This is a guide for New Yorkers to: i) contribute to the fight against the Coronavirus and; ii) ensure that no neighbors remain in need in NYC during this crisis and iii) recommend ideas to policy-makers/civic leaders (pg 8). Crowdsourced initially from a small group of City and nonprofit employees, this resource needs your help to be kept up to date. Thank you for contributing your time, effort and financial resources where possible. And please share widely! If there are any questions, email me at

Chinese version, complete with step-by-step instructions for how to translate a website, here: 

Spanish version here: 






Deliveries via cyclists

A collective of cyclists willing to courier supplies to people in need for free, using the low contact methods first implemented in Wuhan   

Grocery Delivery

Request a delivery

Invisible Hands

Invisible Hands

Brooklyn Mutual Aid 

Queens Mutual Aid

See Mutual Aid Networks in your neighborhood

Food distribution in NYC

A map for locations of hot food services, food pantries or grab and go meal services

From Jasmin Chang to Everyone: (06:18 PM)

United Way NYC’s Plentiful app also provides a map and order request services for NYC food pantries and soup kitchens

Food assistance locations 

Grab & Go lunches for students

Available at every public school in New York City, any school is fine (doesn’t have to be your school)

More information from NYC DOE here

Grab & Go breakfast/lunch available for any student at the entrance of every DOE school building from 7.30am-1.30pm

Grab & Go lunches for students

Red Rabbit (a school food vendor) is delivering grab & go breakfasts & lunches for any child in the Harlem & Bronx communities at the following times/locations:

8:00am-8:20 @ 15rd & 8th Ave (Polo Grounds)

8:30am-8:50 @ 150th & Broadway

9:00am-9:20 @ 142nd & Lenox Ave

9:30am-9:45 @ 135th & 5th Ave

10:00am-10:45 @Boys Prep CS 192 East 151st (Bronx)

11:00am-12:00pm @ 1 East 104th St - Capital Prep East Harlem

Emergency childcare

For healthcare and transit workers, emergency childcare is available at select public schools in NYC

An app for parents to send childcare requests to their informal network, that allows their family or friends to opt-in/out quickly by text

NYC Department of Education

Wiggle Room


Get internet

Use Comcast’s Xfinity Wifi network for free nationwide, or sign up for 2 months free at Comcast

Free Access to Spectrum Broadband For 60 Days For New K-12 and College Students

Altice free broadband for students

Mint Mobile

Free unlimited data until Apr 14th

Map of Xfinity hotspots, Once at a hotspot, select the “xfinitywifi” network, then launch a browser.



To enroll call 1-844-488-8395. Installation fees will be waived for new student households.


Altice USA Brings Free Broadband to K-12 and College Students During Coronavirus Pandemic

Mint Mobile

“Learn at Home

NYC DOE provided resources to help parents guide kids through remote learning

NYC DOE Guidelines for Parents 

Form to request a remote learning device:

The Transit Museum is moving their Transit Tots series online.

Scholastic launched a Learn at Home website that has free activities and daily lessons for kids pre-K to 6 and up.

PBS launched an online science lab for teens, and NASA has a teachable moments blog that talks about the latest discoveries of our universe.

Live-streaming at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the San Diego Zoo

Fun learning information - The Kids Should See This

Interest-free loans for businesses

Grant support to keep employees for small businesses

Businesses with <100 employees who have seen sales decreases of 25% or more will be eligible for zero interest loans of up to $75,000 to help mitigate losses in profit

Businesses with <5 employees are eligible for a grant to cover 40% of payroll costs for two months to help retain employees.

Department of Small Business Services 

Get a line of credit

Coronavirus Financial Impact Loan Program provides $2000-$5000 interest-free loans to residents of NYC, Westchester or Long Island affected by the Coronavirus

Hebrew Free Loan Society 

Seek safety from domestic violence

Help for anyone co-quarantined with an abuser and worried about having to self-isolate in a dangerous home situation

Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at  1-800-799-7233, 1800-787-3224, chat at

Pets and COVID 19

NYC’s Animal Care Center Resources: ACC and ASPCA

NYC PET Hotline: 877-204-8821

ASPCA Free Pet Food Distribution Helpline at (800) 738-9437 for more information and to request an appointment.

Animal Medical Center veterinary hospital

And one of the best articles on the epidemiology of the virus to remind us of why social distancing is crucial 

To convince someone you care about to stay in, start the conversation:

  • Express concern - “[name] I saw that they canceled schools and events near you. Are you all stocked up on what you need, and are you good to stay inside for a few weeks?”
  • Explain what you yourself will do - “I’m cancelling everything and keeping myself home for the foreseeable future” / “I’m happy to pick up what you need at the store but I’m not coming in - text me your list and I’ll leave it on the porch”
  • Communicate the why - “You can be asymptomatic but still spread it to other people, so I’m erring on the safe side” / “I would feel terrible if [high-risk person you both care about] got it from me, so I’m going to keep my distance”
  • Appeal to emotion - “I’m trying not to panic, and it would help my peace of mind a lot if you would stay home for now. Do this for me.” / “I don’t want to lose you. Please take this seriously and take precautions. For me.” 

