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AGM 2014
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Little Staughton Village Cricket Club

7th Annual General Meeting

Held 19th February 2014

At The Crown Public House Little Staughton

Present:  Adrian Thrasher (Chair), James Hopperton (captain & treasurer), Bernard Hopperton (President), Jason Newell (Secretary), Peter Pullan, Clive Burchett


Apologies:  Paul Foster, Simon Stokes, Jody Arch.


Minutes from previous meeting and Matters Arising: The minutes were agreed and signed by Adrian Thrasher, Chairman, as a true record. It was noted there was one year left of the two years of waived rent.

Election of Officers: Adrian said he would like to stand down as Chairman. After some discussion Jason proposed Clive Burchett as Chairman, seconded by James Hopperton. Bernard Hopperton said he would stand down as President and it was agreed by all those present that Adrian would replace him. All other office holders were happy to stay as they were. Adrian, Jason, pete and Clive agreed to continue to maintain pitch.

Captains Report: James said he thought the year had gone well although spoilt by the weather. Played 6 games and 6 were cancelled. There are concerns about new season and it was recognised we need to look further afield to find some new players. James will try and arrange games for next season with others help. Adrian suggested that different people take responsibility for organising particular games and they have a check sheet to ensure all duties and responsibilities are covered. Some discussion about fixtures for following season and it was agreed 6 or 7 games is ideal.

Junior Section Report: The Chairman said it was great to see such a thriving junior section involving children from Kymbrook School and surrounding villages. There are concerns as to who will run this for next season as not clear who will be available. Clive agreed to write to Kymbrook School to see if they can offer any help and ask them to publicise the junior section. Also to contact Gem and Nick. Could explore possibility of external coaching but would need core group of slightly older children.

Treasurers Report: James produced the clubs financial statement. Some discussion about finances and it was agreed there would not be a membership charge. Match fees £3.00, with fish and chips or other food provided by external sources such as pub £5.00. Under 18’s free, supporters should pay match fee if they wish to have refreshments and food.


Matters Arising:  Some more kit is required for the junior section. Fencing needs replacing or repaired on the west side of playing field. There was some discussion over fencing on north side. Bernard was asked if he would speak to gentlemen whose garden is next to north end to see if he objected. There was some discussion around a fund raiser. Garden Farm has been offered as a venue and we can make use of the micro brewery to supply the beer. Date agreed of 6th September. James will see if he can obtain a marquee through the young farmers. This needs advertising through the village news letter, tickets £10 each. Jason will try and book Eddie Manson again and to see if Mid Life Crisis are available.