February 23, 2017 – RELIEF SOCIETY

Conducting:  Sister Williams and Sister Hulme

Sister Hulme and Sister Williams

Pianist:  Sister Lai
Chorister:  Sister Hickman

Opening Hymn:  #81 Press Forward Saints
Opening Prayer:  Sister Tai
Purpose:  Sister Lyu

Sister Lyu

•        Sister Wight was released as Relief Society President and Sister Williams was released as her counselor.
•        Sister Williams was sustained as the new Relief Society President with Sister Hulme as her counselor.
•        Zone Leaders, please airdrop service project pictures to Sister Sharp.
•        Be sure to take water bottles to service projects.  You need to keep hydrated.
•        If you need any changes to your schedules, please see the Temple Square Co-ordinators in their cubicle at 9:30 am.
•        President Mulford asked the sisters to NOT start movies later than 8:30 pm in the NVC and if they start a movie, it can’t be longer than 30 minutes.  We are to close the movies, not security.
•        Sunday announcements will have a safety tip.  The District leaders will give further training on that tip in district meetings.

Roleplay:  Sister Blocker and Sister Murillo
Bridging the restoration with someone who doesn’t want to talk to us.

Sister Blocker and Sister Murillo

Lesson:  No Greater Joy Than to Know they Know

Sisters Cox, Guerrero, Lee and Lam, our teachers

The lesson centered on Elder Natress’ October 2016 Conference talk.  As we raise our children in the gospel, we give them the tools to accept the gospel and to live it.  A former Temple Square Missionary said, “My home is now full of little investigators.”

The sisters showed a video clip from Elder Natress’ talk where he relates his conversation with his mother regarding daily reading of the Book of Mormon.  At the end of the conversation, his mother told him she had been in a meeting where President Marion G. Romney spoke.  President Romney promised those present that they would not lose any of their children if they read the Book of Mormon daily in their homes.  His mother said, “And I am not going to lose you.”

Sister Lee related a personal experience.  She was inactive in the church and her mother told Sister Lee that she would send her to travel in America if she came back to church.  While she was gone her mother gave a talk in sacrament meeting asking the members to not ask her daughter why she was inactive, but to just love her.

Sister Gomes said that she felt nourished by the Book of Mormon as she was growing up in her grandparents’ home.

Sister Carrus said that her father always answered her questions through the Book of Mormon.  That was a big part of her personal conversion.

Sister Romero said she was baptized at 9 but hadn’t read the Book of Mormon.  She felt like she went through a personal great apostasy.  She started reading the Book of Mormon which became the rock of her foundation.

Reading the Book of Mormon daily is so simple and it is because of that simplicity that it is easy not to do.

Sister Lam said that the Book of Mormon is here to help improve her and our faith.

Sister Cox asked the sisters “At age six, what did you know to be true and how?”

Sister Steffensen – Prayer.  Her father gave her some money which was very precious to her.  She lost the money and was very sad.  She told her father and he said that they should say a prayer.  Following the prayer, they found the money.  A Child’s Prayer is her favorite song.

Sister Glanzer – Jesus loves you.  Her parents and Primary teachers taught her that.

Children have a sweet testimony that Christ will make everything better.

Sister Cox explained doldrums.  It is a feeling of being bored.  For sailors, it is the absence of wind which causes them to be stuck on the ocean floating aimlessly.  If we have nothing pushing us forward, we become stagnant.  Sometimes wind is uncomfortable and makes us sick, but still it pushes us forward.  God and Christ can see our potential and push us forward.

Every person needs the the truth of the gospel in their life.  No matter what age we are, we are still children of God.

In the humanitarian segment of Meet the Mormons, Bishnu Adhikari says, “I am not perfect but I am perfect in trying.”  We improve each day by trying to be more like Christ.  In 3 Nephi, Christ prayed for the children one by one.  
Sister Strihavka said it’s ok to learn through our mistakes.  We always have the love of Christ and have Him by our side.

Sister Leyes said we sometimes worry more about what others think and say.  We should worry more about what Christ thinks and says.  We should give our best for Him.

Sister Alovili commented that some days we lack and some days we excel.  Just follow Christ.

Sister Herr told us to keep trying and that He will accept that.  We should strive to see people as Christ sees them.

Closing Hymn:  #3 Now Let Us Rejoice
Closing Prayer:  Sister Troncoso


Back row: Sisters Shamlian, Kitchen, Pincock, Moss, Andrus, Pereira Domelas, Gillis, and Palmer
Front row :  Sisters Cahyaningtyas, Aguilar, Josephson, Guiuo, Mazza, Srisakprathum, Ranieri, and Franco