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All Things Reading, Writing, & Language Arts

Upcoming Chat Schedule:

April 5th with  @SHKrajewski

Suggested Topics:

          Multi-genre Writing

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2016 Chat Archives:

February 23rd, 2016 Archive

Independent Reading with @KristinRunyon

February 9th - Centers in ELA with @misslifesaver

Centers in ELA Shared Folders - Please add any resources here

February 2nd, 2016 archive

#WholeNovels Chat with @Ariel Sacks  

          Check out Ariel’s Book: Whole Novels For the Whole Class

          Reading Fiction Whole article

January 3, 2016 - Archive

Sharing our Best Lessons! In honor of Best Lessons Series: Literature

Hosted by @TalksWTeachers

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#ELAchat held 1st & last Tuesdays each month 7pm CST

Interested in hosting a future #elachat discussion? Contact @bhomel1 or @JoyKirr!

Date TBD: Encouraging Students to Be Authors                                @JMVarnerBooks moderating

            Writing and Google Apps                                                          @mac_ker1 moderating

            Setting Challenges for Ourselves and Our Students

            What about when other teachers don’t read? - inspired by @TheVogelman’s post

    Relationship between classrooms & what’s going on in the library… Suggested by @BakerLovesBooks


Please feel free to suggest a topic! We love guest moderators, too!

2013 - 2015 ARCHIVES

Graphic Novels

11/24/15 #elachat archive

 Congrats @LeapiongReading - you won a copy of Adventures in Graphica!

Another great read - How Comics and GNs Can Help Your Kids Learn to Read!

Augmented Reality for Learning - #AR4Learning with @KatieAnn_76

11/3/15 #elachat archive

Connected Readers and Writers with @eolsonteacher

10/27/15 #elachat archive

Using Digital Texts & Tools To Support Disciplinary Inquiry with @mmanderino


Reaching every writer in the room using current, engaging mentor texts

with @RebekahODell1 & @AllisonMarchett

9/29/15 #elachat archive

The #1st5Days

8/25/15 #elachat archive

Creating a Positive Classroom Culture  with @CherylTeaches

Cheryl's Article for MIddle Web-New Teachers: Creating a Shiny, Happy Classroom

Amy's Blog on Building a Positive Climate from Day 1

8/4/2015 #elachat archive

Creating Critical Thinking Prior to Reading in the Content Areas with @LevineWrites

7/7/2015 #elachat archive

Summer Reading with @bethsteinen

5/26/2015 #elachat archive

ELA & SCI  Collaboration - @bhomel1, @tasquires, & @docv216

5/5/2015 #elachat archive

ELA & SS Collaboration - Guest moderator @jhnmason

4/28/2015 #elachat archive

Springing into New ELA ideas

4/7/2015 #elachat archive

Poetry Month is Back!

3/31/2015 #elachat archive

Revisiting our TLAP roots - PASSION in the ELA classroom!

1/6/2015 #elachat archive

Engagement with guest moderator @serenapariser

12/2/2014 #elachat

Finding motivation

11/25/14 #elachat

Getting Parents Into the Classroom

11/4/14 #ELAchat Archive

“Extras” in the ELA Classroom

10/28/14 #ELAchat Archive

 Readers’ and Writers’ Notebooks with @LesleyMosher

8/26/14 #ELAchat Archive

Inspiring the Gifted Learner with @EspoLearns

8/5/2014 #ELAchat Archive

June 30 - July 14: Slow Chat of the book Notice and Note by Kylene Beers & Robert E. Probst


7/1/2014 #ELAchat Archive

Argumentative Writing

Guest Moderator @Jeremybballer

6/24/2014 #ELAchat Archive

Summer Reading

        6/3/14 #ELAchat Archive

Article: Four Guidelines for Summer Reading by Kylene Beers

Blog Post by @AndersonGL: The Battle of Summer Reading

Gamifying Literacy

Guest Moderator @tasquires

5/27/14 #ELAchat Archive

Enhancing Student Questioning

Guest Moderator @btcostello05

5/6/14 #ELAchat Archive

Relationships Matter -- the intangibles of the ELA classroom

4/29/14 #ELAchat archive


Archive of #ELAchat 4/1/14

Poetry Resources We Love - http://tinyurl.com/ELAchatPoetry

Want to stay connected? Fill in your name under the 6th, 7th, and/or 8th grade tab here: httpgoo.gl/kaeetV

Assessments in ELA 3/25/2014

Archive of #ELAchat 3/25/14

Literacy in the Digital Age

Guest Moderator @bkuhl2you & his Twitter jail avoiding alter ego @bkuhl3you

Archive of #ELAchat 3/4/14

Exploring Collaborative Student Writing

Guest Moderator @MrBronke & #bronke3rdhour students!

