Welcome to Family Night!

Reading Friendzy 


Hello students and families! Welcome to the Reading Friendzy station!

  1. Click on the App
  2. Choose between
  1. Learning Center
  2. Single Friendzy
  3. Multi-Friendzy
  4. Videos & Lessons
  5. Request a Tutor

~For the sake of the game and time choose either a, or b~

  1. Once in, choose a level!
  2. Take turns answering the contextual or word choice questions
  3. Have fun!

Kid Awesome 1st Grade Math Premium


Hello students and families! Welcome to Kid Awesome!

  1. First choose free trial (after clicking on the app)
  2. Create your avatar together
  3. Click play to begin!
  4. As your avatar runs down the road
  1. there will be questions at the top of the screen for you to answer
  2. Move your avatar in the lane that contains the correct answer
  3. Try to avoid obstacles and be prepared to jump when there is a break in the road!
  1. Enjoy!

Draw Everything


Hello students and families! Welcome to Draw Everything!

  1. Pencil and paper is provided to your right
  2. Click on the Draw Everything App
  3. Choose any of the amazing icons you want to draw
  4. After viewing the large picture, click NEXT
  5. Draw only what you see on the first page
  6. Everytime you hit next, add the new portion of the image
  7. By the last page you will have a photo of your own creation!
  8. This app gives the tools to becoming an amazing artist! FOR EVERYONE!
  9. Have so much fun!

Hidden Objects - Florida Adventure & Object Time Games


Hello students and families! Welcome to Hidden Objects!

  1. Once in the app, click on the “Tap to Begin” icon
  2. (exit out of simulation once you understand the in app directions)
  3. Choose a location for your Hidden Object Search!
  4. Click whether you want  
  1. Pictures
  2. Words
  3. Or Collectors to show what you are looking for
  1. The box at the bottom will tell you what objects you are supposed to click on
  2. As you find and click on items, they will become dark in your search box
  3. It is meant to be challenging so don’t get discouraged!
  4. Have a blast!