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Tomorrow Belongs To Me | valtyr, NC-17, 87k - (MCU)

Steve wakes up in the 21st Century. He doesn't think much of it, and it's dubious about him. He meets a Norse God, joins a superhero team, and feels terribly awkward about the whole monument at Arlington he's rendered obsolete by not being dead. Meanwhile, Tony is trying to make his mark on history by being the man who finally drove Nick Fury over the edge.

This time tomorrow (where were we?) | dorcas_gustine, NC-17, 85k - (616)

Tony goes to see Wanda, and suddenly Steve is alive and there are Skrulls! Or maybe Tony is just going crazy. Nothing happens in this fic, until the very end. Seriously. There's a lot of talking, mostly at inopportune moments, Tony's views on the acceptable gifts to give people are slightly different from everyone else's and he spends more time than would seem necessary being (half-)naked. What else is new?

Dying for a Drink | tsukinofaerii, NC-17, 62k - (Ults)

Tony takes up an offer that has tragic effects, and Steve is forced to handle the outcome. But Tony's business isn't done yet, and so Steve finds himself struggling with vampire politics and his own sexuality. (Vampires)

Warm Shoulder | tsukinofaerii, G, 1k - (Ults)

Steve is hurt while running an errand, and Tony comes to pick him up.

(Part 2 of the 'Overkill series, follows Dying for a Drink)

W.I.P.E. Series | tsukinofaerii, NC-17, 58k - (616)

1)Without Irony 2)Per Expectations

An AU of the events covering SIEGE and immediate after. When Tony is rebooted after deleting his brain, he's left with no memory of anything, and lingering programs that keep him from finding out everything he missed. Sometimes you just need to start over, but there's always a place in every plan for a backup.

Some Assembly Required | valtyr, NC-17, 57k - (MA)

Tony Stark is trying to set up a new superhero team when he's given a sex change, courtesy of Victor von Doom. He copes with that about as well as you'd expect.

The Tower of Yesterday | manic_intent, NC-17, 50K - (Noir)

Tony is the WWII hero waking up in the future. Iron Man Noir.

Ready, Fire, Aim | gyzym, NC-17, 21k - (MCU)

There's no "I" in "Avenger."

situation normal: all fucked up | gyzym, NC-17, 27k - (MCU)

As it turns out, fighting crime is the easy part.

The Emperor's Fury | valtyr, NC-17, 40k - (Ults)

Steve is an ex-gladiator. Tony wears a toga. Together, they litigate civil cases. Also a surprising amount of boating

Indelible | Penumbren, PG-13, 44K - (616/Noir)

When an experiment goes awry, Tony thinks he may have found an answer to his problems and Steve faces something he's been avoiding for a very long time.

A Long Hard Road  | Penumbren, NC-17, 60K - (616/Noir)

When World War II finally catches up to the United States, Tony has to fight the military, his friends, and his own feelings in order to keep a promise he made to himself: Take care of Steve.

Constructs in Progress | muccamukk, NC-17, 34K - (616)

In the seven territories built out of the ruins of New York City, no one has managed to match Tony Stark as either a technologist or a unicorn rider. But when Tony's secrets come back to haunt him, even Captain Rogers and his mysterious lover might not be able to save him, or the city.

(Tony builds Unicorn constructs.)

Something Different | tsukinofaerii, NC-17, 25k (Tony/Pepper, Pepper/Natasha, Steve/Tony) - (MCU)

Roughly a year after the events at the Stark Expo, Pepper's "stable-ish" relationship with Tony has deteriorated into more-ish than stable. Tony has been keeping secrets, and he's brought home a mystery blonde who occupies all his time—including the time he should have been using for work. While holding things together, Pepper finds herself getting much, much closer to Natalie. But Natalie may be hiding a few secrets of her own.

(I love this fic. But it’s VERY Pepper-centric. And deals a lot with the end of Pepper/Tony’s relationship. But there is awesome Pepper/Natasha. And AWESOME background Steve/Tony (It’s VERY background.)

Something New | tsukinofaerii, G, 3k - (MCU)

 Tony is a man with a plan. A groggy, not really awake man, but he has a plan. Funny thing is, so does Steve. Notes: Takes place in the same 'verse as Something Different, but can be read as a standalone.

(Proposal fic!!)

Secrets of a Successful Marriage | valtyr, NC-17, 24k - (616)

Tony Stark lives a double life; he's secretly the supervillain known as Iron Man. But his loving husband Steve has a few secrets of his own, as Tony is about to discover.

(This reminds me of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. lol there’s a fun fight scene in the middle.)

A Meeting of Minds | crimsonquills/nix, NC-17, 23k - (616)

As it turns out, the Extremis hadn't quite finished rewriting Tony's brain. The only potential fix has...consequences.

Bulletproof | foxxcub, NC-17, 21k - (MCU)

At age fifteen, Steve Rogers had been in love with Tony Stark.

By age twenty, he’d (mostly) gotten over it. And then he promptly became Tony Stark's fuck buddy.

Rock Splits, Records Fall Down | valtyr, NC-17, 18k - (Ults)

AU at the end of Ultimates 2. Time passes. The Ultimates try to work out where they're going and what they're doing, with a moderate level of success.

Gold Rider | tsukinofaerii, NC-17, 17k - (616)

When a childhood accident leaves Tony with a remarkable ability to hear dragons, he finds out that on Pern, the dragon chooses. Whether it comes to being a dragonrider or becoming Weyrwomanleader, he has a bumpy flight ahead. (Dragonriders of Pern Crossover)

Honey, I Can See The Stars | twentysomething, NC-17, 12k - (MCU)

"The most he'd ever cared about anything remotely related was his uniform, which, beyond the stylistic, was pretty necessary. But now his suit comes from a lab far more advanced than the basement of a Brooklyn antique shop, and the only decision he really gets to make is if his pants are too tight. (They were, but he doesn't really think they changed them. He doesn't know why, but he thinks that might have been on purpose.) That being said, he doesn't know what he's done to deserve the double take Tony gives him as he walks in the room."

