think[box] seeks talented volunteer coordinator

About think[box]

Case Western Reserve University's center for innovation and tinkering contains everything you need to create a physical prototype of a new product or design, from a machine shop to 3D printing, laser cutting, electronics, textiles, and more. The space is free and open to the public, an access policy which is unique nationwide at a facility of this size. Startups and projects include medical devices, clean energy solutions, consumer electronics, aviation, robotics, as well as art and fashion and much more. Since opening in 2012, think[box] has exploded in popularity and now receives over 3000 visits a month. The space has become a nationwide leader in innovation-centered "makerspaces" - in addition to mentoring over 100 universities and schools as they start their space, think[box] was mentioned as a national leader for university makerspaces in the 2014 White House "National Day of Making" press release. Startups using think[box] and associated resources have raised over $2.5M since inception. At a university where over 75% of students arrive from outside the State of Ohio, this center for entrepreneurship is contributing to the "brain gain" for the region.

Volunteer Opportunity:

The volunteer coordinator will help recruit, train, and manage an intergenerational volunteer pool who will assist in leading tours of think[box], similar to managing docents at a museum. The volunteer pool will be intragenerational, and chosen from the student population at CWRU as well as alumni, retirees, and community members. The estimated time commitment would be 10 hours a week, and the estimated total number of volunteers to manage may be around 30. Parking will be provided.

Typical work activities

Interested persons may email the think[box] Manager for an interview:

Ian Charnas: