Safety Policy

  1. All participants and coaches should wear suitable clothing; no belts, buckles, metal badges or other items that could cause injury. No jewellery.
  2. It is the policy of Springfit that all participants arrive suitably attired for the activity.
  3. When waiting their turn on the trampoline, all children should stand around the trampolines and help with ‘spotting’.  No running around is to be permitted. Children must not sit on end decks or frame pads and must never go underneath a trampoline when it is in use or jump from one trampoline to another.
    Any parents who stay while their child’s class is running should be used to help ‘spot’ around the trampolines.
  4. No eating or drinking around the trampolines or on the gym floor. Only plastic bottles with resealable lids may be brought into the hall. No cans, bottles or food.
  5. Children should not leave the hall while their class is running except to go to the toilet. Only one child at a time may leave the hall for this purpose. In centres which are open to the public, children less than 8 years old must be accompanied to the toilet by an adult.
  6. Accurate registers must be taken.
  7. Coaches must be aware of where the fire exits are.
  8. All coaches must hold a recognised coaching qualification and have CRB enhanced disclosure.
  9. Coaches must always bear in mind that safety is their number one priority. ‘Doubles’ (double bouncing) must not be allowed in any trampoline class, including parties. Props (such as balls, parachutes etc.) should only be used in controlled trampoline parties; never in ordinary trampoline classes. Games or competitions involving such things as seeing who can jump the highest must not be played.
  10. ‘Rough’ games such as British Bulldog must not be used in gymnastic warm ups.
  11. Any injury incurred in any class (unless extremely minor) must be reported in writing. There is an incident book for this purpose. Any injury which necessitates hospital treatment requires a written report from the coach to be sent to the office.
  12. Front landings and back landings should never be taught to Downs’ students, even if they are considered to be AAI clear.
  13. No front landings, back landings or other rotational moves must be allowed during a child’s first warm-up turn on the trampoline – even if they are an experienced trampolinist.
  14. Coaches must exercise extreme caution when allowing children to perform somersaults, backflips or handsprings unsupported. If there is the slightest doubt about a child’s ability to perform a move in complete safety, manual support must be given.
  15. Coaches must exercise extreme care when getting out and putting away trampolines. Children must never be allowed to help and must be kept well out of the way. Trampolines should only be wheeled lengthways – never sideways. Trampolines should be unfolded and folded very slowly to avoid the possibility of the trampoline tipping over. It should be remembered that Goliath or competition sized trampolines are less stable than 77A’s and can therefore tip over more easily.
  16. Children joining a class for the first time should have the safety procedures explained to them. Their first go on a trampoline should be on the one that the coach is teaching on. They should be taught how to get on and off safely, where to jump, where to look, what to do with their arms and how to stop. It should be explained to them how we rotate around the trampolines and how the coach teaches on one and they practice on the others. They should be encouraged to jump gently for the first lesson to lessen the chance of strained muscles or backache.

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