Alter. Ego. | arysteia, NC-17, 12K - (616)

Romancing Steve Rogers is hard enough. The last thing Tony Stark needs is a rival. In the shape of Iron Man.

Attack/Retreat | schmevil, NC-17, 12k - (616)

Steve and Tony work out some relationship problems.

A Window in the Sky | manic_intent, NC-17, 10k - (Noir)

Steve hits on a total stranger in Port-Lyautey, much to Bucky's astonishment.

(Iron Man noir fic is the best.)

Mr. July | jibrailis, NC-17, 10k - (MCU)

Tony is the only one who can defend Steve's virtue. Tony hates his life.

Bioengineering series  | feverbeats, NC-17, 10K - (MCU)

1)Thermocouple Junction - Five Times Tony Stark came out. 2)Thermocouple Junction, Missing Scenes 3)Semiconductor Diode 4)Capacitive Crosstalk 5)Cathodic Protection

Off Grid | letterblade, NC-17, 10k - (616)

Tony and Steve go camping.

Bros Before | tsukinofaerii, NC-17, 9k - (Ults)

For a year, Steve and Tony have had a bromance of epic proportions, bonding over cheesy movies and long, dateless nights where they reminisce over love lost. But now something threatens to interfere with their precious Thursday Night Movies: a woman. Dun dun duuuuun.

age is an irrational number | valtyr, NC-17, 9k (Ults)

Steve and Tony grow old together.

Time and Distance | valtyr, NC-17, 8k - (616)

Steve, Tony and Bucky talk about their feelings.

(This was the first fic I read that had Bucky in it.  And I STILL love it.)

Lost Generation | deadfish, NC-17, 8k, (Steve/Tony, Tony/Thor, Steve/Tony/Thor) - MCU

Written for the Thor kink meme, Avengers movie-verse. Tony gets a look at his new team mates and decides he needs to sleep with all of them. Thor and Steve take notice and decide to double team him.

Revise, Rebuild, Repeat | muccamukk, NC-17, 7k - (616)

In the wake of the Sentient Armour's attack, Natasha Stark reassesses her priorities and begins to put her life back together. Meanwhile, Steve tries to be Helpful.

A peopled labyrinth of walls | dorcus_gustine, NC-17, 7k - (MA)

It's New Year's Day and Steve and Tony get lost in Venice. Oh, and there is sex.

Sex and Identity (Series) | muccamukk, NC-17, 6k - (616)

1)Desktop 2)Love in the Third Person 3)That One Man, Scorned and Covered with Scars

Assassin of Gods and Inhibitions | tsukinofaerii, NC-17, 6k (Steve/Tony) - (MA)

Tony hangs a box of mistletoe around the mansion, hoping to get a kiss from Steve. However, Thor knows his old enemy and predicts Dire Consequences to come from the bedecking. Maybe Tony should have listened to Thor after all. Or maybe not.

Horn and Ivory | valtyr, NC-17, 6k - (616)

Steve's not sure what's real anymore. (Inception fusion.)

Scratched | garrideb, NC-17, 6k - (616)

Steve and Tony debate the merits of a community graffiti wall, and then go out and test those merits.

Hypotenuse | derryderrydown, NC-17, 6k - (616)

Steve breaks up with Tony because he's in love with Iron Man. That's when things start to get complicated.

Unforeseen Side Effects: norsekink | misskittye, NC-17, 6k - (MCU)

sexpollen Thor/Loki have lots of sex. And Steve/Tony try to block it out.

New Found Land | valtyr, NC-17, 6k (MCU)

Steve likes the television. Tony likes Steve.

Doctor's Note Required | valtyr, NC-17, 5k - (MA)

Prompt: "Steve/Tony Marvel Adventures fic. They're on a mission together, and Tony gets hit on the head and gets temporary amnesia, and hits on Steve flagrantly cause he can't remember why not. Steve, knowing of Tony's myriad girlfriends and being slightly out of date with How Orientation Works, thinks Tony's head injury has made him gay, and struggles manfully to prevent himself taking advantage of Tony's altered state. Even when Tony gets his memory back."

Idle Rainbow | valtyr, NC-17, 5k - (MA)

Tony knows that worthwhile things take hard work and sacrifice. Steve's not so sure.

Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree | skund, NC-17, 5k - (616)

Tony, while being considered a genius in some fields, can be really rather dense. But Steve is patience personified... to a point. Tony tries to set Steve up with the perfect woman, but things go astray. For merry_marvels Tony knows he'll never be good enough for Steve, so he does everything in his considerable power to find the perfect woman/man for Cap instead. Of course Steve/Tony in the end would be awesomecakes but angsty/lonely Tony is fine too. - 616 Avengers (New or Classic)

Ante Up | tsikinofaerii, NC-17, 5k, (Steve/Tony, Steve/Janet/Thor, Hank/Janet, Thor/Janet) - (616)

It's Strip Poker at the weekly Avengers game night. Jan and Steve both have the same goal in mind, but they go about in in very different ways. Jan might not get what she wants, but she'll take a second best. Or two. Written for the Avengers Kink Meme.

welcome to the world of tomorrow | dorcus_gustine, NC-17, 5K - (616)

The future is bright. And has ball-gags, apparently. Notes. This was written for iron_kink, specifically for the prompt, ' Movie!Tony/Steve (Angry rough kinky sex, PWP) '. I'm... not sure I completely answered..

