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Guidelines for Multimedia Items

1. Materials are available to current Coastals members.

2. The borrower is responsible for the item's good condition and timely return.

3. Borrowers must provide their name, current address, phone number and email address.

4. The maximum number of items that can be borrowed by a member is 3 if picked up at a quarterly meeting, 2 if sent through the mail.

5. Timeframe: If picked up at a quarterly meeting, an item is due back at the next quarterly meeting. If received or to be returned through the mail, an item is due back within 60 days.

6. To receive items through the mail, the borrower must first contact the Multimedia Chairperson for availability. If the item is available, the borrower needs to send a self-addressed, padded envelope with sufficient postage for the required items to the Multi-Media Chairperson.

(List updated 2/20/07)



Basic Canoeing, Jon Rounds, 2003

Canoeing and Kayaking Guide to the Carolinas, Bob & David Benner, 2002.

Catch Every Eddy, Surf Every Wave, Tom Foster and Kel Kelly, 1995; guide to whitewater playboating.

Discover Our Wild Side – Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail – Coastal Area, VDGIF, 2006. 

Discover Our Wild Side – Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail – Mountain Area, VDGIF, 2006. 

Discover Our Wild Side – Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail – Piedmont Area, VDGIF, 2006.


Exploring the Chesapeake in Small Boats, John Page Williams, Jr., 1992.

Falls of the James National Recreational River Feasibility Analysis, February 1992.

Garden State Canoeing, Edward Gertler, 2002; paddler’s guide to New Jersey.

James River as Commonwealth, The, edited by Ann Woodleef & Lynn Nelson, VCU, 1984.

Kayaking, Kent Ford, 1995; whitewater and sea kayaking.

Kayak Touring, Dave Harrison, 1998; skills for lakes and oceans **new

Keystone Canoeing, Edward Gertler, 1993; paddler’s guide to Eastern Pennsylvania.

Knots for Paddlers, ACA, Charlie Walbridge, 1995.

Maryland and Delaware Canoe Trails, Edward Gertler, 2002; paddler’s guide.

Medicine for the Outdoors, Paul S. Auerbach, M.D., 1999; emergency medical procedures and first aid.

Paddle America, Nick Shears, 1992; a guide to trips and outfitters in all 50 states.

Paddle Your Own Canoe, Gary & Joanie McGuffin, 1999; canoe techniques.

Paddling Eastern North Carolina, Paul Ferguson, 2002; paddler’s guide to Eastern N.C.

River Rescue, Bechdel & Ray, 1997; self-rescue to big water teamwork.

Surf Kayaking, Nigel Foster, 1998; tutorial for paddle-powered surfing **new

Texas Whitewater, Steve Daniel, 1999.

Virginia Whitewater, H. Roger Corbett, 2000; paddlers guide to Va. Rivers.

Whitewater Rescue Manual, Charlie Walbridge and Wayne Sundmacher, 1995.

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Instructional VHS Videos

American Red Cross Presents "Whitewater Primer"- basic instruction on rolls, eddy turns, surfing. "Uncalculated Risk" - foot entrapments, dams, hydraulics, strainers, hypothermia. "A Margin for Error" - planning and logistics for safe paddling trips. 1979.. The information is presented in a real low key, clear way.

"Breakthru!"; 2000; intermediate and advance kayaking techniques; 63 min.

"C-1 Challenge, The"; Kent Ford, 1990; outfitting, rolling, and stroke instruction; 24 min.

"Cold, Wet & Alive", A.C.A., 1989; paddling story about how hypothermia develops; 23 min. 2 copies

"Drill Time, Solo Playboating II", Performance Video; 1997; canoe drills; 58 min.

"Drowning Machine, The"; dangers of lowhead dams and basic rescue techniques.

“Essential Boat Control”; 58 min.

"Fast Track to Kayaking", Sam Drevo; 2002; comprehensive beginner’s video; 40 min.

From Here to There – Canoe Basics”, 68 min. 

"Grace Under Pressure", 1992; learning the kayak roll; 46 min.

"Guide to Canoeing", L.L.Bean; types of canoes, equipment, strokes, maneuvers; 90 min.

