Neighborhood Halaqa Facilitator’s Guide                                                

Neighborhood Halaqa Facilitator’s Guide

Last modified: April 2014

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  1. Purpose of the Halaqa
  1. Before the Halaqa
  1. The Topic and the Facilitator’s Role
  2. Topic Email
  1. At the Halaqa
  1. Format of the Halaqa
  2. Topic Facilitation
  3. Time

I. Introduction

Thank you for offering to facilitate the Halaqa's next topic! In order to assist you, please read this short guide with tips for facilitators which were generated by the Halaqa group.

Purpose of the Halaqa

  1. To strengthen our individual relationships with God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.
  2. To build a stronger, healthier community based on companionship, empathy, and knowledge.
  3. To create a safe space for dialogue, active listening, and personal sharing.

II. Before the Halaqa

The Topic and the Facilitator's Role

The topic is chosen based on the consensus of the attendees of the preceding week's halaqa and generally has the following qualities:

As the facilitator, you will introduce and facilitate the discussion, so it is helpful if you feel comfortable enough talking about or explaining the topic.

Topic Email:

Please send out an email the Sunday before the halaqa to the listserv to introduce the topic. Feel free to include anything that you would like the group to read, prepare, or think about in advance, such as:

Please include the name of your Halaqa (Downtown, CH, etc.) in the subject of the email, as well as a reminder of its time and location within the body.

III. At the Halaqa

Format of the Halaqa

The Halaqa generally follows the format below:

Check-ins is an open space for each person to share how they are doing in the moment, in their spiritual journey, in life, or in any other capacity. It's an opportunity for individuals to share without expecting to take feedback, advice, or reactions. Moreover, it's an opportunity to actively listen to others in the group.

Topic Facilitation:

After check-ins, please introduce the topic and feel free to include a recap of the readings, an explanation of the topic, or anything else before jumping into the discussion. Then, for guiding the discussion, please ensure that the discussion follows the following principles:


When facilitating, please arrive on time. In order to be conscious of time try to give people a five minute warning that discussion is coming to a close.