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Sound Study Air Wav Manual
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Air Wav Manual        Updated: 10.04.2016

Important Information

The Sound Study Modular AirWAV is a clone of the Music Thing Modular Radio Music, as is parts of this file. The Radio Music is Open Hardware, all hardware and software design in that project is Creative Commons licensed by Tom Whitwell: CC-BY-SA: Attribution / ShareAlike. If you are seeking support, have ANY questions, or need ANY assistance whatsoever with Sound Study Modular PCB’s, kits, or assembled modules, then DO NOT contact Music Thing Modular for any reason related to this product. Sound Study Modular will assist with service, support and any other questions that you may have. You can contact us at

What is this module?

The Sound Study Modular Air Wav is a virtual radio module, so it behaves a bit like a radio. It is designed to be a source of unexpected audio, not a drum loop player or a sample mangler.

Like a radio, this module works on a series of banks and stations. Each of the 16 banks can contain many different stations. Each station is .raw audio file stored in a bank directory on the SD card. Choose a bank by pressing and holding the RESET switch. Choose a station by turning the STATION knob or plugging a voltage into TUNE.

Detailed controls and displays

Adding samples to the SD Card

Bank and meter LEDs

The LEDs at the top do two jobs. When audio is playing, they act as a simple VU meter. While choosing banks, they show the bank number in binary

































Station knob

This is how you choose which file to play from the current folder. It works exactly like a radio tuning knob.

Start knob

This knob sets where the file will play from if you press the RESET button. It does nothing until you press the 'Reset' button! (This behaviour can be changed by editing settings.txt)

Reset button & LED

TAP the Reset button restarts the current track at the point determined by the Start knob or the Start CV input.

HOLD the Reset button for more than 200ms to change banks. Keep the button held down to skip through all 16 banks.

SD Card Slot

Full details of the SD file structure are here: SD Card Details

Tune CV Input

This is the CV equivalent of the Station Pot. If the CV changes, the module will immediately re-tune to the relevant station.

Start CV input

This is the CV equivalent of the Start pot. Like the start pot, it does nothing until a 'Reset' CV is received. This CV input behaves like the Tune CV - it's zero to +5v, added to the pot position.

Reset Trigger input

A positive clock here triggers the reset button. It should not trigger the bank change.


This is a normal modular-level audio output.