For the Week of 01/09/17

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8th American History

 Monday -  Pretest Economics

                   Definitions due Thurs

Tuesday -  Notes:  Types of Economies

                        MI worksheet 17.1 Due Friday

Wed - Supply and Demand (Graph)



Thurs.       Notes:  Monopoly

                 Economics Definitions due                    

Friday:  Goods and Services graphic organizer


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7th Economics

 Monday -  Notes:  History of American Production

   Assign M.I. worksheet 17.1 Due

                   Definitions due

Tuesday -  Notes: GDP

                        Goods and Services graphic organizer

Wed - Notes:  Business Cycle            


Thurs:     Assign “Great Depression”  Video   due Monday


Friday:  Notes:  Great Depression

             Test Tuesday 1-17-17


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map practice

7B Soc. St. Lab -

Monday:  Blue Skies Day 2

                   Fifty States Test


Tuesday: Blue Skies Day 3 Presentations

                     Missouri Map


Wednesday: Missouri Map continued


Thursday:   National Parks of the United States


Friday: Missouri map Test

                 Project Natl. Parks Day One