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Notes for Spring TIE 2013
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Notes for Spring TIE 2013

Random Conversations

Fundraising Breakdown

What Word App

Living Earth - Clock & Weather App


wi-pad - Text Layout Option

Creative Book Builder Apps

ios software development kit

Wireless MICS for iPads

Swivl Camera






life cards

haiku deck


Web Page Developing Tools

WIX - edits in html5 so it is cross platform

HTML5 (ipad app for web pages)


snack tools

google sites




The Olympics


Picture Match

Gravity Launch

Presidential Portraits

Grammar Homerun Derby

Construct a Word

Make a Mission

Grand Prix Multiplication

Videos on site

What can go wrong in a workshop



also for visual and audio learners



audio note - record meetings

book creator includes video

talking calculator

visual clock clap talking clock



anybody apps

decide now -spin the wheel

win a spin

class dojo


K-2 Apps

class dojo



tools for students

scribble press

puppet pals


story buddy - met 8 standards

trading cards

to know about free apps -

George Breakout

login to moodle - click on home - click on conferences - intel modules - click on enroll me

start simple in any tech training - not a complete understanding of true embedded technology

using moodle

technology integration grid

brain rules

project RED

project RED key factors -

visual ranking tool

create your own - tutorial -

all things are free

Intel Link for Google Comparison (Visual Ranking Tool)  Login as hpssgilley/Team1/Team1 through Team5/Team5 - order a kit - 20 dvd’s - brochures - etc

Education Media Kit Resources

Technology to Classroom

PDF with a link to order cd’s - Link to order CDs

Kathy Shrock - infographics - (TIE Infographics) - -

David on ItunesU

Hot Course

5 minute Spanish I

has over 145,000 downloads

over 14,000 of the book

  • fill a niche
  • well organized
  • concise (don’t repeat)
  • instant feedback
  • be consistent

jing to record videos

can make it internet free once downloaded

Arkansas has been top 10 in the world

Quick Fire - Susan

Quick Fire - Harry

dlink router DIR506L

imovie, iannotate, pages, numbers, keynote, evernote, penultimate, puffin, crazytalk7, teleprompt+,  

Jim Yeager - Google School



Handy Man Calculator App

Google Drive App

Toolbox of activities

not about the device but the skills

Harry - Apple Koolaid

ibooks author

adding widgets to the book

hype - $30 for mac $59 for pc

youtube linked to digital sandbox

scrolling text widget in ibooks author

lincoln puzzle widget

text on one side - draw on other side

doodle in the book (drawing board)

matching activity

widgets with ibook author

gallery - $50ish

flash cards - insert one by one or use excel csv template

free widgets -

can update books automatically

common sense for copyrighting course to understand that concept

movie captioner - apple and pc

crazytalk7 - purchase windows or mac


mad lips app

moving to the ipad

creative book builder - $3.99  add text. media, files, misc

could create a book of your year in review - each chapter being a month of what’s happening in your class and have it automatically upload your content to the google drive and/or dropbox - anything that reads an epub documents (calbre allows reading of epub documents on windows device)

convert to mobile app is an option through touch app creator

book creator (for younger kids)

nearpod - works with any device

or nearpod app with the ipad

blogger - blogsy app - just select blog to update - and type the blog

want to edit presentations - explain everything -

explain a web pageg app

myvrspot app - digital sandbox - uploadspot

myscript calculator