Sometimes you don’t like people.

That is a common problem.

It may take being stranded on an island to get you to like some people.

In a survival situation relationships is your least worry.

We have established such a base for everything so no one has to worry about the bare essentials anymore.

We have everything done for us by technology and there is no stopping it.

These people have managed to survive on nothing but the bare essentials sitting around.

Except it wasn't that easy.

The bare essentials were polluted.

They may have had four legs and run away.

They might be 25 feet off of the ground.

They might try to hurt you.

They might try to go against you.

Whatever the bare essentials throw at you you have to face it.

Fire is not as easy as the click of a lighter on a remote island.

It also isn't used just to entertain.

It’s hard to maintain too.

Rain causes wet wood.

Dry wood just may happen to cause fire to spread.

Fire will not tolerate disrespect.

Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

You never know, a shard of glass from your broken bottle may be worthless to you.

On a remote island it is something worth having a party over.

It means fire, light, warmth.

Or a boat that appears to be a hundred years old on the shore of a remote island may be trash to you.

But to the people trying to survive with just the bare essentials this would mean shelter, tools, leftover fuel, ideas and more.

The smallest things can serve a big purpose.