Study Group Protocol - IB Chemistry

To be completed before the meeting

Who is coming?        

Where and when are we meeting?

What general theme or topic will we be discussing?

Preparing for the meeting

  1. Do your own review of the topic beforehand.  
  2. Write down as many ideas/concepts/skills in the topic you feel confident with (you could explain to someone) as you can.  Eg - definitions you know, calculations you can do, diagrams you can explain, experiments you understand etc
  3. Write down 5 questions you have or things you find confusing.  Be specific!

During the meeting

  1. Go around the circle and everyone share 1 thing they feel confident enough to explain to someone else.  Don’t repeat something someone has already mentioned.  If all yours have been mentioned, say pass.  Keep going around the circle until everyone says pass.  Record who said what below and add rows as necessary:



  1. Now go around the circle once and share one of your questions/problems each.  Again, don’t repeat a question/problem that someone else has already mentioned.  Ignore the order column for now.



  1. Decide the order of which questions you will discuss as a group. Number them in the order column above.
  2. Discuss each question/problem in turn depending on the order column.  If you can’t answer the question together in the group, highlight it and email the teacher immediately with the question.
  3. Once all the questions have been dealt with or you have run out of time, set a time, place and topic for your next meeting.