Questions about...

The Olympic Games

Answer the questions below in full sentences:

  1. When did the Olympic Games begin?

        The Olympic game begin over two thousand seven hundred year ago the Olympic in ancien Greece.

  1. What were the names of the ancient Greek god and goddess which the Olympics were held for?

   The name are Zeus and Hera.

  1. Who was allowed the take part in the ancient Greek Olympics?

Me and boy were allowed to  take part in events as wretling

     4. How often do the Olympics take place?

     Wrestling , boxing, long jump

     5. What do athletes who came first, second or third receive?

 Olympics Medals are awarded to athletes who come 1 st  2st or 3rd in their event

      6. Where does the Olympic flame travel?

Committee was formed

      7. What colours are the Olympic rings?

The Olympic ring colours is Blue Yellow and black green red

     8. When do the Paralympics take place?

The paralympic game take place after the Olympics game.