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This policy is called:

Publication scheme

It applies to:

Lordswood Boys’ School and Lordswood Girls’ School

Person responsible for its revision:

Academies ICT Director / Executive Headteacher


Statutory as part of the Freedom of Information policy


On both websites and staff launch pages

Approval by:

Finance and Premises committee

Review  frequency:

Every two years and as required

Date of approval:

March 2016

Date of next approval:

March 2018

Freedom of Information policy -

Publication scheme

This document sets out what the Lordswood Academies Trust will publish as a minimum on its websites.

All of this information will be kept up to date.

Documents contained in this scheme are free to view on the school website.

Single paper copies are also available free of charge to parents and prospective parents of pupils at the school.

Part 1 – School websites


  1. School contact details 
  2. Admission arrangements 
  3. Ofsted reports 
  4. Exam and assessment results 
  5. Performance tables 
  6. Curriculum
  7. Safeguarding
  8. Health and safety 
  9. Behaviour policy 
  10. Pupil premium 
  11. Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium 
  12. Special educational needs (SEN) report 
  13. Governors’ information and duties 
  14. Charging and remissions policies 
  15. Values and ethos
  16. Complaints 

  1. School contact details

Each school website will include:

  1. Admission arrangements

We will:

  1. Ofsted reports

We will:

  1. Exam and assessment results

Key stage 4 (KS4) results

We will publish the following details from the school’s most recent KS4 results:

  1. Performance tables

We will include a link to the school and college performance tables on the Department for Education’s website.

  1. Curriculum

We will publish:

  1. Safeguarding

We will publish our arrangements for safeguarding and promoting welfare

We will publish the school’s Safeguarding policy

We will publish our Emergency procedures when a child is not collected policy.

  1. Health and safety

We will publish our Health and Safety policy

We will publish our Educational visits and learning outside the classroom policy, which covers the health and safety of pupils when on school trips.

We will publish our E-safety policy.

  1. Behaviour policy

We will publish the school’s Behaviour policy and the Anti-bullying policy.

  1. Pupil premium

We will publish details of how the school spends its pupil premium funding and the effect this has had on the attainment of the pupils who attract the funding.

We will include:

The funding is allocated for each financial year, but the information we publish online will refer to the academic year, as this is how parents and the general public understand the school year.

As we won’t know how much funding we’re getting for the latter part of the academic year (from April to July), we will report on the funding up to the end of the financial year. We will then update this information later in the year when we have all the figures.

  1. Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

We will  publish details of how we spend this funding and the effect this has had on the attainment of the pupils who attract it.

We will include:

  1. Special educational needs (SEN) report

We will publish a report on the school’s policy for pupils with SEN.

This will include:

We will publish the school’s SEN policy.

  1. Governors’ information and duties

We will publish information about the school’s governors, including:

(Some of this information will be on the Trust website)


  1. Charging and remissions policies

We will publish the school’s charging and remissions policy. This will  include details of:

  1. Values and ethos

The website will include a statement of the school’s ethos and values.

  1. Complaints

We will publish the school’s Complaints procedure.  This will guide the parent if they have a complaint, and how the school and governing body will deal with this.

Part 2 – Trust website

On the Trust website we will publish:

1.        The Memorandum and Articles of Association

2.        The latest annual accounts

3.        The latest annual report

4.        The funding agreement

5.        A list of the names of the trustees/members

6.        A list of the business and pecuniary interests of the trustees

7.        Details of the Trust’s governance arrangements and scheme of delegation.  This will include:

How to request information

If you require a paper version of any of the documents within the scheme, please contact the school by telephone, email, fax or letter. Contact details are set out below or you can visit our website at www.lordswoodgirls.co.uk

Email: enquiry@lordswoodtrust.co.uk

Tel: 0121 429 2838

Fax: 0121 429 4840

Contact Address:            Lordswood Girls’ School & the Lordswood Sixth Form Centre

                                                Knightlow Road



                                                B17 8QB


To help us process your request quickly, please clearly mark any correspondence “PUBLICATION SCHEME REQUEST” (in CAPITALS please)