BRUZ, FRANCE (2016. 11. 07-12.)



Monday (Cserne)


We met at the airport around 5 am, and travelled to Paris. I flew by plane for the first time, so I was very excited and happy. In Paris we put down our luggage and went to the city centre. We looked at the Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge. It was a nice part of the town, which we visited. After the sightseeing we went back to the airport with underground. We travelled about 3 hours by train to Rennes. It was good, because we were talking a lot, as we usually do. We met the French teachers at the station who took us by car to Bruz. In the school we met our hosts and we put down our luggage at home. After that, we went to a party, where we met the other delegations as well. We were talking a lot, tried to get to know each other. It was a tiring day, but we stayed at the party as long as was possible.

Such a great day, to start the week.


Tuesday (Áron)


This was our first official day and as so we had our opening “ceremony”, which was a welcome speech from the headmaster of the school. Of course, Anna also welcomed all of us. Right after we gave a presentation, which went well. We had a coffee break and we continued the workshop later with discussing the measurements. We had our lunch at the school, which was cool, because we could choose what we wanted to eat. It was like we had to choose from our buffet, but much more choices. After the lunch, we took the train to Rennes, the main city in the region, to explore the interesting history of Bretagne. We learned about rivers and castles, but we also saw 200 years old houses from the historical part of the downtown. It is a charming, yet very windy and cold place, with lots of stuff to explore. I guess we should go back in the summer too. We walked around the city and finished the program at 5 pm. Some of us went to play bowling, some went to party with other Erasmus students and some stayed at home. But all of us had a great day.

Wednesday (Panka)


On the third day the whole group went to the Mont Saint Michel. The weather was not the best because it was so windy and sometimes rainy as well. You can’t imagine how windy it was. When we were walking on the bridge to the monastery I had to hold my head because I was afraid it flies away from my neck. Despite the cold we had a fantastic time. In the monastery we had free time.

After the Mont Saint Michel we went to Saint-Malo. It is a city next to the ocean. It was amazing. There were enormous waves. If you have not touched the ocean yet it is a great place to do it. After we had a great coffee a big rain caught us, so we started going home.

We went back to the school because there was an official dinner for everybody who takes part in the project. The meal was a special pancake called Galette. It was salty and not the best what I have ever eaten. After the dinner we were tired so we went home. In my opinion, Wednesday was the best day of the week. I would like to go back.



Thursday (Tomi)


We met at the school at 8:30 in the morning. This day was about the films, so we started watching them. The goal for this day was to have a rudimentary analysis about the films, prepare for the final product, even make some presentation; so after we divided to groups, we started watching the films. Barely had we finished them, we went to the main square of Bruz, where on this day, a market took place. Some of us bought some cheese, mostly smelly ones.

Anyway, the main reason why we went there was that the city hall is also there, where we were welcomed by the mayor, and some of his colleges told us some interesting things about the city. Afterwards, we went back to the school, to have lunch at the school canteen. The great range of choice amazed us, we could eat anything, we just wanted: cheese, cake, plenty fruits, fish, ice cream and so on.

The second part of the work wasn’t easy, we had to analyse all the films, but by the end, all the groups made great progress, and we also presented our preliminary  conclusions to the other groups. It was a hard-working, but a really successful and productive day. As few films had not been completed and brought to the meeting we were not able to complete our analysis. It appears we will cary on this work together with our partners via eTwinning once the missing films are finished.

For the evening, we went to Rennes. We had dinner there, a tasty one, as usual, and then we went to a concert. It was great, a bit crowded, but still, we were all together. After the concert, some of us gone home, but we, like a 15 of us, we were going on, and discovered Rennes a bit, had a look into it’s really buzzing nightlife. Great night, great sleep later on.

Friday (Dóri)


On this morning we met at 9:30 in the school. On this they we had creativity workshop. We were in mixed groups and every group needed to invent a subject/building/animal what the other group had to make. We needed to write down the plan. This workshop was really good for our English level because we needed to talk a lot. You were not able to sit and be in silence. The groups worked really well with each other. Everyone was friendly and nice. We were done with the work in a few hours. Everybody worked well. The creatures were really funny. For example: elephant, tower, unicorns, and sponge bob with house. Then we introduced our creatures to the other groups. After all we had lunch in the school. Everybody could choose food for themselves. (Vegetarian/with meat) for example: yoghurts, salads and fruits. In the afternoon we had free time. Someone went back home, or went for a walk or shopping. At the evening we had farewell party, organized by the French students. The atmosphere was just awesome. Everybody was friendly. We went home really late and we had rest because on the next day we needed to go back home, to Hungary.



Saturday (Lili)


The last day was really really sad. We didn’t really want to go home. We woke up and we had our last breakfast with our hosts. Then they brought us to the railway station where our train departed. We got on the train and went to Paris. The journey to Paris was not that long, it was about 3 hours. Then we arrived, and we had 2 hours in the city. It was really windy and rainy. Some of us have never seen the Eiffel Tower so we decided to go there together and take some pictures. It was quite exhausting because we didn’t use public transport and the distance was about 8 kms. But we did it and we arrived in time to the meeting point.  Then we needed to take the train until the airport.  At the airport we had 2 hours before taking off, so we went for shopping and eating at the airport. Then we went to our gate, and we take off. The flight was really calm and beautiful. We had a lot of food on the plane. (Because of Rob)  After we landed we had a really sad farewell. Our parents were waiting for us at the airport. The whole trip was awesome, and I will never forget it. :)