Miller Farms

13912 CR 19

Platteville, Co 80651

Dear CSA Members,

We are pleased and excited that you are joining our CSA program, we have a few options for payments this year. You may pay by check or by credit card. You may pay in full or make payments, as long as you are paid in full by June 1st. Once we have received your payment we will send out your receipt(s). Please remember to bring your basket and ID letter when you visit the farmers markets and when you visit the farm. Without it you will not be able to pick up your veggies. If you would like to purchase beef or pork at our CSA member price, please contact Michelle at 970-396-2793. We will have half and full on the beef and pork.   Thank you for choosing to be a part of our CSA family! We look forward to seeing you this season.


The Miller Family

Please fill out the following form and mail to the address in the header above with Attn: CSA


By signing this declaration I understand that these rules apply to me and my family. It is understood that Miller Farms may have to cancel or not attend a specific market from time to time due to employee sickness/truck failure or other reasons. Miller Farms and its owners/employees will make every effort to be at our scheduled markets at all times, but things do happen (2013 flood) and there are days where we may not be able to attend a specific market. Miller Farms will make every effort to notify its CSA members via email if we are going to not be able to attend a market, but please keep in mind that it may be very short notice since these problems usually crop up at the last minute.

The CSA runs from June 15th through October, or twenty weeks. It is your responsibility to make sure that you get your 20 pickups during the season. It is also your responsibility to bring your ID letter and basket(s) with you each time you visit to pick up your shares. If you miss specific weeks and are unable to pick up your 20 shares and the CSA ends, there will be no refunds of any type.

This year, the program will allow you to make payments up to June 1st. We would like to have all CSA’s paid in full by this date. Again, the program is non-refundable. Please see the weather disclaimer below, and once you sign this, you agree to abide by all of the above rules and the weather/loss disclaimer.  We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing all of you at the markets and farm this year!


The Miller Family

Miller Farms

13912 CR 19

Platteville, Co 80651

Miller Farms 2017 Disclaimer/release from monetary commitment due to total or partial loss of crops.

The purpose of this letter is to ensure 2017 CSA members realize they are supporting our farm by buying a share or half share of our 2017 produce and in return they also share the risks the farm experience each year.

Upon payment to join Miller Farms 2017 CSA program, it is understood and agreed upon by both parties that should a total or partial crop loss occur due to any act of God or criminal activity, that Miller Farms and its owners and assets will not be held responsible for such loss, and the shareholder(s) will not seek repayment for the loss of his/her share: nor will the shareholder(s) consider Miller Farms and its entities responsible for such losses. In the event of a partial loss, Miller Farms will do everything in its power to adjust the remaining portion of the share and assist the shareholder in getting his/her reasonable expected value of the remaining crop share.

Losses and perils include but are NOT limited to the following:

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CSA Sign up form

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I would like to purchase (please check one)

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___ Full share ($750)

___ Full share split (please provide the name, address, phone number, email address of second shareholder)

___ Payment in full, payment enclosed

___ Payment enclosed, making payments

___ Yes I have read and acknowledge I understand and agree to abide by the terms of the CSA Risk Disclaimer.                      

** half shares cannot be split