For America | autoshediastic, NC-17, 5k - (MCU)

"Tony, for the good of the country, we should get married."

Flyboy  | autoschediastic, NC-17, 5k - (MCU)

"With wild and crazy abandon," Tony said, and grabbed him around the waist to yank him close like a black and white picture hero. "Hold on tight."

Fragments of a Different War | muccamukk, NC-17, 4K - (616)

Death, love and the Superhero Registration Act, as they might have happened.

Lust's Effect is Tempest After Sun | xDinahQueenx, NC-17, 4K - (616)

Steve gets dosed with sex pollen, Tony is there for him.

(SEX POLLEN. Also Steve has Sex with the Iron Man armor. As Tony said, “Me and the Suit are ~one.”)

Semiconductor | gqgqqt, NC-17, 4k - (MCU)

"The first time Steve and Tony try something other than plain vanilla sex, they decide to go a little light bondage [...] halfway through the foreplay Tony freaks out when Steve touches his arc-reactor."

Good Things Come in Cold Packages | crimsonquills/nix, NC-17, 4k - (616)

Hypothermia porn. Alternately, Tony's armor is damaged and Steve must use body heat to warm him up! (This summary--and story--are brought to you by the Committee for the Healthy Maintenance of Cliches.)

Playing Rough | valtyr, NC-17, 4k - (616)

Where Tony and Steve stop being dumb and get together. Steve wants to be extra gentle with Tony after witnessing what the other one did to the other Tony, but is horrified to find that Tony was kind of unwillingly turned on by watching. He's even more horrified after Tony convinces him to roleplay non-con with him and realizes that it turns him on too."

Long Distance Relationship | cookinguptales, NC-17, 3k - (616)

So what do you do when your boyfriend gets sex pollened and you're thousands of miles away? The correct answer here is Extremis sex. Obviously.

(More armor sex. The Iron Man armor IS pretty sexy..)

Mothers, Don't Let Your Children Grow Up To Be Tony Stark | valtyr, NC-17, 3k - (616)

"Welcome to the 21st century, here's a ID card, sixty years of back pay and a pet genius inventor to sexually service you. Don't worry, he's had all his shots. Just don't let him near any boxes of scraps.

Truth | valtyr, NC-17, 3k - (616)

Captain America takes truth serum. Tony is all over that.

(This is amazing. and hot. and hilarious)

Keep Your Gloves On | tsukinofaerii, NC-17, 3k (Ults)

"Why do you keep making passes at me?" Steve tries to help Tony out and gets a bit more than he bargained for. Tony just likes the uniform.

Commit | tsukinofaerii, NC-17, 3k - (Ults)

Steve refuses to be a temporary fling.

Below The Belt | cookinguptales, NC-17, 3k  - (616)

Every organization has team trust-building exercises. Even terrorists.

Necessary Experience | often_adamanta, NC-17, 3K - (MCU)

Virginity, blow jobs.

(I don’t believe Steve’s so naive he doesn’t know what blowjob is.. still I enjoyed this. lol)

Muscle Memory | valtyr, NC-17, 3k - (616)

Steve has forgotten everything since Project Rebirth.

Lack of Restraint | often_adamanta, NC-17, 3k - (MCU)

“I want you to tie me up,” Steve says finally, voice steady even as he refuses to meet Tony’s eyes.

(hot. hot. hot. hot. hot.)

Submission Hold | letterblade, NC-17, 3k - (616)

"But then Steve pounces and brings him down to grappling, and it's all muscle and grip, and Tony doesn't stand a damn chance."  Steve discovers a few things during a spar

For Sale, One Super Soldier, Slightly Used | valtyr, NC-17, 2k - (MCU)

Movieverse hookerfic. Don't judge me. I guess maybe issues of consent in the social pressure kind of way?

Exactly the Way You Like It | resonant, NC-17, 2k - (MCU)

2000 words of virginity kink. You already know whether or not that's something you care about reading.

Holy | indigostohelit, NC-17, 2k - (MCU)

From the kink meme: Steve is the new high priest to the cult of Stark. As a test, he has to spend a night alone in the inner chambers of the high temple. Completely alone. So what is that dark-haired man doing there and why is he strutting around like he owns the place? ...oh. OH. Steve knew he was supposed to have some sort of otherworldly experience, he just didn't think it would involve being checked out by his god and then fucking said god on the altar.

You Had Me At Hello | toestastegood, NC-17, 2k - (MCU)

As soon as they meet, Tony and Steve imprint on each other as dom and sub. Steve doesn't know what to make of this.

Pretense and Context | simmysim, NC-17, 2k - (616)

Tony puts on Steve's Cap costume and there is sex

Apparently Only One Meal From Barbarism | valtyr, NC-17, 2k - (616)

The Savage Land: "All kinds of mutates and dinosaurs and big cheetahs and a surprising amount of acceptable nudity." - Spider-Man

click click cum 2 | simmysim, NC-17, 2k - (616)

phone sex

On The Record | valtyr, NC-17, 2k - (MA)

Tony vs the tabloids is an ongoing battle. These headlines might be the winning shot.

Insanity. But the good kind. | crimsionquills/Nix, NC-17, 2k - (616)

Tony's latest relationship blows up on him and Steve makes a realization.

As Passionate Machines | sinuous_curve, NC-17, 2k - (MCU)

Steph makes the mistake of asking, “What do you do for fun?” one afternoon when she and Tony are alone in the mansion, when they’re both sweaty and pleasantly sore from a couple hours spent sparring. (girl!Steve/girl!Tony)

(This is so hot. omg. Tony make all the sex toys, please. ALL OF THEM.)

