0. AIs and Status

1. pattern for exception handling and bad condition handling tests

2. Support for pulse-id and timestamp in beam synchronous PV data

  (more details in agenda do to come)

[0] http://epics-pvdata.sourceforge.net/home.html#usefulinfo

[1] hangout, https://plus.google.com/b/114828842338418222242/events/cs1d7uiugpei7ui8vdkm4ar5j64?gmbpt=true&pageId=114828842338418222242&authkey=COSMk-DHqMPb7QE


Present:MS, MK, KK, AJ, GW, DH, MD


Chair: GW

NEW TOPIC 0. AIs and Status

GW: Working on dbGroup funding. Should be able to get this funded. Long term may be SLAC/ESS.

NEW TOPIC 1. pattern for exception handling and bad condition handling tests

GW: Would like this to be clearer.

MD/MS: What is this?

DH: Refers to powerSupply example. Exception thrown and caught. Throwing the exception was intended, but nothing to flag to the user that that was the intention. Simply wanted a line of debug to say this was intended.

GW: Do the tests say what they were doing.

MK: Not yet, DH has looked at it and suggested this.

AJ: Better to have comment in the code.

DH: Depending on the example, I would like to see some debug saying what’s happening.

GW: I agree.

MK: Worth looking at what’s there already. Welcome criticisms. Will do some more work.

NEW TOPIC: 2. Support for pulse-id and timestamp in beam synchronous PV data

  (more details in agenda do to come)

GW; Pulse ID at SLAC is embedded in the time stamp of beam-synchronous data. Would like to elevate the visibility of pulseid greatly using EPICS version 4. What’s the nominal technology to do this.

MD: It’s a job for whatever reads the record and puts the data into the userTag.

GW: Regular IOC code.

MD: Code already to take timeStamp from db record and put into V4 timeStamp.

AJ: SLAC already have time stamp mechanism.

KK: Needs to be pluggable so pulse ID stripped and put into user tag.

MD: Keep is simple: Function that receives EPICS V3 record’s timestamp and V4 timestamp, so it can map them.

AJ: Might need to select by channel.

MD: No reason client should know about this. Should not be part of pvRequest.

AJ: OK. Agree.

GW: Planned for pvaSrv or dbGroup.

MD: dbGroup is part of pvaSrv.

GW: Not part of pvaSrv yet.

MD: Not yet. Don’t see use case to make too pluggable.

MD: Include infor tag for records whose time stamps are encoded a certain way.

MD: While only two ways not worth making pluggable.

KK: Add a hook.

MD: Wait until have more uses cases.

GW: Can write up possible mechanisms.

Other Business:

new topic:

MS: Will commit changes to gateway onto master branch soon?

Conclusion: there’ll be a pull request first so Jenkins can do its thing.

new topic:

KK: pva client bug?

MS: Underflow has been fixed

MD: New test case for this?

MS: Not, yet.

new topic:

MK: Issue with more than one provider and access security. Progress?

MS: Move authorisation out of security API and leave it to provider.

MK: Need access security for pvDatabase.

MK: Need to get to point where pvaSrv and pvDatabase works with 3.15.

Won’t be ready for May.

AJ: Is this broken even if access security turned off?

MS: If turn off pvaSrv security it will work.

MK: Doesn’t work for me with access security turned off.

AJ: Is possible it’s querying the access security library and this is disabled because no rules.

MK: First thing it does is check access security and if it’s channel it doesn’t know anything about rejects.

MS: Change channel access security code. 1- liner. Will add to merge.

MK: Using this.

DH: Can we get Matej’s code.

MK: It’s on github.

new topic:

AJ: New release this week.

Active Action Items

Note: Completed AIs are shown once in the list of the meeting in which they are recognized as completed. They are removed in the minutes of the following meeting.




Target Date



See who can fund dbGroup




Write the one license file (using the MIT license in most cases)




Update your module to include copy of that one LICENSE. Update your headers to contain the header text.


wait on 5


On your module pages, remove the current/previous links; replace “Working Draft” with version number of module, which has its own numbering scheme, like 5.0.2 for pvDataCPP. Eg “Version 5.0.2 18/Nov/2015”





Simplify Literature page and home page to help users find novice oriented documentation.




Usher the patch fix for buffer overflow through to release.





Commit changes to all modules, other than exampleCPP and pvDatabaseCPP, which set the shared library versions