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1. Each team will play with 5 players on the court at a time. No forfeits, teams may combine players to start play. Please instruct your team to arrive on-time so that you may maximize the use of your practice time. For everyone’s safety, please inform parents and spectators not to cross the court while the game is in progress.

2. Please assist in matching players up fairly according to size and skill, colored wristbands will be provided by the league and each player must guard the opposing player with the same colored wristband. A screen may be set and as a result defenders can switch who they defend but must switch back at the first opportunity.

3. 8-foot hoops and 27.5” (youth) size basketballs are used. 3rd & 4th Grades will play on 10ft hoops.

4. The game will consist of 8 4-minute quarters. The clock will not stop during the quarters. 30 seconds between quarters and half time will be 3 minutes. The home team will inbound the ball at midcourt to start play. All subsequent quarters of the game will be decided by alternating possession.

5. Officiating: Games will be officiated by the coaches. One coach from each team is allowed on the court at a time. Their responsibility is to keep the flow of the game moving while instructing the players regarding basketball situations (fouls, etc). The more a coach calls, the better the kids will learn and improve.

6. This league is officiated with a do-over enforcement. As a coach makes a call, they will have the player try again using the correct principles. This teaching method will emphasize correcting mistakes instead of emphasizing the mistake itself.

7. Free throws: No free throws will be shot. All fouls (including shooting fouls) will result in the ball being taken out of bounds.

8. Any turnover as a result of a double-team: The ball will be returned to the team that lost the ball.

9. This league is recreational and instructional. Scores and standings will not be kept. No post-season tournament.

10. Stealing the ball while the offensive player has possession is permitted. A pass or shot may be intercepted by the defensive team. A jump ball may be called if two players went for a loose ball and tied the ball up. A jump ball shouldn’t be called if the offensive player was holding the ball and the defensive player tied the ball up.

11. Blocking shots is allowed. The offensive player’s arm must be going up for a shot, so that we don’t have a situation of stealing.

12. Defense: Man-to-man defense only. No zones or double teams. Once the offensive team has gained control of the ball or will inbound the ball, the defense must fall back to their half of the court to pick up their man. No full-court press.

The buildings we use, and the custodians who work there, will be treated with the utmost respect.

Any problems reported to the Grantsville or Tooele Jr Jazz may result in a player, parent, or coach being asked not to participate anymore and the player will not be given a refund.

Please do your best to keep the gyms clean.

Coaches must play all of their players a minimum of half (50%) of the game!