Planners of Color for Social Equity - Steering Committee Positions

Co-chairs (Operations/Organizing, 2 positions)

Role: The Co-Chairs will serve as the principal leaders of the organization and partner with the leadership team to advance the organization's mission, values, and goals. The primary roles of the co-chairs are: 1) to ensure that the steering committee is carrying out the values and mission of the organization 2) ensure different arms of the organization are functioning 3) Provide support to steering committee and general members etc.


Contact Info: Amman Desai ( and Nicole Brown (

Outreach & Engagement Co-Chairs (2 positions)

Role: The Outreach & Engagement Co-Chairs are primarily responsible for managing several elements of communications for PCSE, particularly social media, emails (including a quarterly newsletter update), and the new website. The co-chairs are also responsible for hosting various events throughout the year (see below). Additionally, the co-chairs are responsible for general outreach to various individuals, organizations, and faculty on campus. This position is a crucial part of achieving PCSE's goal of ensuring a diverse incoming class.


Contact Info: Andri Tai-Ward (, Jacklyn Oh (, Lucero Ramos (

Professional Development Co-Chairs (2 positions)

Role: The Professional Development Co-Chairs are the liaisons between alumni and current students. The co-chairs will help foster alumni-student relationships by providing contact information and organizing networking events. The chairs are also responsible for fundraising events/campaigns for the PCSE scholarship and administrative logistics for the application process and disbursement. Also, conduct research regarding the possibility of creating an official PCSE Alumni Association through UCLA for collecting funds for the scholarship.



Contact Info: Sal Gutierrez ( and Kathi Aguilar (

Advocacy Co-Chairs (2 positions)

Role: The Advocacy Co-chairs are responsible for planning and executing programming that enriches the experience of students within the urban planning department. As an arm of PCSE that engages the general membership and cohort throughout the year, these events have traditionally focused on social justice and combating various forms of oppression. Past years have focused on gender equity, transportation planning in low-income migrant communities, and personal identity in graduate school.

Events can range from informal brown-bag conversations to workshops, lectures, and panels in order to provide spaces for critical discussion. The co-chairs work to expand the conversations around students’ experiences, planning education, professional practice, and connections to the world at large. Events that the Advocacy Co-chairs hosted last year were: Identity Politics and Anti-Oppression Work, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) Wellness Workshop, Building an Occupation: Planning and Political Control in Palestine, Department (dis)Orientation, and Seeking Social Justice in Professional Practice.


Contact Info: Kenny Wong (

Planning Pipeline Co-Chairs (2 positions)

Role: The Planning Pipeline Co-Chairs are responsible for planning and coordinating outward facing pipeline building activities to UCLA Urban Planning for future planners, especially those from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the department. The co-chairs will plan events that expose people to radical Urban Planning as a potential professional or academic field. Since 2012, this has consisted of the Urban Planning Youth Empowerment Conference (UPYEC) with East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, an Urban Planning and Design High School. This year, the co-chairs will work to deepen PCSE’s relationship with ELARA and possibly develop relationships with local Cal States, Community Colleges, and other education institutions to expose communities not traditionally represented in the field to the Urban Planning practice.


The following roles are not a part of the traditional PCSE election process, but are appointed by the Planning Pipeline Co-Chairs once they have been appointed.

Volunteer Coordinator (1)

Recruits and coordinates volunteers that will support conference set-up, participants, workshops, food distribution, coordination. Assigns volunteers to support tasks like checking in participants, escorting groups from location to location, workshop activities, etc.

Workshop Coordinators (2)

Recruits and coordinates workshop facilitators. Provides curriculum support and guidance, ensuring material is engaging and relevant for students and their community.

Guest Speaker Coordinator (1)

Recruits guest speakers for conference and ensures they are taken care of, i.e. parking space/transportation instructions, thank you gift, etc.

Contact Info: Julia Heidelman (