In Movements, In Manners | sinuous_curve, R, 1k - (MCU)

Steph knows that Tony has cameras in every room of the mansion. “It’s a security precaution,” Tony said, shrugging, when Steph asked. “Too much shit goes down in this place. (girl!Steve/girl!Tony)

Goggle Sex | simmysin, NC-17, 2k - (616)

Sex in Tony's workshop

Cosmetic Damage Only | valtyr, NC-17, 2k - (MA)

For the prompt "Steve/Tony. Tony really likes it when Steve hurts him/uses him/puts marks on him during sex. Steve is worried about Tony's mental state.

Bonus if Steve also feels guilty because the thought really turns him on and that's wrong because Captain America shouldn't think that way."

Little Deaths Series | schmevil, NC-17, 2k - (616)

Steve and Tony have lots of good sex. Some of it kinky. Blindfolds, rimming and mild D/S themes.

1)When the Levee Breaks 2)Die Easy 3)Let Me Down So Low

(Three Short Ficlets. Pretty hot tho)

Google this! | dorcus_gustine, NC-17, 1K - (616)

Ah, the wonders of the Internet!

(It’s just sexy-times. and banter. and I love them. and I love Peter. and the internet.)

Give and Take  | valtyr, NC-17, 1k - (616)

Natasha Stark has been turned into a guy. Her husband cheers her up.

A Challenger Appears | simmysin, NC-17, 1k - (616)

Benefits of Super-Solider Serum Sex

Firsts and Lasts | simmysin, NC-17, 1k - (616)

Tony was a Captain America fanboy growing up.

Non-Euclidean | valtyr, NC-17, 1k - (616)

For Iron Kink, prompt: "Tony is straight (or thinks he is), Steve convinces him to give sex together a try, and Tony rapidly discovers he loves it. Basically, your standard "turning out" story."

En Suite | valtyr, NC-17, 1k - (616)

Written for Avengers Kink. Prompt: "Tony/Steve. Shower sex."

Love In The Time Of Skrulls | valtyr, NC-17, 1k - (616)

Tony looks for comfort in some odd places. Surprisingly, he finds it.

Last Night I Dreamt I Was In The Labyrinth | valtyr, NC-17, 1k - (Ults)

(Ultimates) “For my next trick: Ultimate fic with Steve bottoming. YOU WAIT.”

Untitled, spanking | blue_soaring, NC-17, 1k - (616)

Nine times out of ten, Tony doesn't have a plan for this sort of thing.

It's Never Enough for You | blue_jack, NC-17, 1k - (MCU)

He hates how reckless Steve is.


Team Building Activies | valytr, R, 40k - (MCU)

Fury's a beautiful princess. Clint's plotting a Communist revolution. Rhodey's not sexy. Wall-E's not a documentary. Clint's not gay but he does give a great blowjob. This fic is not an AU.

A Matter of Extremes | ellyr_in_ink & ani_bester, R, 37k (Ults)

Steve and Tony have issues, and things between them get a little... rough; also, Ultron intervenes, as it's wont to do, and only complicates things further.

In a Different Light | marinarusalka, R, 21k - (MCU/616)

After an unexpected attack, Tony has trouble dealing with his injuries and Steve has trouble dealing with Tony.

There is no 'I'... | jadedoll, R, 20k - (MCU)

The reasons not to join the Avengers were many and varied. The problem was that when Captain America smiled at him, Tony had trouble remembering what they were.

Momentary Paws (or, DO NOT WANT) | velithya, R, 17k - (616)

WTF KITTEN, kitty!Tony fic

Exactly Under the Sky | posyvanilla, R, 15k - (616)

Complete AU; takes place in a future in which humans have begun to colonize planets, and borrows heavily from situations in current Marvel canon. New Avengers meets Dark Reign meets Firefly.

Captain America, Meet the iMac. | smilingskull, R, 7k - (616)

This was basically a product of wanting to write something where the Avengers sort of re-educate Steve on just what he missed while he was frozen. Which means education in movies, books, PowerPoint, and (in Tony's case) all sorts of fun things you can do without clothes.

The Sound of Wings | aliana_iskassa, R, 6k - (616)

And Steve realizes, as he stares into Tony’s dull eyes, that it won’t be long before Death is back, this time for both of them.

i stole the keys to this guy | kellifer, R, 6k - (MCU)

Where it was Nick Fury's idea, but he didn't mean it like that

Tend Towards Decay | valtyr, R, 5k - (616)

As a last-ditch effort to revive Tony after he wipes his brain, Strange uses magic to connect Steve's mind to his in an effort to force them to work things out so Tony will have something to live for.

you, maybe not essentially you, somebody else | dorcus_gustine, R, 4k - (MCU)

"That's crazy man," he says. "I mean, I get Stark flying around shooting lasers from his hands, he's got a British house after all, but man... Captain America."

(The Losers crossover. It’s Tony/Jensen for about 90%. You’ll probably need background on The Losers movie before reading, which you should watch because JENSEN.)

Delurking | garrideb, R, 4k - (MA)

Some of the Avengers misinterpret Steve and Tony's actions, and assume they're dating. Meanwhile, aliens are visiting Earth.

Running The Risk | gekizetsu, R, 4k - (MCU/616)

Avengers + Iron Man movieverse, well into movieverse future. Sometimes Tony is popular in all the worst ways, and the Avengers keep discovering that being his friend can be terrifying.

Push | akaya, R, 4k - (MCU)

Some things are always going to be confusing for Steve. It doesn't matter that it's been a few months since he'd woken up in the twentieth-first century, or that he is more or less used that things changed and that the world is very different from the one he'd left behind.