How to Help New Yorkers From Home




Organizations Organizing

Donate spare computing power to help research scientists

Gamers are invited to lend their computing power to help with disease research conducted by Folding@Homes

How to:

See announcement: 

Contribute machine learning knowhow to analyze the Covid-19 research dataset - CORD-19

Call to action for the AI research community, which can employ machine learning techniques to surface unique insights from this machine readable open data set

Kaggle COVID-19 Global Forecasting Challenge 

Use your medtech knowledge to assess this and provide feedback

Can ventilator machines be shared by 2-4 people? 

Track symptoms to help medical researchers at Mt. Sinai

Mount Sinai researchers are tracking COVID-19 across New York City using a program called STOP COVID NYC. Your participation in our surveys will help healthcare workers and government officials advise our community on how to slow COVID-19 transmission in New York City. Your participation could also help us predict smaller outbreaks within neighborhoods of New York City so we can alert medical professionals in those areas and allocate resources accordingly.

Everyone can participate. To help stop COVID-19 in New York City,

  1. Text COVID to 647-22.
  2. You will receive daily texts to check on your symptoms.

To learn more about this effort, visit




Organizations Organizing

Sponsor Laptops

Laptops for remote learning

TK - please help!

Sponsor wifi hotspots

Internet connection

TK - please help!

Virtual tutoring and reading support for students

Sign up for New York Cares COVID-19 volunteer campaign 

Prep job-seekers virtually

Volunteer in online or telephone practice interviews and networking sessions with job seekers, which expand their networks and advance their job searches during this challenging time

Upwardly Global

Donate new computers

Grand Central Neighborhoods computers are outdated

Free online textbooks

To support those who have to travel and would lose access to physical textbooks

Fundraise / sponsor masks for hospitals

Healthcare workers at Bellevue set up direct supply chain to access respiratory masks ($2.50 / mask)




Organizations Organizing

Emergency Cash Aid
for economically affected workers

Funds for service workers quarantined or sick who are losing out on wages

National Domestic Workers Alliance fund for domestic workers who need financial coverage to stay home

Give Directly is sending $1000 straight to SNAP recipients, they only started with enough funding for 200

Restore NYC Help survivors of sex trafficking affected by COVID-19 

Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC)’s 
Fund for restaurant workers

Dumplings Against Hate, Small Business Relief Fund

Make a donation in the amount of your favorite meal, as if you were at your favorite restaurant, and the money will go to businesses in dire need. Please be generous and ‘buy’ up a whole banquet! All funds raised will go to Asian Americans For Equality’s Emergency Small Business Relief Fund.

Service Workers Coalition - Venmo @bkservicecoalition // 

Service2Service relief fund for service/gig/freelance workers - Google Form

Fund for undocumented workers
(Venmo @undocuworkersfund)

BKShowsLove Emergency Fund for Hourly Workers:

Emergency Meals-on-Wheels Deliveries to High-Risk Seniors by Unemployed Uber Drivers

Meals on Wheels is experiencing a massive increase in demand, and 85,000 predominantly immigrant Uber drivers are now jobless and potentially ineligible for unemployment. Help solve both problems by donating to cover drivers’ vehicle costs so they can deliver meals to high-risk seniors (drivers pay around $2000/month vehicle costs).

Labor Delivers: Emergency Meals-on-Wheels Deliveries to High-Risk Seniors by Unemployed Uber Drivers




Organizations Organizing

Deliver meals

Volunteer to help deliver meals

Invisible Hands

Khalsa Aid USA 

Sponsor meals

Donate to support nonprofits throughout the city in providing meals to students, families, homeless in need

Food Bank of New York

City Harvest 

(Donations thru Apr 17 will be matched by the Board of Directors; volunteer opportunities are open only to those already registered, no new orientations until April)

Bowery Mission

Crossroads Community Services (midtown - provides hot meals 3 times/week, food pantry, and nightly women’s shelter) 212-378-0229

Alliance for Positive Change (pre-packaged meals for clients who drop in for healthcare services)

CHiPs (accepts cash or food donations) - Soup kitchen wish list

(718) 237-2962

United Way of NYC

Supporting emergency food program and the work of Plentiful App to connect pantries and clients in need

Khalsa Aid USA (accepts veg food donations) 

