The Kamiya family's trusted physician for over 50 years.Why was I saddled with two little girls in this time line?Any doctor would know the name Takani.

Name: Oguni Genzai

Nicknames: Doc, Gramps

Age: 50s-70s?

Friends: Kenshingumi, Oniwabanshuu

Enemies: Anyone who trashes the clinic.

First appearance: Tokyo Arc

Biography: Oguni has been a doctor for decades. Although not said in the manga, it's likely he delivered Kaoru and oversaw Kaoru's mother's last moments in the world. Oguni is wise and knows Japan's darker history, which he relates in tales told to Kaoru and Sanosuke. Oguni hires Megumi as his assistant, giving her the chance to put her past behind her and become a true doctor.

Personality: Cheerful and kind, also a bit of a lech.

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