#56 - The Angry Chicken: “You Know What I Mean D*ck”

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New Card Back for December

This one is Gnome-themed. Garrett is dumb.


8 Hour Server Maintenance Tomorrow

December 2nd (aka tomorrow). Via Neekliam’s blue post on the official forums over the weekend.

Zeriyah said to not get your hopes up on twitter however. https://twitter.com/CM_Zeriyah/status/539542371965222912


Kolento Wins DreamHack Winter

After falling to the loser’s bracket after losing to Maverick. Then took out Forsen, Rdu, and coming out the victor against his second chance against Maverick.

Finals were between Thijs and Kolento. Both players gaining the most wins with their Druid decks.



More New Cards

The red vs blue GvG voting is now over. The final three cards have been revealed since last week, as well as more from other outlets.

Ben Brode’s Clarification on Sabotage:

If this was played against a Paladin who had a lone Tirion on the board, would it destroy the Ashbringer?

“It does not. Things happen one after the other, but the one thing that never happens during a card resolution or trigger is minions dying. For example, if you have 3 Wild Pyromancers, and play a spell, they ALL get to trigger (even though they are all at 0 Health after the 2nd one triggers). We always wait for all effects to finish firing before cleaning up minions who are "dead". In this case, Sabotage kills Tirion, but he doesn't actually die until the entire effect finishes, at which point his Deathrattle will fire.

The only exception to this rule is Poison Seeds, which kills things during its resolution in order to make room for the treants. I hope that's helpful - we're always trying to find ways to make the underlying rules more clear, but this is a case where it isn't super intuitive.”

Ben Brode’s Clarification on Beasts as they pertain to Druids:

When asked on Twitter if Druid of the Claw would become a card with "beast" as its sub-type to add synergy, Ben replied “Yes, they will be Beasts when #GvG hits.”


Crazy Game Stories


I'm trying out a goofy warrior deck I put together and get paired up with a druid for my first game.

Turn 1 He innervates out a Deathlord.

Turn 2 I play a Mad Bomber which hits the Deathlord, so I coin out Execute.  The Deathlord summons me my Grommash. I inner rage that bad boy and hit him for 12.

Turn 3 I hit him with Grommash, Bomber, and a Fiery War Axe for the win.

This pretty much cements Deathlord as my favorite hearthstone card... as long as it's in my opponent's deck.


Greetings Angry Marty Mcfly!

I am laddering with my warrior control deck and I get matched with a Warlock.  I assume it's a zoolock so I toss my late game cards and try to get some weapons.  The warlock has the coin and doesn't play anything on turn 1 so I realize it is handlock but my hand only has early aggression.  So I decide to go on the offensive and hope he had no Molten Giants.  By turn 10 I have him down to 5 health and I've killed 3 giants.  He plays the second Molten Giant, Lord Jaraxxus, then a soulfire to take out one of my dudes.

At this point I am just top-decking.  But I still have a chance!  I play a grommash and attack him directly, to which he responds with a faceless manipulator and gets a 10/5 grommash while also taking out mine.  I play things like shield block and Sludge Belcher as he continues to make Infernals and clear my board.

As my doom approaches, he passes the turn to me and I have 1 card in hand (black knight), 30hp, 1 armor and nothing on board, he had 3 infernals and a 10/5 Grommash.  I draw Sylvannas.  So I play Sylvannas, armor up and pass the turn.  He plays Twilight Drake (4/2), Infernal, then defender of Argus on the Twilight and Infernal.  Then he attacks with his 4 huge dudes and gets me down to 3 health.  On my turn, I black knight the 7/7 infernal, attack the 5/3 twilight drake with my Sylvannas and you guessed it - I took the mighty Grommash Hellscream and the sweet, sweet victory.

Can't wait for the stories after GvG comes out!



Hello Dills, Garrett, and Jocelyn! (In no particular order)

I just wanted to pass along the fact that blizzard has been sending out surveys asking people about their opinions on future features for Hearthstone. Included in the list were items like paid tournaments, in-game tournament support, card release schedules ranging from weekly to every 3 months, replay options, social media highlight sharing, and rearranging cards on hand.

I know this doesn't necessarily mean that we'll be seeing those features soon, but I'm glad to know that they are exploring options to make this amazing game even better.


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