Everyone's a critic | grand_duc, R, 4k - (616)

Steve scrap booking with Jan. Everyone's a critic.

you’re a rich little boy (who’s had to work for his toys) | snowdarkred, R, 4k - (MCU)

Your name is Tony fucking Stark, and this is how it goes: Start, stop, start again. Rinse. Repeat.

Thursdays Are Like That | nightwalker, R, 4k  - (616)

Sex Pollen, fake werewolves and Pennsylvania. Thursdays are weird for the Avengers, but this one is weirder than most.

Four Times The Avengers Cockblocked Tony Stark (and one time they didn't) | misspamela, R, 3k - (MCU)

“Courting is the key,” Tony continued, “because he’s an old-fashioned guy, right? So there has to be a certain finesse involved. I can do finesse. I am the king of finesse.”

Withdrawal Symptoms | macx/macx_larabee, R, 3k - (MCU/616)

Tony had had a spectacularly bad morning.

As Plans Go... (This One Sucked) | macx/macx_larabee, R, 3k - (MCU/616)

Tony was breathing hard. Every muscle hurt.

Does A Body Good | smilingskull, R, 3k - (MCU/616)

Steve gets Tony to take a break.

Thirst | velithya, R, 2k - (616)

Tony's out of blood. Steve has a solution Tony doesn't like much. (Vampire!Tony)

Fools Rush In | skund, R, 2k - (MCU)

Written for fictionalknight, who requested some Steve/Tony. Pepper confronts Tony about his treatment of Steve. Tony is, for once, clueless.

Missing a Control | tsukinofaerii, R, 1k - (MA)

Tony kisses Steve and starts a train of curiosity and denial that somehow gets off its tracks.

Pillow Biter | valytr, R, 1k - (Ults)

Written for Avengers Kink, prompt: "Steve/Tony Vampire!Steve AU. Steve is out looking for a bite to eat, and Tony's just looking for a way out."


When The Lights Go On Again | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, PG-13, 180K - (616)

Aliens have invaded earth, and the Avengers are scattered. While Steve leads the resistance, Tony once again finds himself playing captive scientist. In the midst of a violent alien regime, separated by seemingly insurmountable boundaries, Steve and Tony have nothing to keep themselves going but each other.

(lol I’m not kidding with the 180K. This is kind of crazy epic.)

Resurrection Verse | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, PG-13, 178K - (616)

1 - Resurrection, Reconstruction, and Redemption | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, PG-13, 92K - (616)

Novel-length post-Civil War fixit

2 - Readjustment  | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, PG-13, 38K - (616)

The sequel to Resurrection, Reconstruction, and Redemption.

The various Avengers head to Washington to deal with Registration, and end up having to deal with each other. Meanwhile, Steve continues adjusting to life, Tony continues to have Issues, and they get used to the whole relationship thing.

snippet 1 - Three Times Steve and Tony had Sex  | Elspethdixon, R, 2K - (616)

snippet 2 - Analgesic | Seanchai, PG, 1K   - (616)

snippet 3 - Sketchbook  | Seanchai, PG-13, <1K - (616)

snippet 4 - Size Matters  | Seanchai, G, <1K   - (616)

                        (All take place between Readjustment and Hostages to Fortune)

3 - Hostages to Fortune | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, PG-13, 47K  - (616)

The sequel to Readjustment.

Things are finally settling down, and the Avengers are settling in. It's time for disaster to strike again.

Classicverse  | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, PG-13, 90K  - (616)

AU conceived as a modern retelling of the Avengers. (I'd consider this a WIP but it's written to be open-ended)

An Ever Fixed Mark | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, PG-13, 71K  - (616)

Loki accidentally turns Tony into a woman. Steve is less than thrilled. Hijinks ensue.

The Roughest Day | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, PG-13, 44K  - (616)

Steve is in a motorcycle accident, Tony catches a cold, and someone is after the New Avengers.

                Things Are Looking up | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, PG-13, 3K  - (616)

The New Avengers go to a jazz club. Steve and Tony flirt. Peter is clueless.

Sea Stars | muccamukk, PG-13, 42K  - (616)

Steve comes back to life somewhere entirely unexpected; Tony doesn't remember being a hero; something is rotten in the province of British Columbia, and the 2010 Olympics are doomed.

Heroes and Devils | marinarusalka, PG-13, 35k  - (616)

Three years after Dr. Doom cast the entire island of Manhattan into the dark depths of the Echo Bazaar, life goes on. The people of Lowered Manhattan, including the Avengers, have adapted as best they could to their shadowy new existence. But then the Avengers find themselves in possession of a mysterious locked box that could save them all -- if it doesn't kill Tony first.

Look here, look back, look ahead | marinarusalka, pg-13, 33k - (Noir)

September, 1941: Returning from a mission as Iron Man, Tony Stark crash-lands in the Carpathian Mountains and is rescued by Captain America. The two heroes team up to investigate Nazi activity at a mysterious castle. But Captain America is keeping secrets that could destroy their new partnership before it has a chance to begin.

Engaging the Enemy | tsukinofaerii, PG-13, 23k - (MA)

Iron Man is one of the more persistent villains that the Ultimates face, with a special fondness for one Captain America. As Steve starts to findout more and more about him, the lines between hero and villain begin to blur. Sometimes, you don't have to be on the right side of the law to be in the right.

Magnetic | boombangbing, PG-13, 18k, (Steve/Tony/Pepper) - (MCU)

Tony and Pepper are in a committed relationship, everyone knows that. Tony still flirts relentlessly with Steve, though, and Steve doesn't know what to make of it. Then he starts having weird feelings about Pepper too, and he really, really doesn't know what to make of that.

