100 Things

  1. Buy a Mosin 91/30, m1 Garand, Lee-Enfield, Karabiner 98k, and Type99
  2. Buy a truck, cash
  3. 100% every video game I own before buying any new ones
  4. Build a medium traffic web application
  5. Build a high traffic web application
  6. Publish a tabletop game
  7. Teach someone local how to write JavaScript
  8. Perform music live, in front of an audience again, preferably in a dive bar
  9. Fix my Hohner Club IIB and document the process
  10. Build a gold standard educational game in HTML5
  11. automatically deposit money into a savings account
  12. take Jaimie to St. Thomas
  13. donate vegetables from my garden
  14. cosplay as two of my favorite fictional characters
  15. donate to the Red Panda Network
  16. meditate on Stoic principles every day
  17. find a use for every computer and device that I have
  18. get debt free and stay that way
  19. learn to play piano
  20. play keyboard at church
  21. brew my own locally sourced beer
  22. talk at a conference
  23. write a cyberpunk novel