Archive of #ELAchat 2/25/14

Creative ways to teach language usage 2/4/2014

Archive of #ELAchat 2/4/14

Nonfiction - Reading, Writing, and Vocabulary

Archive of #ELAchat 1/28/14

Book list shared by @gtognetti1: Nonfiction Books by Scholastic

Differentiating for Our Readers and Writers

Archive of #ELAchat, 1/7/14

Whole Novels for the Whole Class (book) by Ariel Sacks (@arielsacks)

Archive of #ELAchat, 12/3/13

        Tweet archives of #WholeNovels: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8

Reflecting on our #tlap roots 11/26/13


Blended Learning with @MrsSaad24

Archive of #ELAchat, November 5, 2013

Books, Books, and More Books!

Archive of #ELAchat, October 29, 2013

Words, Words, Words (Vocabulary)

Archive of #ELAchat, October 1, 2013

Informational Text

Archive of #ELAchat, September 23, 2013

Connecting our Students to Authors

Archive of #ELAchat, September 3, 2013

Back to School Ideas

Archive of #ELAchat, August 27, 2013

Poetry for Grades 6-8 Spreadsheet

Add your poetry suggestions!

By Popular Demand: August 6 - Pairing Literature with Pop Culture & Nonfiction

Archive of #ELAtlap, August 6, 2013

Resources suggested in chat:



Trash by Mulligan


Wonder by R.J. Palacio


Taylor Swift's "Mean"

Short Stories: “Clean Sweep” and “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” (in Holt textbook)

American Pickers/Storage Wars tv clips, narrative writing of Trash to Treasure (kids pick their family treasure and share its story) - can use augment reality to show item on paper.

Tell Tale Heart by Poe

Poe Museum

Iggy Pop reads Tell Tale Heart

The Raven: The Simpsons Version

Classic Lit as Mentor Text

Legend of Sleepy Hollow - bullying unit

War of the Worlds - sci fi

War of the Worlds

how the world has changed technologically

To Kill a Mockingbird

“Down Home," (Alabama)

grits (eat your way through literature)

Maycomb county picnic with traditional foods including divinity, Lane cake, etc. The kids dress in character.

Cotton-Eyed Joe (dance your way through lit)


Purcell's trumpet voluntaries


Shakespeare: Brief and Naughty

The Odyssey


Greek Music

Greek line dances

eta & olives for Odyssey & Plato (eat your way through literature)

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

songs from the 30s

Bud, Not Buddy

Jazz Music

Walk Two Moons

clips of Education of Little Tree

The Outsiders

show the letter scene at end of Breakfast club

Flowers For Algernon

The Giver

two classic Twilight Zones and read/show Harrison Bergeron

Hunger Games

dystopian stories

compare to modern reality TV

modern news topics like use of drones, Edward Snowden, surveillance

The Uglies

airbrushing celebrity pictures/media's idea of beauty

Trash to Treasure unit - "Clean Sweep" and "Lemon Brown" as text

 American Pickers as TV

Lit Resources

Scope Magazine - Scholastic (mixed genres)

Sequential Books w/ felt boards, magnetic pieces for ordering

Bugs Bunny does allusions to so many lit pieces

used lots of fun commercials & videos when we were learning about author's purpose

Compared the pawn shop scene in A Christmas Carol to Pawnstars

use the old cartoon "Symphony in Slang" for idioms

Amelia Bedelia is also great for idioms

"To Serve Man" episode of Twilight Zone is great irony

Wizard of Oz characters to teach Pathos, Ethos, Logos.

Star Trek characters for ethos, pathos, logos

Hand sgnls are hand 2 heart (pathos), hand 2 head (logos) and hand up 2 pledge (ethos)

Nonfiction Resources

Articles of the Week for Jr High

Kelly Gallagher's Articles of the Week

French Model commercial when teaching about reliable sources

Time for Kids

Memoirs & Personal Essays

NPR's This I Believe


TED talks for Students

Channel One

I Love Lucy's chocolate factory and pair with iCarly and Drake and Josh

movie trailers to teach inference

Partly Cloudy is a Disney short for inference

HS: #Quack


Learning from Lyrics

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Education Resources

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes for metaphor

Wish List by Pearl Jam for Wish poems & imagery

If I Die Young by Perry w Spoon River Anthology and final act of Our Town, and maybe "The Dead" by Billy Collins

Uprising & Resistance by Muse for 1984 or dystopia

The Trooper by Iron Maiden for Charge of the Light Brigade

It's Finally Ironic


Man Who Walked Between the Towers

&  Alan Jackson's Where Were You.

Jack Prelutsky poems

can all be sung to the tune of "I've Got Something in My Pocket"

Author Resources


Authors on Twitter


Wendy's Where's the Beef commercial for how to write good "meaty" paragraphs


The Write Guy's Gramma Song List

Week 4 - July 23 - Creativity

Archive of #ELAtlap, July 23, 2013

Week 3 - July 16 - Building Rapport through Reading and Writing

Archive of #ELAtlap, July 16, 2013

Week 2- July 9 - Immersion in ELA

Archive of #ELAtlap, July 9, 2013

Week 1 - Passion in Teaching ELA

Archive of #ELAtlap, July 2, 2013