Commitments | boombangbing, PG-13, 11k, (Steve/Tony/Pepper) - (MCU)

Pepper feels out this new relationship they have going, and can't quite forget that it's been a hard road to get to where they are. Focuses more on Tony/Pepper out of necessity, but there's actual porn in this one!

And the World Keeps Spinning | perpetual-motion, PG-13, 15k - (616)

He considers everything he knows. His keys don’t work. Bucky’s in his apartment. There’s a gun to his head. He doesn’t have his phone or his Avengers tag. “I died.”

The Engagement | nightwalker, PG-13, 14K - (MA)

Engagement/Marriage fic

1)Breaking News 2)Something To Talk About 3)Teasing the Paparazzi

Extinction | valtyr, PG-13, 13k - (MA)

The first time Tony met Captain America, he was riding a dinosaur. After that, things got weird.

Instant karma’s gonna get you | dorcus_gustine, PG-13, 10K - (MA)

Cap is disappointed. Predictably things start to Go Very Bad for Tony.

I’ll remember best of all, all the things we didn’t say | dorcus_gustine, PG-13, 8k  - (616)

Steve comes back and everything's gonna be alright. ...Right?

Or, Enjoy the silence. It's all that's left.

These Three Things Remain | Siria, PG-13, 7k - (MCU)

His mom does what she can, but it's never quite enough.

The Iron Beast | kijikun, PG-13, 7k - (616)

Fairy Tale challenge. I took the more traditional telling of Beauty and the Beast, added a dash of steampunk, and gave Steve two brothers.

(So Steve is Bell and Tony is the Iron Beast. And that is awesome.)

Foundations  | crimsonquills/nix, PG-13, 6k  - (616)

Tony Stark is kidnapped and tortured for information. Steve picks up the pieces. Warning: This fic contains descriptions of torture.

Deep Waters | AlchemyAlice, PG-13, 6k - (MCU)

His power's running low, the arc reactor flickering. Cold, rancid sewer water is rushing into the fissure at his torn up shoulder, filling up the gaps, rising along his neck in frigid fingers. He's been like this before.

Everybody Got Naked and We Got Cap Back Day by Letterblade | letterblade, PG-13, 5k  - (616)

A gratuitous Civil-War-fix-it-AU. Self-indulgent fluff. Ignore all canon and retcons after the point in the introduction; this violently clashes with certain bits of canon, and doesn't particularly care. Thanks to Mattador for the beta.

Precious Illusion | simmysim, PG-13, 4k - (616)

Steve comes back to life but things aren't quite the way he left them.

A Family Tradition | derryderrydown, PG-13, 4k - (MCU)

I don't know, I think it'd be funny if Steve finds out about safe sex and really takes the whole "think about your past partners" and "the secret to any safe relationship is communication" thing to heart.

(It’s canon that Steve like to ‘keep it in the family.’ lol poor Tony.)

Hold Me Down | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, PG-13, 4K  - (616)

Steve takes Tony back to his apartment to recharge and get warmed up following a fight with a supervillain. PG-13-rated shower sex ensues.

Paradise Found | fire-tears/nosilencehere, PG-13, 4k  - (616)

Well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Trouble in Paradise | fire-tears/nosilencehere, PG-13, 4k  - (616)

(Sequel to Paradise found) Tony and Steve are having severe relationship problems, Steve might have a thing going on with Jan, and Tony's been spotted in a bar. Oh, and Iron Man is having trouble accepting the fact that his employer's bisexual. No, really. Would the tabloids lie?

Scale and Perspective (The Technicolor Remix) | destroythemeek, PG-13, 4k  - (616)

Tony had always appreciated Steve's art, but he didn't realize Steve's art had started appreciating him in return.

First Encounters | tsukinofaerii, PG-13, 4k  - (616)

It was, as later described by Nick Fury, the first volly in a vicious, take-no-prisoners war that ten years and two children later would still be on-going. (three ficlets)

The Art of Diplomacy | muccamukk, PG-13, 3K  - (616)

In the wake of an alien treaty mission, Steve tries to find balance in his new life. Unfortunately, he doesn't know where all this puts his relationship with Tony.

Sandbag | paxnirvana, PG-13, 3k - (MCU)

Tony Stark meets a recently thawed out Captain America.

The Idea | goldfishama, PG-13, 3k  - (616)

Peter doesn't know exactly how it happened...

Trial and Error | valtyr, PG-13, 3k - (MA)

Written for the prompt: "Steve/Tony, unrequited love/pining. Except this time, it's Steve with the crush and Tony who's oblivious. Bonus points if Tony isn't crushing on Steve at first because he honestly never even thought of it, but when he finds out he realizes that he approves. Enthusiastically." I focused rather heavily on the bonus points.

coffee, pants, steve (or 66.6%) | preromantics, PG-13, 2k - (MCU)

After accomplishing pants, both coffee and Steve come surprisingly easy, because both are in the kitchen.

Babe, I'm Gonna Be Your Man | cherryvanilla, PG-13, 2k - (MCU)

In which Tony takes Steve to a strip club.

keep the light from passing through | pprfaith, PG-13, 2k - (MCU)

Fic based off the 1st The Avengers trailer.

D.P. | tsukinofaerii, PG-13, 2k  - (616)

Do not leave important questions to text messages. Rhodey and Tony learn the hard way.

The Past is Gone | harmonyangel, PG-13, 2k  - (616)

With his apartment and life in shambles, Steve Rogers needed somewhere to stay.

T is for Thong | Elspethdixoni, PG-13, 2K  - (616)

Naked might actually have been slightly less distracting. Tony was… almost wearing… a tiny, tight scrap of red fabric that most definitely didn't hide anything.

(In case you weren’t aware, it’s comcis CANON that when Steve first finds out Tony is Iron Man, Tony is wearing nothing but  a red thong. Ty, Comics. Ty for everything.)