"Heads Up!", ACA; 1993; river hazards and rescue techniques; 28 min. 2 copies

"How to Organize a Successful River Outdoor Cleanup", Surf Dog Productions, 1991; 18 min.

"In The Surf"; 1999; surf kayak instruction; 60 min.

"Introduction to Canoeing"; selecting a canoe, equipment, strokes, eddy turns and peel outs, transporting your canoe, knots, reading the river; 35 min. 2 copies

"Kayaker’s Edge, The"; 1992; rolling, bracing, surfing techniques; 58 min.

"Kayaking", Eric Jackson; skills video - strokes, concepts, and rolling; 90 min.

"Liquid Skills", Ken Whiting; 2001; techniques for beginners to advanced kayakers; 45 min

"Path of a Paddle"; Bill Mason, 1977; complete course on whitewater canoeing; 54 min.

"Path of a Paddle"; Bill Mason; canoeing-solo and double, basic and whitewater; 112 min.

"Play Daze"; 1999; freestyle kayaking techniques; 60 min.

"QuickStart Your Canoe"; ACA, 2003; entry level guide to safety and paddling; 20 min.

"QuickStart Your Kayak"; ACA 2003; entry level guide to safety and paddling; 25 min.

"Retendo!"; 1996; art of precision playboating; 59 min.

"Sea Kayaking, Getting Started"; 1995; beginner sea kayaking; 85 min.

"Soar, Skills of All Rivers"; intermediate and advanced kayaking techniques.

“Solo Playboating”, 43 min.

"Swiftwater Rescue Training"; actual footage of a rescue at Williams Dam, Richmond, VA and at Little Falls, MD; 22 min.

"Take the Wild Ride"; 1994; freestyle kayaking w/ the world’s best playboaters; 52 min.

"Whitewater Kayaking - National Paddlesport Safety System ", A.C.A.; risks involved in whitewater boating, defensive and aggressive swimming, dealing with hazards.

"Whitewater Self Defense"; 1998; kayaking safety techniques; 65 min.


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VHS Videos

"Area Verde Expeditions",1997; kayaking expedition in Guatamala. 2 copies

"Class VI River Runners Raft Trip", 1989; commercial video of raft trips on Upper Gauley & New Rivers.

"Costa Rica Rios Adventuras" 2 copies

"Deliver Me From The Paddlesnake 2"; 2000; boating clips of the Chattooga; 40 min.

"Forks of the Cheat", 1989; documentary - history, present issues; 58 min. 2 copies

"Grand Canyon Adventure", 1995; home video; 140 min. 2 copies

"Grand Canyon Whitewater", 1995; home video; 110 min.

"James River in Richmond in 1970"; home video. 2 copies

"Over the Edge", 1999; freestyle kayaking, and world record waterfall descent.

"Paddle Frenzy", 1994; kayaking odyssey on Northwest whitewater; 35 min.

"Perpetual Motion", 1994; kayaking odyssey on Glade and Manns Creek of the New River Gorge; 30 min.

"Savage"; commercial video of rodeo boating featuring Savage gear.

"Steep Geeking with Catfish", 1993; home video with lots of carnage on the Gauley, Russell Fork, Chattooga, Green, etc.

"Rick Taylor’s Solo Canoe"; 93 min.

"Token of My Extreme"; 1992; hairboating w/Thrillseekers and squirt boats; 36 min.

"Treading Water: A Fight for the Survival of the Pamunkey and Mattaponi Rivers"; The Virginia Report; 28 min.

"Upper Tye and Piney Rivers", 1972; Les Fry footage; 20 min.

"White Mile"; an HBO original movie starring Alan Alda. 2 copies

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DVD Videos


A Kayaker’s Toolbox by Joe Holt - boat control, water reading, river running, rolling, and safety

Big Water-Kayak 2002 - Paddleboy Productions

Bill Mason’s Path of the Paddle Series 

Classic Solo Canoeing - with Becky Mason 

It’s Our Life - Big Water- Paddleboy Productions 

Richmond 1970 2 copies 

Tye and Piney Rivers - Les Fry 1972 

Whitewater Self Defense 

Yoga for Paddlers with Andria Baldovin, R.Y.T. to increase strength, flexibility, balance, confidence, and focus.

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