoms compounds ions and naming

Balancing chemical equations and simple stoichiometry

Periodic table and properties

Types of chemical bonds