Avengers List  | darknessgryphon, PG-13, 2k - (MCU)

List of Things The Avengers are Not. Allowed. To. Do.

(This is so hilarious.)

knights' tale | indigostohelit, PG-13, 2k  - (616)

In which Tony is the prettiest princess, and Steve is the most oblivious knight, and there are parodied cliches and witches and towers and dragons galore

Camaraderie | gqgqqt, PG-13, 1k - (MCU)

"Steve plays Mario Kart and has a blast."

Deeper than Bone | nosilencehere, PG-13, 1k  - (616)

Thor has already lost one shield brother. He will not lose another.

sad. :(

Untitled Space Opera AU ficlet | Elspethdixon, PG-13, 1K  - (616)

It wasn't until his second month on the Iron Shell that Captain Steve Rogers began to suspect that he was being watched.

A is for... a lot of things | Elspethdixon, PG-13, 1K  - (616)

Alphabet challenge, A

Life on the Edge | derryderrydown, PG-13, 1k (Steve/Tony, Tony/Thor) - (Ults)

″Well, darling, as part of my living-every-moment plan, I′ve decided to experience everything I possibly can. And I realised about five minutes ago that I′ve never had sex with a man.″ Tony beamed. ″Where better to start than the absolute peak of human perfection?″

I Can Promise You a Happy Ending | BlackEyedGirl, PG-13, 1k - (MCU)

A movie marathon had seemed like a harmless idea at the time. For a capkink prompt of the Avengers watching Star Wars, and Steve having problems with the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

it should follow, you know this (like the panels of a comic strip) | gyzym, PG-13, 1k - (MCU)

Four, eleven, fifteen, twenty-one, thirty-six, forty, as old as he's always been, too young, and everyone knows Tony Stark.

Twenty-Twelve | sheafrotherdon, PG-13, 1k - (MCU)

The tangle of PTSD


King of Infinite Space | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, PG-13, 38K  - (616)

A villain from Tony's past comes back to cause trouble for the Avengers. Maybe it wouldn't have been so easy, if thing weren't already so awkward over the events of Execute Program.

What Tomorrow May Bring | simmysim, PG, 34k  - (616)

Months after his return back to life, Captain America and Iron Man are kind of estranged, but problems with SHIELD and Tony's life in general get them to work together and fall in love. <333

The Beauty Asleep In The Workshop OR Sleeping Tony | cookinguptales, PG, 12K - (MA)

In which Tony mouths off to a witch, catches up on his beauty sleep, and learns that True Love might not be such a crock after all. (His status as a princess, however, is still debatable.)

Collision | Macx, PG-13, 11k - (MCU)

"Just because I don't have superhero instant mutant healing powers doesn't make me useless! Just because everyone else is genetically enhanced doesn't make me the weak link!" SteveXTony, IM movie with comicverse elements

Beneath the Armor | crimsonquills/nix, PG, 9k  - (616)

Tony is forced to reveal his identity after his armor is compromised and Steve finds himself reevaluating his teammate.

Orbiter Dictum | schmevil, PG, 7k  - (616)

Steve is at the sink, washing the few dishes that pizza for two generates, when he realizes that Tony is in love with him.

variable skill sets | gyzym, PG, 4k - (MCU)

In which Captain America can do (almost) anything, and Tonk Stark has daddy issues--who's surprised?

Seasonal Marvels | crimsonquills/nix, PG, 4k  - (616)

Tony is forced to reveal his identity after his armor is compromised and Steve finds himself reevaluating his teammate.

After Spring | simmysim, PG, 3k  - (616)

Steve wants to upgrade his relationship with Tony

Desperate Measures | crimsonquills/nix, PG, 2k  - (616)

Jan has a plan. Actually, she has several, but this is the one she's been reduced to employing.

the modern world is awesome and so are you | anon, PG, 2K - (MCU)

When Steve wakes up, SHIELD wants him to spend some time talking to therapists and visit some doctors and acclimate him slowly back into the world in the healthiest manner possible. They're waiting to introduce him to the modern world until they're certain he's stable.

Tony thinks it's taking too long and is boring and he just really wants to show Steve all the cool shit he's missed out on.

(I wish there was a million words of this.)

A Little Bittersweet | sinuous_curve, PG, 2k - (MCU)

Steve knows he could have someone else make the winding drive down from the bluff to get whatever Tony happens to be craving, but he likes doing it himself. Even if it means Alyssa, the young woman who works the overnight shift, greets him with a familiar wave and has a pint of Cherry Garcia waiting for him when midnight rolls around and Steve comes ambling in. (mpreg)

Four Times Steve Could Have Left Tony Going Under But Didn’t | caduceus03, PG, 2k  - (616)

Four AU snippets…

A Bridge Crossed | crimsonquills/nix, PG, 2k, (Steve/Tony/Thor)  - (616)

Prompt: "Three in the bed - Steve and Tony want it to be two but need to tell the third 'why'"

Apple Bottom Jeans (And Other Love Songs) | gyzym, G, 2k - (MCU)

Or, how Steve Rogers--kind of--learns to dance

just another morning in the stark mansion | calciseptine, PG, 1k - (MCU)

Steve/Tony, Stark Mansion, mention of a sex tape. No actual sex. Domestic.

Text, Subtext, and Context | crimsonquills/nix, PG, 1k  - (616)

Pre-slash. The team is at an amusement park. Steve and Tony are distracted.

Presence | nosilencehere, PG, 1k  - (616)

Oftentimes, having someone there is a comfort all on its own.

