Instructional Material & Technology Adoption Proposal

Drafted February 2016 by Dr. Johanna Prince

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In order to align purchasing of new instructional materials such as books, software, and devices please complete the following proposal to help inform decision making.

Proposal for

Proposal submitted by                                                                      Date



How have you consulted with other stakeholders (students, parents, community, teachers, staff, administration)?

What teaching or learning situation are you trying to support?

Please describe the instructional material or technology you want to provide access to.

How would access to _____________ support district goals?

How would access to _____________ support school goals?

How would access support student achievement of Maine Learning Results and standards?

How would access support student achievement of ISTE-Student Standards?

How would access support students; with Section 504 Accommodations and/or IEPs? Have you checked Section 508 compliance?

What material(s) are currently being used to support this goal?

What is the cost per student of your proposed solution?

How many students would benefit from access? _____ (Number) _________(% of student body)

How often will the material be used?

What are three other alternative products that might target this same goal? Describe, provide price, and rationale for why your material is a better fit.




Measurable Objectives for Material (must include at least two)


Define evidence you’ll gather