Donate food from restaurant closures

If you own a restaurant and are suspending operations

Google Form

Khalsa Aid USA

Donate Hygiene Kits (unused) -

E.g. Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hampoo, Deodorant (stick), Socks, Wash Cloth/Towel, Sanitary napkins and tampons

Grand Central Neighborhood Donations

Address - 120 East 32nd Street, New York, NY 10016

Bowery Mission needs supplies to fight covid-19

CHiPs - Frances Residence wish list

Food Bank for NYC - collecting feminine hygiene and personal care products (unopened)., 212.566.7855 ext. 2247

Khalsa Aid USA

General Donations

Goodwill Industries of NY and NJ




Organizations Organizing

Distribute food and care packages

North Brooklyn Angels - In need of healthy and diligently socially-distant volunteers to prepare and distribute sanitation packages

Bowery Mission needs healthy volunteers

Grand Central Neighborhood Soup Kitchen

Address - 120 East 32nd Street, New York, NY 10016

Phone - 212-883-0680 Ext. 108

Email -

Crossroads Community Services (midtown - provides hot meals 3 times/week, food pantry, and nightly women’s shelter) 212-378-0229

First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica Soup Kitchen and Food Pantry

Address: 89-60 164th Street, Jamaica, NY 11432

Phone: (718) 526-4775


WIN NYC (Women in need)

Food Bank for NyYC - repack donated feminine and personal care items at our Bronx Warehouse on Saturday, March 21


Goodwill Industries of NY and NJ

Bedstuy Strong - variety of ways to help deliver food or support financially

Assist immigrants

New Sanctuary Coalition - Need volunteers for remote work to support immigrants

Help the Homeless

Homes for the homeless -

Donate blood

The American Red Cross needs your help as we face a severe blood shortage (blood can only be banked for a few weeks), because drives were cancelled and donations plummeted in the last few weeks 


A group of volunteers are coordinating local responses, including building on the growing Mutual Aid Network developed in your neighborhood. You can reach, on Twitter and review their Facebook Group and Facebook Page





Assist with preparations for the coronavirus in refugee camps in Africa


International Rescue Committee

Assist with preparations for the coronavirus in refugee camps all over the world. Refugees tend to have a higher rate of underlying health issues, and usually live in more crowded conditions where they’d be more susceptible to the virus. 

International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC), in collaboration with the National Red Cross and Red Crescent societies and the International Committee of the Red XD Cross (ICRC)

Assist with the global emergency 32M Swiss francs (USD 33M) appeal to support community-based health activities, access to basic services, and the management of misinformation and stigma 

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Help Doctors Without Borders equip and protect European healthcare workers as well as advocate for the evacuation of at-risk refugees in overcrowded Greek camps 


Thank you for your continued contributions to this list of ideas. We’re trying to get them in front of the right persons, so please keep adding your thoughts and suggestions in! - Carol



Target Population


Economic relief for independent contractors

Freelance workers e.g. Uber drivers

Extend small business support to independent contractors / gig economy workers

Freelance workers

Revolving credit line for small businesses

Micro business-owners

Department of Small Business Services Loans

Hebrew Free Loan Society’s interest-free loans

Manage an emergency fund for sick time off for workers (grants / loans to cover payroll)

Workers without sufficient sick time off

Paid sick time off for some workers was passed in 2nd emergency bill by Congress and signed by the President on Mar 18

Provide emergency childcare

Frontline workers

Help freelancers to plan for the business impact of the Coronavirus

Freelancer workers 

Wage subsidies for businesses to keep workers employed

Business owners

Indirectly to benefit vulnerable hourly/low-age workers

NYC SBS providing very small businesses grants

Currently considered for fiscal stimulus bill

Income support for most vulnerable, such as increasing public benefits, and utility subsidies etc.

Laid off workers who work in hourly/low-wage jobs with little job security

UBI- either unlimited, or at least for the duration of the health crisis

Currently considered for fiscal stimulus bill

Rent freezes for small restaurants

Small F&B business owners

Building beds/cots for hospitals

They and other facilities will be overrun.

Does anyone have corporate contacts with IKEA or another furniture supplier?

Emergency funding to support healthcare for communities living in high pollution areas

Low income latinx, african american, hassidic jewish and other communities of color living in environmentally unjust areas like South Williamsburg, with high rates of respiratory illnesses due to surrounding pollution, ageing population and lack of access to healthcare

Push to shut down nonessential construction

Construction workers in the city are being made to come to work on nonessential projects. Conditions are unsanitary, sometimes crowded, and they do not have the safety masks required. Subcontractors who want to let their workers stay home can’t because they’ll be sued since the city hasn’t categorized them nonessential.