The Spider-Man Cameo (That Will Not Happen) | kahn, PG, 1k - (MCU)

Something strange was going on in New York City, beyond the normal oddness that permeated the milling masses, the concrete and steel. Peter knew this because his spider sense had been going crazy since breakfast. Plus people were running and screaming and there were cars exploding all around him, but that had just started.

When did you find out Tony and Steve were in love? | johnanirae, PG (fancomic)  - (616)

Fancomic Characters & Pairing: Tony Stark / Steve Rogers, with side appearances by Pepper, JARVIS the AI, Logan and Peter Rated: PG Warning: SLASH. With, er, lightly suggestive text?


A Week in the Life of Highly Respected SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson | boombangbing, G, 8k - (MCU)

Phil would just like to state for the record that this was all Tony Stark's fault. (Seven increasingly chaotic days in the life of Phil Coulson.)

(This is just so much fun. It’s more about Coulson than anything and the team. Still worth reading.)

Independence Day | Settiai, G, 8k  - (616)

It's Steve's 90th birthday, and Tony wants to throw him a party. What could possibly go wrong?

Community Service | valtyr, G, 6k - (MA)

Matchmaking is harder than it looks.

Hidden Truths | penumbren, R, 6k - (616)

In which Tony is oblivious and Steve is not.

I Never  | Elspethdixon, G, 5K  - (616)

Kang had been defeated, they had four hours to kill before the press conference, and they were reduced to playing a party game Steve strongly suspected had been made up by 13-year-old girls..

High School Is Not a Musical | settiai, G, 4k  - (616)

Starting at a new school in the middle of the year is hard enough for Steve Rogers. Then he meets Tony Stark, and his life really starts to get complicated.

From: Me, Re: Love | Anon, G, 3k - (MCU)

Tony and Steve exchange a series of emails. Steve types in all caps, forwards ancient memes (lol cats, "funny" pictures, inspirational stories, etc), and generally acts like your grandparents.


Footsie | skund, G, 3k  - (616)

Stealth footsie, Mr. Toad and tiny, malevolent robots.

Miles to Go (Before I Sleep) | SakuraTsukikage, G, 3k - (MCU)

Steve has trouble sleeping. Tony comes to bed late. All the little ups and downs of a relationship, how to negotiate the space between two people. Established relationship.

Sex Lies and Newsprint | nightwalker, G, 3k - (MCU)

A year of Cap/Tony romance as told by the tabloids.

somewhere over the wormhole | dorcus_gustine, G, 2k - (MA)

Being a superhero is hard: you miss a lot of appointments. Alternatively: dimensional travel brings gender issues which aren’t really issues in the end.

Born on the Fourth of July | Elspethdixon & Seanchai, G, 2K - (616)

"So, the fireworks are really because of my birthday?"

Toys | valtyr, G, 2k - (616)

Steve is sad. Tony doesn't make fun of him.

Degrees of Separation | plingo_kat, G, 2k - (MCU)

Oh god, what if Jarvis infected Dummy with, with emotions. Jesus Christ.

Coffee and Batteries Not Included | tsukinofaerii, G, 2k - (616)

Tony falls asleep in his armor. Steve reacts accordingly.

Five Times Steve Rogers Danced | derryderrydown, G, 1k - (MCU)

What it says on the tin

This Beginning Is Our Own | siehn, G, 1k - (MCU)

“You know,” Tony starts conversationally, “most people are asleep at this hour.”

One Dance | tsukinofaerii, G, 1k - (616)

Coming home from a long business trip, Tony stumbles on Steve listening to Glenn Miller in the library.

New News | tsukinofaerii, G, 1k - (MA)

Steve thought marriage was supposed to be gay. The modern world is full of mysteries.

Childhood Sweetheart | valtyr, G, 1k - (MA)

Written for the Cap-Ironman post celebrating the NY marriage same-sex marriage laws - MA Steve and Tony respond to the new laws.

Tears Will Be Mandatory For This Event | valtyr, G, 1k - (Ults)

Written for the Cap-Ironman post celebrating the NY marriage same-sex marriage laws - Ultimate Steve and Tony respond to the new laws.

Constantly Offered New Toys | sinuous_curve, G, 1k (MCU)

Steve finds the Iron Man plushie on a table in the middle of the city, sitting between a stack of sunglasses and DVD cases. He chuckles when he picks it up, noting the uneven stitches and the red places that ought to be gold. It looks a little like a high school home economics project made by an apathetic student, but it’s still undeniably Iron Man and Steve is tickled.

For Best Effect, Apply Liberally and Thoroughly | crimsonquills/nix, G,  1k - (616)

A day at the beach.

An Ordinary Morning on an Ordinary Day | crimsonquills/nix, G, 1k - (616)

MJ observes a quiet moment before the day gets going.

Welcome Company | kiyala, G, 1k - (616)

Tony's working in his garage when Steve drops by for a visit.

I'll Scrape You Up and Reconstruct You | waketosleep, G, 1k - (MCU)

Steve should probably just stop punching holes in things.

Movies, and Pillows, and Phone Calls, Oh My,  | settiai, G, 1k - (MA)

Spider-Man walked into the rec room just in time for a pillow from the sofa to come flying straight at his face.

Tears Will Be Mandatory For This Event | valtyr, G, 1k - (Ults)

Written for the Cap-Ironman post celebrating the NY marriage same-sex marriage laws - Ultimate Steve and Tony respond to the new laws.

Childhood Sweetheart | valtyr, G, 1k - (MA)

Written for the Cap-Ironman post celebrating the NY marriage same-sex marriage laws - MA Steve and Tony respond to the new laws.

touch | shirozora, G, 1k - (MCU)

Tony's hands are so cold.

Flying | muccamukk, G, <1K  - (616)

Tony wouldn't qualify flying as entirely better than sex...